COLLECTION-21: How Many Israeli Politicians Are Behind Mrs. Said’s Spanish WEDO & Its Corrupt Palestinian Society? Who Are They?

(Updated on MARCH 18, 2010)

Peres stresses J’lem policy to EU’s Ashton Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Israel may freeze construction in east Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods Mar 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Israel vows fierce response after Kassam kills Thai worker Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: NO need to report PM Bibi’s thick-skin after checking this computer work… whether it is a technical mishap or bureaucratic mishap. By the way, when it comes to East Jerusalem, is there NO Jewish neighborhoods there? Now that President Peres is talking about Arab neighborhoods there, I can’t help suspecting. What exactly means East Jerusalem? I’ve never heard of the international community criticize the Jews’ building Jewish homes in West Jerusalem. Have I?)

Dahlan to Hamas: Join forces against Israel Mar 17, 2010 / By Ynetnews
U.S. sanctions Gaza bank, TV station over Hamas connections Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Mahmoud al-Zahar (Hamas): Qassams helping Israel Mar 21, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Arab world: Hopes in Obama are dwindling Mar 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Amid Israel-US spat over east Jerusalem construction, director of Middle East Center in Beirut says Arab countries less likely to engage with US on Iran if Washington won’t press Israel to make concessions they deem necessary for peace deal. Egyptian columnist: Extremists ruling Israel know they are outside range of being punished by sanctions

Biden in D.C.: It’s great to be where construction boom is a good thing Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Republican Palin: Iran benefits from US-Israel crisis Mar 17, 2010 / By Ynetnews
US Gen. David Petraeus: ‘Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US’ Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Time will tell which American opinion will be remembered as a real American Patriotism.)

(Updated on MARCH 18-2?, 2010) – NO need to add any new researches but the issue of Anti-Defamation League’s Foxman Continues to Go After Gen. Petraeus.

(JIWON: Perhaps, I should start with the Israeli Poll and Opposition leader Phoenix-Bibi’s promise to his Israeli voters.)

‘Haaretz fiddled with Obama poll’ Mar 22, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Polls … found that a majority of the Israeli public blamed the American administration for the crisis in US-Israel relations. (…)

Polls: 42% of Israelis View Obama as Pro-Arab Mar 23, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
(…) Nearly two-thirds said they support PM Bibi’s decision to PM at AIPAC: J’lem is not a settlement (…)

Poll: Most Israelis support EAST Jerusalem Mar 22, 2010 / By Ynetnews
1. 62% don’t believe Netanyahu’s disavowal of knowledge during Biden-fiasco… despite support for Ramat Shlomo homes.
2. 54% believe Israel must consider Washington’s stance on the expansion of settlements, even due to “natural growth”.
3. However, MOST support PM Netanyahu: Building in Jerusalem is like building in Tel-Aviv, despite the recent US-fiasco, with 41% saying that only the timing was wrong.
4. Only 25% believe the construction project should not have been approved.
5. Even though just 6% have lived or had family living beyond the 1967 borders, 47% objected to the evacuation of all West Bank settlements in favor of an agreement with the Palestinians.
6. (… bla-bla-bla…) The figures show a waning support for settlements, as the same poll conducted in 2001 found that 61% agreed with the decision, while just 28% did not.
7. NO need to report Israeli electorates’ mysterious mind, and therefore, NO need to report how many Israelis support the two-state solution as long as PM Bibi has NO intention to speak in ONE tongue and lead his natural allies in a reasonable, realistic or more patriotic way.

Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi
Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity Sep 29, 2008 / By Israeli Media
JIWON: It was right after my report, Everyone is a target: Sternhell attack shows that far right may target anyone who holds different views (RED FLAG for the RIGHT), which was 4 days after ‘Settler’s bombing the Jew’ and 2 days after ‘Settlers’ another attack on Palestinian village’. After this report, Mr. Netanyahu resumes his job. I feel that I am reading not the Jewish articles but a comic book. Still, a human life is not a toy-story for me. This is why I prefer targeted killing to suicide bombing. (Please read my life. Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25-30, 2008).)
What if Jewish Diehard-Doves were really killed by Bibi’s Settlers? IS IT SETTLER’s FAULT? While those pure spirits consider IT as a punishment, (Holy site closed to ‘punish’ settlers,) Mr. Netanyahu seems to treat himself as another-Sharon, who was ‘quickly’ elected as 11th PM after the Second Intifada. Considering the fact that there was NO Phoenix-Bibi in my Knesset-blog in those days… Hum…
What if I travel all over the world, including UN, and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of THESE?
BIBI/GLICK & READERS: WE ARE ISRAELI AMBASSADOR to UN and Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel

(JIWON: Therefore, a series of happenings or… “And the cycle continues,” as the saying goes.)

Gideon Levy: Thank you, Eli Yishai, for exposing the peace process masquerade Mar 11, 2010 / By Haaretz
Here’s someone new to blame for everything: Eli Yishai. After all, Benjamin Netanyahu wanted it so much, Ehud Barak pressed so hard, Shimon Peres wielded so much influence – and along came the interior minister and ruined everything. (…) As always, we need Yishai (and occasionally Avigdor Lieberman) to expose our true face, without the mask and lies, and play the enfant terrible who shouts that the emperor has no clothes. (…) Everything was so ready, so ripe, until that scoundrel, Yishai, came and kicked it all into oblivion. It’s a bit embarrassing, but not so terrible. After all, time heals all wounds. The Americans will soon forgive, the Palestinians will have no choice, and once again everyone will stand ceremoniously on the platform and the process will be “jump-started” again – despite everything that the sole enemy of peace around here, Eli Yishai, has done to us.

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🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Peace-Now
🙂 Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is (Feb 19 – Mar 21, 2010)
Gideon Levy: Netanyahu did one thing right in the Jerusalem debacle Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Unwittingly, the prime minister revealed the lies about Jerusalem and presented things truthfully. (…)

Ramat Shlomo residents (of Biden-fiasco) don’t understand what all the fuss is about Mar 11, 2010 / By Haaretz
Hamas Gains in Polls, Popularity for ‘Moderate’ Abbas Drops Mar 23, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)

PM sparks Germany’s anger in latest East Jerusalem construction spat Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) A senior German source who requested anonymity said Merkel had called Netanyahu after a request from the White House. … the conversation was very tense, no less than the one with Clinton. (…) Merkel did not want news of the telephone conversation to be released; this would spare Netanyahu embarrassment and prevent damage to the special ties between Israel and Germany. The German chancellor promised to refrain (…) In the briefing, the Israelis made clear that it was the prime minister who had called the chancellor in an effort to rally her support. The fact that Merkel was highly critical of the prime minister during the talk was not mentioned. (… easy to imagine Merkel’s response: Lebanese premier to discuss Middle East peace-or-WAR with Merkel…) The tensions with Germany follow an earlier rift, last August, when National Security Advisor Arad clashed with (Merkel’s chief advisor) Heusgen in telephone conversations preceding Netanyahu’s visit to Berlin. Arad demanded that the settlements not be raised in the talks between the two leaders or during the press conference that would follow. The issue turned ugly, with Arad shouting at Heusgen. The result is that the Germans only communicate with Arad on urgent or technical issues.

(JIWON: By now, all the visitors of this blog should know what means “Biden-fiasco”. NO need to report about Quartet or EU, such as Quartet calls on Israel to freeze all or EU: Jerusalem is not Tel Aviv. Time will pass and things will return to normal. The same will go to PM sparks Germany’s anger in Biden-fiasco. Only GOD will freeze ALL, whether YHWH or ALLAH… Until then, Israel will always regain an usual smile and be toward Turning into Theocracy or Thugocracy or Bibicracy.)

