Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!!

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DECEMBER 9, 2008
Sigh… Last night, while checking old Barenboim-articles, I found stinky relationship between Dorit Beinisch and Kach members and wanted to make another collection. But then, why this dirty female is involved in so many stinky happenings? I may have to postpone this work. I want to start my FACEBOOK work first.

🙂 From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present)
Please check
🙂 Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008) (Part of writing will appear if ‘Bashkirova+Barenboim’ refuse to take off all their clothes during their ‘DUO’ concert.)
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
Who knows? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, Elena Bashkirova, and Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch, would want to be reborn a real Jew, a Real Jewish Muse. Who knows? The Settlers might be blessed by Bashkirova’s Power of Music and peacefully unite under Beinisch’s Romantic Leadership even before they face Barenboim’s Government’s ‘Evacuation’ Orders… Why don’t we chase their future behaviors together? So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S.

🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008)
Now, I clearly know how and why Barenboim was attacked by Kach members in 2002 and received a death threat in 2008. Now, I also know those Kach members are no different from Barenboim. Both are real Jews, who always risk their life for the better future of Jewish State. What have both of Bashkirova and Beinisch done while those were willing to sacrifice their life? Pelting-Salad or Death-Threat? Both of Bashkirova and Beinisch were two heavenly B-I-T-C-H-E-S who deserved it. I know Bashkirova is stupid, but Dorit Beinisch was sure that those real Jews would target Barenboim instead. By then, I was working as Barenboim’s official partner, regularly sending my Jewish/Palestinian report to both Knesset and White House, and Barenboim literally forgot about Bashkirova’s Jerusalem life and proudly mentioned my work in his interviews that it would anyway save his Jewish life. Folks just misunderstood it as Bashkirova. Years later, Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival proudly stole all my hard working and everybody remembers it as Bashkirova’s Salad-Scandal. How can I forget this…

Beinisch takes fight against graft, Jewish extremism to Supreme Court
Last Update: 15/09/2006 03:02 / By Haaretz, Yuval Yoaz

Incoming Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, nee Werba, was born in Tel Aviv in 1942, the daughter of a teacher and a tax official. In high school, her classmates included Daniel Barenboim, now a well-known conductor. She did her army service as a lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces’ Personnel Directorate. After being demobilized, she began studying law at Hebrew University.
It was there that she first met two young law professors, Aharon Barak and Mishael Cheshin, who later became president and deputy president, respectively, of the Supreme Court. It was also there that she met her future husband, Yehezkel Beinisch, himself a successful attorney.
Upon Barak’s recommendation, Beinisch did her legal intership in the Justice Ministry’s legislation department. She then worked as a Jerusalem prosecutor until she completed her master’s degree, after which she moved to the State Prosecutor’s Office.
At this time, Cheshin was heading the office’s High Court of Justice division. When he was promoted to deputy attorney general, Beinisch replaced him as head of this division.
In 1982, Beinisch was promoted to deputy state prosecutor. In this capacity, she headed the team that collected information for the state commission of inquiry into the Sabra and Chatila massacres in Lebanon – a commission whose members included Barak.
Beinisch was active in the fight against Jewish extremists. She headed a team of prosecutors that eventually secured convictions against a group known as the Jewish Underground, which carried out attacks against Palestinians in the territories, and after they were sentenced, she appealed the sentences as being too lenient. She also represented the state in various legal proceedings that eventually resulted in Meir Kahane’s Kach Party being barred from the Knesset.
Beinisch also focused on fighting corruption, as exemplified by one of the most difficult cases in which she was involved: the Bus 300 affair, in which, following the hijacking of Bus 300, Shin Bet security service agents stormed the bus and captured two terrorists – whom they then murdered. The agents then tried to cover up the killings by lying to an investigative committee. Beinisch was appointed by then attorney general Yitzchak Zamir to handle the case, and, together with two other prosecutors, fought against both the government and the Shin Bet to expose the lies. Her efforts provoked an angry backlash, which ranged from rumors that she was having an affair with one of the Shin Bet agents who blew the whistle on the scandal to threats against her life.
The case also resulted in the government dismissing Zamir, and Beinisch responded by refusing to cooperate with Zamir’s successor, Yosef Harish.
In 1989, Beinisch was appointed state prosecutor, the first woman ever to hold this post. In this capacity, she supervised the lengthy investigation, trial and eventual conviction of then Shas Party chairman and former interior minister Aryeh Deri. She also refused to represent Yitzhak Rabin’s government in the High Court when a petition was filed against its decision to deport 415 Hamas members to Lebanon.
During her tenure as state prosecutor, special units were set up in the Justice Ministry to investigate complaints against policemen and Shin Bet agents.
In December 1995, a few months after Barak became Supreme Court president, Beinisch was appointed to the Supreme Court.
Her close friend Edna Arbel replaced her as state prosecutor, and in 2004, at Beinisch’s urging, Arbel was also appointed to the Supreme Court.
While on the court, Beinisch usually sided with one or both of her two former mentors, Barak and Cheshin (who did not always agree with each other).
One of Beinisch’s most famous and controversial rulings as a justice was a decision banning even mild parental spanking. Corporal punishment, she wrote, violated the child’s right to dignity and bodily integrity. She also sat on the bench that assailed the annual Economic Arrangements Law that accompanies every state budget as anti-democratic and urged the Knesset to scrap it, though the justices ultimately declined to overturn the law.
In addition, she headed a committee that recommended allowing High Court hearings to be televised.
Until her promotion to the court presidency, she served as chair of the Central Elections Commission; now, however, this job will be taken over by the court’s new deputy president, Eliezer Rivlin. Beinisch has also been a member of the Judicial Appointments Committee for many years, and will continue to serve on this panel in her new capacity.

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GSS head: We did not leak Deri wiretaps | Article from Jerusalem …
Kach takes aim at GSS for being ‘tough against Jews’. Jerusalem Post; August 7, 1998 ; AMY KLEIN; … Beinish, and the head of the GSS attended the meeting. … – 113k – Cached – Similar pages


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Extremism breeds extremism Dec 8, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post, David Wilder
Talkbacks for this article: 74
That panel was composed of Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and Justices Edmond Levy and Uzi Fogelman. Levy is religious. …

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Court Rejects Call to Ban Sakhnin Communist Party
Published: 11/28/08, 11:35 AM / By Arutz Sheva, Maayana Miskin

( The High Court rejected an appeal filed by the Movement for Quality Government (MQG) on Thursday. MQG asked the court to retroactively ban the Sakhnin Democratic Front, which won three seats in the Sakhnin municipal elections. Parties should only be banned under the most extreme circumstances, the High Court ruled, and the allegations against the Sakhnin party do not qualify as such.
The MQG had hoped to disqualify the Democratic Front, a branch of the Hadash communist party, due to alleged support for terrorism. One of the party’s candidates for city council, Tagrid Saadi, was a recently released terrorist who assisted a suicide bomber who murdered six people in Jerusalem in 2002.
Saadi stepped down once her terrorist record became widely known, but while she was on the list, the party used her actions as part of its campaign propaganda, MQG charged. The Democratic Front allegedly distributed flyers and posters calling on residents of Sakhnin to “vote for the prisoner for freedom,” and expressed support for Saadi’s actions, calling her a “freedom fighter.” The party was clearly aware of Saadi’s terrorist background from the moment she joined the list, despite claims to the contrary, MQG alleged.

High Court President Dorit Beinisch ruled that the evidence pointing to official Democratic Front support for terrorism was insufficient. In order to ban a party, there must be clear and unequivocal evidence that the party seeks to destroy Israel as a democratic and Jewish state, she said. The right to vote and be elected is a basic right that must be protected under all but the most extreme circumstances, Beinisch explained.
In addition, Beinisch ruled that the law MQG attorneys had based their appeal upon (Clause 27b of the Elections Law) did not support the group’s case. The clause allows the court to bar a party for technical reasons, such as voter fraud, she said, not for fundamental reasons involving the party’s ideological platform.

While many European countries passed laws banning political parties with anti-democratic values following World War II, Israel did not. However, in 1959 the High Court set a precedent allowing some parties to be barred from running in elections, when it decided to ban the Socialist List prior to the Sixth Knesset elections. The list was banned due to its members’ calls to destroy the state.