$has journal: Obama is ‘a stone-throwing Palestinian’ Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Warmonger’s Column One: Obama’s war on Israel Mar 19, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor
Washington Post: Israel, US agree on ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy Mar 19, 2010 / By Ynetnews
$has thanks Obama for boost. Yishai now seen as ‘defender of Jerusalem’ Mar 19, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Palestinians: Netanyahu will build secretly Mar 20, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Israel to engage in ‘trust-building’ moves in wake of East Jerusalem row Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Netanyahu delivers Israel’s response to U.S. demands, reportedly offers ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ on future builds. (…)

22:59 Israeli diplomats scrambling to arrange Obama-Netanyahu meeting (Ch. 10) Mar 20, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
08:40 Interior Min. Yishai ($has): Ramat Shlomo plan to be delayed at least until Sept. Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
Netanyahu bows to U.S. demands ahead of Washington trip Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) PM agrees to goodwill gestures toward Palestinians as aides scramble to arrange Obama meeting. (…) Netanyahu refused to revoke the building project in Ramat Shlomo or freeze construction in East Jerusalem. He also promised a better oversight system to prevent embarrassing incidents such as Biden-fiasco. (…)

Netanyahu caves in to US Mar 21, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Netanyahu gives Clinton written commitment Mar 20, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Report: Netanyahu to ask Obama for weapons to bomb Iran Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz

Ahead of AIPAC meeting, US Congress leaders to urge Obama: Resolve Israel spat quietly Mar 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Ahead of US-visit, PM Bibi to MKs: ‘Israel won’t change its policies’. Building in Jerusalem is like building in Tel Aviv Mar 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

22:59 Israeli diplomats scrambling to arrange Obama-Netanyahu meeting (Ch. 10) Mar 20, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
Mitchell invites Netanyahu to meet with Obama Mar 21, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Report: Jerusalem drops more construction to avoid U.S. tensions Mar 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Atias ($has No.2) to continue Ramat Shlomo marketing process Mar 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Netanyahu gives Clinton lesson in bureaucracy Mar 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) PM Bibi tries to demonstrate Israel’s building permit procedures separate from governmental stand (…)

PM to tell AIPAC: Jerusalem isn’t a settlement Mar 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Op-ed: Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate mistake Mar 23, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu to U.S.: Palestinian demands may delay peace talks again Mar 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: Build 50,000, not 1,600, New Jerusalem Homes Mar 23, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
(New Yorker) Rabbi Algaze: Jerusalem is Not the City of 3 Religions Mar 23, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
Obama and Netanyahu End Closed-Door ’Give and Take’ Meeting Mar 23, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
(…) It was the second time in less than a month that the Prime Minister met with American leaders at the same time that Israeli officials issued a statement about construction for Jews in parts of Jerusalem that the United States does not recognize as being under Israeli sovereignty. Unlike the previous public anger by American officials, no comments were made about the announcement, nor were substantive reports issued about the subjects that the two leaders discussed. The meeting also coincided with another spate of Arab stoning attacks on Jews in Judea and Samaria with the intention of causing fatal accidents. Neither the United States nor Israel referred to the continuing attacks, which the Palestinian Authority is committed to halt, along with all other violence and incitement against the Jewish State.

Aluf Benn & Obama: the letter Netanyahu has sent is insufficient and requires further corrections Mar 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
Obama Dresses Down Netanyahu: No Photo Ops or Statements Mar 24, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
Analysis: The most important part of Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech was underreported Mar 24, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Ministers Helping Netanyahu Stand Strong Mar 25, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
$has’ Yishai: Israel will keep building in Jerusalem Mar 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
PM: We’ve found ‘golden path’ between Israel, US policies Mar 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Municipal planners get mixed signals about Jerusalem building Mar 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) the workers were given informal, oral instructions to act “with caution and sensitivity” when approving plans that might set off diplomatic rows. Officially, however, they were asked to continue working normally, as the government did not commit to a construction freeze in East Jerusalem. The Jerusalem municipality found itself at the heart of a controversy (…) Another East Jerusalem project gets OK ‎ … be built by American millionaire Moskowitz. (…) The building approval for the project was given in 2009, drawing intense criticism by the U.S. C&M Properties, a Moskowitz-owned company carrying out the project, was asked to adhere to a number of conditions and secure the approval of a number of planning authorities. On Tuesday, the company received the final building permit, after paying its fees several days earlier. (…) Questions were also raised yesterday bout the role of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. (…)