The precedent was restricted by later High Court justices, and the only party banned in recent years has been the Zionist Kach party. Kach was charged with racist incitement for calling for hostile Arabs to be expelled from Israel and saying the right to vote in national elections should be exclusively Jewish.

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J’lem: Dozens of Kach activists hold memorial for rabbi Kahane
Published: 11.09.06, 19:32 / By Ynetnews
Dozens of Kach activists are holding a memorial in remembrance of rabbi Meir Kahane in Jerusalem. Organizers said linked the memorial to the gay pride parade.
Right-wing activist and president of the “State of Judea”, Michael Benhorin said: “We vowed to bring justice to Jerusalem and to save its good name. Those who supported the abomination parade are Durit Beinish and Meni Mazuz, who are preventing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. (Efrat Weiss)

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Beinisch: The Bane of the Supreme Court?

September 13, 2006 / By Cross Currents, Shira Schmidt @ 5:02 am
The president of Israel took a leave of absence for a day this week. Why? In order not to be present at the swearing in of Dorit Beinisch, the new head of the Israel Supreme Court. [He is being questioned on allegations relating to harassment.]
Judge Beinisch will always be associated in my mind with the type of activism that led her to vote in 2000 to change the prayer arrangements at the Western Wall’s women’s section. She voted to allow the Women of the Wall to conduct Torah readings in tallitot and tefillin, changing long-standing “minhag hamakom.”
The decision was appealed by Elyakim Rubinstein, and in 2003 nine judges went down to the women’s section to check things out. They ruled that the Women of the Wall can pray at the wall, but at a separate southern section called Robinson’s Arch. The nine-judge appeal modified (in reality, overturned) the earlier decision. Judge Beinisch stuck to her guns and voted again for Women of the Wall, but there was a majority of 5 judges who voted for the Robinson’s Arch proviso. Suprisingly, then-Court President Aharon Barak was among the latter. Justice Beinisch is considered a clone of Barak, but in this case she diverged from his opinion (or he diverged from hers.) I had written about this earlier in Cross-Currents last summer.
Judge Beinisch represents the activism that interferes where the court should not. This pertains not only to the ezrat nashim of Orthodox women (I don’t think Judge Beinisch frequents women’s sections of synagogues, aside from checking out the Wall); but this exaggerated court activism and inappropriate interference also has led her to instruct the army, income tax, and other arms of the government how to execute their responsibilities. You can read her decisions in Hebrew by going to the Israel Supreme Court website. For the Women of the Wall decisions ask for number 2258/95 (the earlier decision in 2000) and then the appeal 4128/00 (the 2003 decision on the appeal). If you have trouble finding them, contact me and I will send you the two files. The decisions on Women of the Wall run to the dozens of pages.
What is the upshot? What happens now on Rosh Hodesh at the Wall? The Women of the Wall still come at 7 am Rosh Hodesh (second day if there are two) in tallitot and pray Shaharit and sing Hallel in the regular women’s section of the Wall. Then they go at 8 am to Robinson’s Arch and conduct a Torah reading and Musaf. The dates they will be there are:
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Dorit Beinisch was UNANIMOUSLY appointed to Supreme Court President

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Herut’s freedom of expression
Fri Mar-10-06 06:48 AM
Original message: Herut’s freedom of expression
Freedom of expression in Israel suffered a fatal blow this week at the hands of the next president of the Supreme Court, Justice Dorit Beinisch. Two days ago, Beinisch, in her role as chair of the Central Elections Committee, ruled to delete two lines from the Herut Party’s elections jingle on the radio. The lines concerned support for the idea of transfer, and used a play on words on the expression, “A good Arab is a dead Arab.” To be more precise, the lines that were disqualified were: “A good Arab is not a dead Arab; a good Arab sometimes wants to leave.”
Let me start out by saying that I am not a Herut supporter, and that I do not agree with its messages. However, Beinisch’s quick finger on the censorship trigger should worry anyone who holds freedom of expression dear. In keeping with the rulings of the High Court of Justice regarding freedom of expression, the circumstances of the case do not in any way justify the disqualification of the broadcast or parts thereof.
Beinisch’s claim that the disqualified lines would almost certainly constitute severe and genuine damage to the public interest is groundless. Her ruling somewhat emasculates “the test of near certainty,” which prevails in order to prevent certain expressions ahead of time in the manner in which Justice Beinisch tried to implement it. It is very doubtful whether the clear statement, “A good Arab is a dead Arab,” as contemptible as it is, arouses a significant fear of damage to the public interest, as required by the test of near certainty. All the more so, when it comes to a play on words, even if the content is racist, the elements of the test of near certainty do not exist.
Had Justice Beinisch not made the effort to disqualify the broadcast, it is doubtful whether anyone would have noticed it, and even more doubtful whether the reaction to it would have been severe. There is not even a low probability that in the wake of this broadcast, riots would have erupted or that there would have been the kind of “severe reaction” that justifies censorship. In any case, the rest of the broadcast’s content was not changed, and it is difficult to see how erasing those same two lines affects the public reaction, so that now it is “safe” to broadcast the commercial.
Beinisch’s claim that the test of near certainty exists is the most egregious mistake in her laconic decision, although it is not the only one. If Herut’s platform or the idea of transfer that it promotes run contrary to The Basic Law on the Knesset, and justify disqualifying the list from running in the elections, the CEC can disqualify it. However, and as Supreme Court President Justice Aharon Barak ruled in the matter of Rabbi Meir Kahane, a legal party should not be prevented from promoting its platform.

4. free speach cant be illegal…..
Sun Mar-12-06 12:14 AM / Response to Reply #2
Edited on Sun Mar-12-06 12:33 AM by pelsar
even when it comes to the Holocaust and other genocides……I do believe political parties can be disqualified (as in kach)…at the sametime they should have the right to scream out their hate message. (it was jewish lawyers that defended the nazis right to march in skoki, ill, USA years ago- and I believe they were right)
its not so much that i like those hate messages, i tend to put them in the same catagory as the religious messages-both disgust me to no end….yet i will defend both, an israeli arab who denouces jews as monkeys, a rabid settler who calls for transfer.
its really that simple….starting with censorship has no end, its best to teach tolerance. There will always be those that hate, we cant let them dictate to us, what our values are….and thats whats its all about.
btw I dont even know if in israel if there is a law “denying the holoacaust” Israel is trying very hard to balance the two…and in general they’re doing a good job..but its a very slippery slope……and every little addition drops us down a bit.
Now there is a gray area, where incitement comes along (fire in the theater…threatening to kill, perhaps promoting transfer as well)..and there our judges have to be able to interpret. But as you mentioned in the US where its not illegal, there is no big deal about denying the Holocaust….they’re not news and just like other fanatics they kept on the back pages. Its when we censor something in an attempt to deny it….then it becomes news. And that is the solution….education of tolerence, freedom of speach and expression is the ONLY way. (the emphises is on freedom)
Censorship is opening a “can of worms”. If the holocaust can be denied than so too can forbidding a image of the prophet…and if that is illegal so too are plays and movies that depict him…and if that is illegal so too are images of christ..and so on and so forth.
yea, i’m a big defender of free speach, free expression….i may hate some of the POS …but the other alternative is far worse.
and years ago when Benjamin Kahane,was killed by terrorists (rabbi kahanes son)…..i really cant say i felt bad…people who promote hate, through intolerence (for that is what intolerence is all about)……have no place in a western society.

Sun Mar-12-06 04:18 AM / Response to Original message
5. Shas ‘heaven’ broadcast banned
Religious party’s TV political broadcast shows spiritual head Rabbi Ovadia Yosef promising a place in heaven to those who vote for Shas; Party Chairman Eli Yishai slams decision by ‘those who silence the words of the Torah and representative of worldview of hatred and destruction of Judaism’,7340,L-3226456,…
“Central Elections Committee Chairwoman Judge Dorit Beinish banned a Shas political ad on Saturday evening, in which a place in heaven for voters of Shas was promised after their death by the party’s spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.
Beinish said that the broadcast constitutes banned content. She took the decision despite the fact that no petitions had been submitted against the ad.
Following the decision, Shas Chairman Eli Yishai bitterly attacked the decision, and in light of Purim, even used a hinted comparison to draw parallels between Beinish and Haman (the villain in the story of Purim).
“Those who silence the words of the Torah are the representatives of a world view which leans on hatred and the destruction of Judaism. I’m happy to hear that the judge believes in heaven and prevented the Israeli people from hearing the rabbi speaking about it,” said Yishai.
He added: “The chairwoman of the thought police bans Jewish messages without petitions being made against them, and these are anti-Jewish things from the school of Shinui, which suit the 1930s. I am pained by the fact that in the state of Jews there are those seeking to censor, destroy, and lose the words of the Torah, and the Israeli people will not give a helping hand to this. Shas voters won’t bow down to the judge, and that’s why Rabbi Ovadia is saying again that those who vote for Shas will see heaven.”

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Please ask the Haaretz about this article
Salad flies as rightists assail visiting musician Barenboim
September 12, 2002 / By Haaretz
Yesterday, in a restaurant at Mishkenot Sha’ananim in Jerusalem’s Yemin Moshe quarter, a group of Kach activists attacked world renowned musician Daniel Barenboim, calling him a “traitor” for giving a performance in Ramallah on Tuesday. (JEWISH WHORE responded by throwing vegetables at the activists). There were also reports that right-wing politicians had proposed that Barenboim should be put on trial for entering the occupied territories without permission.
The organizers of the Fifth International Chamber Music Festival in Jerusalem took pains to emphasize that the visit to Ramallah had taken them by surprise. It was an entirely private visit, they said, and they had no part in organizing it.

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MK Michael Kleiner among speakers at banned Kahane memorial
November 5, 2001 / By Israel Insider, Ellis Shuman
“It is possible not to agree with his views, but why isn’t it possible to honor his memory?”
– Baruch Kahane speaking about his father Meir Kahane.

Despite a court-ordered ban on holding a rally in a Jerusalem hall, dozens of Kach activists held an impromptu memorial Sunday night marking the 11th anniversary of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s assassination. Blows were exchanged with police officers and eleven right-wing demonstrators were arrested. MK Michael Kleiner (Herut) spoke at the rally, alluding to the “positive and correct aspects of Kahane’s thought and outlook.”
Kach activists attempted last night to force their way into the Hechal David hall in Jerusalem’s Romema neighborhood despite bans issued by the police and Jerusalem Magistrates Court. “Because the demonstration is being organized by members of Kach and Kahane Hai, organizations that were outlawed and defined in 1994 as terror organizations, the police have banned this demonstration,” a police spokesman said earlier in the week.
Some 150 activists and Kahane family members were present and provoked a violent confrontation with police officers. Last year, at a memorial marking 10 years since Kahane’s assassination, some 1,500 people participated, ynet reported.

At this year’s rally, activists held signs with slogans calling for “Death to Arabs” and “Traitor, you are guilty,” mocking the popular “Friend, you are missing” slogan in memory of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, whose assassination was also marked this week.
Police only interfered when demonstrators attempted to block the road, leading to a trade of blows. Activists threw bottles at the police, but no injuries were reported.
After demonstrators were turned away from the hall, an impromptu rally was held outside. Kleiner, one of the main speakers at the rally, said, “It is impossible to stop a memorial. The only ones who acted like a terror organization here were the policemen.”
Kleiner said that he had not planned to speak at the rally. “I came to protest that they weren’t allowed to hold the memorial, and to say that it is time to end this nonsense calling Kach a terror organization,” he said.

The crowd did not like everything Kleiner had to say. “I mentioned his (Kahane’s) positive sides, but I also said that slogans like ‘No Arabs, no terror’ are not acceptable to me.” Kleiner says that Kahane “had a major role in opening the gates to Soviet Jewry.”
Kleiner charged earlier this week that the police banned the demonstration because they were misled that Kach had organized it, when in reality family members had been responsible for the rally.

Kahane’s son: “They can’t ban a memorial”
Baruch Kahane, son of the assassinated Kach leader, said that “police fell on their heads” when they banned the rally. “They can’t ban a memorial to Rabbi Kahane. It is possible not to agree with his views, but why isn’t it possible to honor his memory?” Meir Kahane’s son Binyamin Ze’ev and his wife, Talia, were shot and killed and five of their children were injured in a terrorist shooting attack south of Ofra on December 31, 2000. At the time, a statement issued by former Kach members said, “As long as the government of Israel refuses to expel the Arab cancer from the midst of Israel, the Arabs will continue to murder innocent Jews. All of the students promise to continue the Kahane legacy until victory… We call on the entire nation of Israel to join in the sorrow and mourning by wearing Kahane’s symbol without fear – the Star of David and the fist.”

Meanwhile a demonstration planned yesterday on Mt. Herzl by right-wing activists did not take place due to another court ruling. Noam Federman and Yitzhak Pass, father of Shalhevet Pass, the young baby killed by a sniper in Hebron in March, had requested permission to demonstrate against Rabin’s legacy near his gravesite. Justices Dalia Dorner, Dorit Beinish and Edmund Levy backed the official police position and ruled that the demonstration was part of the Kahane memorial organized by the outlawed Kach movement, and therefore they banned the rally from taking place.

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Barry “Yigal Amir did not murder Yitzhak Rabin”
July 13, 2001 – PRACTICAL IDEAS

“Okay, I believe you but what can I do?”
“Even if you’re right, there’s nothing we can do to change things.”
“Fine, you identified the problem, what’s the solution?”

Yes, there are ways. With lots of flair and imagination, we CAN change things.

1. A Law To Revoke – In November, 1993, the Rabin government passed a law
retroactively legalizing meetings between Israelis and members of the PLO.
Until then, such meetings were illegal treason. The law saved the likes of
Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak, Yair Hirschfeld and Uri Savir from
prison for illegally meeting the PLO.
Let’s revoke it. From a jurisdictive point of view, we have all the
high cards. Numerous legalists have explained that there is no precedent
for a retroactive law protecting criminals from high crime. One can no more
retroactively legalize treason than murder or rape.
Many, many people have tried to have the Oslo Accord repealed because
the PLO have broken its clauses thousands of times. But getting rid of an
internationally sanctioned treaty is not simple. Rescinding the retroactive
meeting law is, legalistically speaking, a snap. It is an unbelievably
non-binding piece of legislation. A few good arguments to the Supreme Court
could do the trick.
And imagine the fine results after: No one, not Sharon, not Peres
could meet any PLO leader until a new law was passed. And we’ll fight that
one as well. And best of all, the Oslo criminals could finally be prosecuted.
So where are a gutsy attorney or two?

2. Get the CIA – Now that the Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer
has acknowledged that the CIA trained the PLO death squads, with agreement
from Shimon Peres; and now that a wide range of “experts” have acknowledged
that the CIA trained numerous PLO “policemen” in the fine arts of advanced
snipery and sundry deadly operations, let’s get the CIA and hard.
Why says the American taxpayer would have agreed to foot the bill for
the PLO’s training in sophisticated murder techniques? Who says the CIA had
any legal right to train these squads, which have murdered over 100 Jews
and maimed five times that number, even with the permission of Peres?
Investigate George Tenet’s direct role in the mass murder of Israeli
citizens. Prosecute him if he overstepped ANY law.
And while you’re at it, you may as well expose the further training of
the PLO at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas. My sources assure me, the
“policemen” are there right now taking courses in the slaughter of innocents.
American lawyers, where are you?

3. No Place To Hide Anymore For Yoram Rubin – Yes, the State Prosecutor
found a trick to drop one of the two charges against Avishai Raviv. Yes,
the ploy is to delay his trial until the statute of limitations for
indictment on new charges passes. So let’s open a new front. Rabin’s last
bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, testifying to the Shamgar Commission, lied that
Yigal Amir shot a bullet in his arm while he was protecting the prime
minister. We have his clinical report; he got caught in his lie. Rubin
testified at Amir’s trial that Rabin jumped head-first into his car. We
have the “amateur” murder film; he lied again. Rubin was the one who
murdered Rabin but there’s no point going for the home run ball. Let’s get
him on deep perjury. It’s like shooting a fish in a barrel.
So far, Rubin has evaded scrutiny. He DID have a most unlikely car
accident two years ago that almost killed him but that’s internal Shabak
diplomacy. Now it’s time to have Rubin stand trial for perjury and let’s
see where it leads. I’ll provide all the official records anyone could ever
need to prove the charge.
He must be made to know, he will not escape his crimes. Journalists,
researchers, truthseekers, lawyers and the interested public, here is how
to reach him. Yoram Rubin’s work number is 09 8611122; fax: 8625831. His
work address is the cellar of Herzl 53, Netanya.

4. Gillon’s Huge Mistake – It took a lot of e-mailing, but it worked. Carmi
Gillon’s role in the Rabin murder made front page headlines in Denmark’s
largest circulation newspaper this past Thursday. Simply, I exploited an
opening. Gillon’s appointment as the Israeli ambassador to Denmark is
causing a huge ruckus in that country. Now, of course, Danes will be Danes
and the issue is his rough treatment of Arabs while head of the Shabak.
Now that the Danes are in the mist of Gillonmania, let’s spread the
word about who Gillon REALLY is. Go to your favorite search engine and seek
lists of influential Danes in all fields; journalism, academia, government,
diplomacy, then copy and paste your version, the real version, of who the
Danes now have as their Israeli ambassador. With enough letters floating
around the country, even the
princes of modern humanity in Denmark, will get the message. If the Rabin
truth can’t be exposed in Israel, well then, let’s go through the back door
of Denmark.
Here is what I sent out. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder for your
own messages to the Danish people.


The coverup of the Rabin assassination reached new and even uglier
heights of deceit in yesterday’s (April 14) Israeli newspaper media. Both
Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz published long interviews in their weekend
magazines with former General Security Services (Shabak) legal affairs
director Shabtai Ziv. My, what a coincidence, two papers, same obscure
character. And just a few days before Yediot Ahronot, as was emblazoned on
its front page headline, would publish two chapters of former Shabak chief
Carmi Gillon’s new book on the Rabin assassination in its Passover magazine.
You can just feel the terror in Shabak headquarters as the fumbling
high officers mapped out a full media blitz to quash the widespread and
accurate perception that Gillon was one of the conspirators behind Rabin’s
murder. In fact, Ziv admits that the current Shabak chief Ami Ayalon did
not try to prevent the trial of Yigal Amir’s partner in provocation and
crime Avishai Raviv, because, “He was tired of hearing about the conspiracy
What is so useful in these media coverups, are the facts that don’t
get cleaned out of the final copy. Ziv told Haaretz, as he did Yediot
Ahronot that, “I can state that all the activities of a judicial character
in connection with Raviv were done in consultation and full transparency
vis-a-vis the state attorney and her department. A number of discussions
were held about him in which we gave the Justice Ministry all the
information we possessed about offences he committed…”
This isn’t new, I made the same claims in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak
Rabin. But then, I wasn’t the head of the Shabak’s legal affairs
department. Ziv’s remarkable admission means former Justice Minister David
Libai and former State Attorney General Dorit Beinish and her staff were
apprised of Raviv’s crimes and provocations and approved their
continuation. This justifies indictments against them all as active
accessories in innumerable crimes. Yet how does one issue indictments
against the people who issue indictments?
And Ziv, as was clearly requested by his authorities, went out of his
way to compliment Carmi Gillon: “He is a humane and sympathetic gentleman,”
he insisted.
Well no, actually he’s a bit off here. Gillon is a brutish and cruel
gorilla. He is also an inveterate liar which is why I am presenting a truer
picture of him than his own book will. Gillon will claim that the Rabin
assassination was a series of blunders and he felt so bad about it, he
offered to resign the next day. He will paint a picture of a murderous
anti-peace community that had to be infiltrated by the likes of Raviv to
protect Israel’s glorious democracy. He may even claim, as he once did,
that he never even met Avishai Raviv. So before anyone has a chance to
believe this liar, permit me to paint a truer picture of the monster.

How He Became Shabak Chief

In 1990 Gillon wrote an MA thesis at Haifa University on the dangers
the Israeli Right present to the nation. More than a few people have
insisted the thesis was written for him, just as post assassination
newspaper analyses on peace clearly were. At the time, he was head of the
Shabak’s Jewish Department and he was utilizing Avishai Raviv to infiltrate
various borderline groups such as Kach and the Temple Mount Faithful.
However, someone very powerful had bigger plans for him and after the
Hebron massacre of February 1994, Gillon became Shabak chief. Of course, in
a fair world that would have been impossible since, as Jewish Department
head, he had supposedly failed miserably to prevent the massacre. In fact,
he had succeeded but this is not the place to explain how Dr. Baruch
Goldstein was set up to take the blame for bloodshed planned by others.
The one sticking point was Rabin, who opposed Gillon’s appointment
vehemently. So, Gillon had Avishai Raviv organize a protest against his
home in Mevasseret Tzion to place him in contention and Rabin agreed to his
appointment only if then-Shabak head Yaacov Perry supervised his tenure, an
unheard of procedure. Rabin admitted that Gillon’s lack of experience
dealing with Arab terrorism made him unfit for the post but he gave in
“because of cabinet pressure.” Which in the cabinet of the day, meant that
Shimon Peres supported Gillon. Today Gillon is the chairman of the Shimon
Peres Institute For Peace. All in all, while head of the Shabak, Gillon was
a Peres plant.
Now let us look at Gillon’s activities and his central role in the
Rabin murder according to Israeli experts. We begin with Adir Zik writing
in Hatsofe:

“Carmi Gillon was the direct handler of Avishai Raviv for an extended
period. It was he who turned Raviv into the biggest provocateur in Israel’s
“Even while Gillon’s deputies directed Raviv, Gillon was in direct contact
with him. He ordered him to marry a Russian born settler as a cover for his
“Gillon ordered Raviv to undertake a long series of violent crimes against
Jews and Arabs in Hebron, Jerusalem, and at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan
“Gillon ordered Raviv to make violent attacks on Knesset Members Tamar
Guzonsky and Shulamit Aloni on behalf of the Shabak front organization, Eyal.
“Gillon’s hatred of the Right led him to utilize the services of a Shabak
plant in the Israel Broadcasting Authority named Eitan Oren, to film and
televise a series of phoney reports whose goal was to humiliate the
residents of Judea and Samaria…
“Gillon ordered Raviv to print a photomontage of Rabin in a Gestapo uniform
and display it a huge anti-government rally. Rabin called Gillon to his
office and demanded an explanation. Gillon told Rabin not to worry, Raviv
was under his authority.
“Immediately after Rabin’s murder, Raviv told police investigators that he
had heard Amir threaten Rabin’s life four or five times. Raviv had to have
informed his superiors, including Gillon about Amir’s intentions and they
had to have deliberately ignored the warnings.”
“Amir shot blank bullets at Rabin and Gillon’s Shabak underling, Rabin’s
bodyguard Yoram Rubin, actually murdered Rabin.”

Gillon’s Uncanny Predictions

On August 24, 1995, barely two months before Rabin’s murder, Gillon
told a group of journalists that Rabin’s life was in danger from an
assassin. He described this theoretical murderer: “He doesn’t have to be a
settler, he could be a dark-skinned Sephardic student, studying at Bar Ilan
University and living in Herzlia.”
What powers of precognition hath the prophet Gillon! Why Amir also was
a Sephardic Bar Ilan student who lived in Herzlia! Ophir Shalakh of Maariv
was but one of many of the attending journalists who noted, “The profile
Carmi Gillon presented precisely described Yigal Amir.”
And who can forget Gillon’s classic reaction when informed of the
murder by phone while he was in Paris (Yediot Ahronot, 24/9/95): “It was a
Jew.” However did he know?

What Was Gillon Doing In Paris On The Assassination Night?????

Gillon’s Shabak underlings were widely quoted claiming to have queried
Gillon why he was flying to Paris two days before the most
security-sensitive rally in the country’s history. He refused to answer but
did order his deputies not to change even one detail of his procedures for
the rally.
In previous articles I have traced the tracks of the Rabin
assassination to Paris. The goal of the murder was to place the French
puppet Shimon Peres in power. And Gillon was there pitching in. He was
later rewarded for his connivance and silence, when in 1999, Peres
appointed Gillon, at a huge salary, to chair his peace institute.

Trying The Wrong Man

Mati Golan wrote in Globes (11/12/97): “Carmi Gillon is opposing the
indictment of Avishai Raviv because it would reveal Shabak operating
procedure. Perhaps he is right, Raviv shouldn’t be on trial, his superiors
should be.”
However, the State Attorney General did finally indict Raviv on two
minor charges in 1999. When he announced the indictment, he added a strange
addendum: “We found no justification for indicting his superior, Carmi
While the government protected Gillon, a good portion of the Israeli
people are convinced he was a leader in the plot to murder Yitzhak Rabin.

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