Netanyahu gives Clinton lesson in bureaucracy Mar 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Labor’s Barak to American Charlie Rose: PM Bibi didn’t know it. Nor did I Mar 24, 2010 / By Haaretz

(Updated on MARCH 18-19, 2010)
(Updated on MARCH 18-2?, 2010)

(Updated on MARCH 23, 2010) – WORKING…
Lieberman Asks For War With Iran; (Bush’s) Petraeus Turns Him Down Sep 11, 2007 / By
Obama’s Petraeus: Israel Might Attack Iran Apr 1, 2009 / By Huffingtonpost
Petraeus: U.S. has plan to deal with Iran’s nuclear program Jan 9, 2010 / By CNN
Iran can be bombed says General Petraeus Jan 11, 2010 / By Infowars
Iran: General David Petraeus bombing comments were ‘thoughtless Jan 11, 2010 / By British Media
Petraeus Claims Iran Aiding al-Qaeda Mar 17, 2010 / By Inforwars
Petraeus says strike on Iran could spark nationalism Feb 3, 2010 / By Reuters
15:26 Arab League chief pushes for closer ties with Iran (AP) Mar 23, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

Gates clarifies US Iran policy in Riyadh after Biden fails in Israel Mar 10, 2010 / By DEBKA
US Gen. David Petraeus: ‘Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US’ Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Lie in Report on Petraeus: a Case Study of Anti-Israeli Agenda Mar 18, 2010 / By Israeli Media, including Haaretz
Anti-Defamation League’s Foxman Continues to Go After Gen. Petraeus Mar 22, 2010 / By Washington Independent

(JIWON: If I were Anti-Defamation League’s Foxman or any member of AIPAC, I would never give up criticizing General Petraeus until it finally triggers a public debate that is much more robust and better informed than it would otherwise have been. In my humble opinion, there is absolutely NO reason for Republican Jews or Evangelists to avoid this PUBLIC DEBADE.)

Conservatives Who Demanded We ‘Listen To’ And ‘Stand Behind’ Gen. Petraeus Now Disregard Him Mar 16, 2010 / By Think Progress
(…) While conservatives are currently on the offensive against Petraeus’s concerns today, they thought differently in 2007. As the country was heatedly debating our policies in Iraq, leading conservatives demanded that we listen to Petraeus and agree with the views he advocated: (…) General Petraeus is hardly the only defense official who has warned that failing to bring a just end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can lead to Muslim radicalization and endanger our troops. In 2004, the Defense Science Board Task Force noted that our “one sided support in favor of Israel” and failure to resolve the conflict was a leading source of “threats to America’s national security.” Given how eager the right was to endorse Petraeus’s Iraq solution in 2007, will they listen to him, CENTCOM, and other defense officials about the dangers of not acting to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

White House angry at General Stanley McChrystal speech on Afghanistan Oct 5, 2009 / By British Media
Officials: No rift between Obama, McChrystal Nov 2, 2009 / By Armytimes
Obama meets Afghanistan General McChrystal aboard Air Force One Oct 2, 2009 / By
(…) The situation “is serious and I choose that word very, very carefully… neither success nor failure can be taken for granted,” said McChrystal (…) The process could take weeks, officials say, warning that past conflicts like the Vietnam war have shown the folly of throwing thousands of men into a fight that is not properly defined. Asked if he was worried that the political debate was holding up military action, McChrystal said: “I think the more debate we have the healthier this is going to be.” “I don’t think we have the luxury of going so fast we make the wrong decision,” he added.

McChrystal clear: Even with more troops, victory not certain Sep 21, 2009 / By Interact.stltoday
(…) Gen. McChrystal’s report was intended for President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. It became public Monday, in redacted form, after Bob Woodward of The Washington Post obtained a copy. Its early publication has amplified a debate that Mr. Obama had hoped to postpone until later this fall. Many congressional Democrats are leery of committing more troops to Afghanistan. Most Republicans, remembering that the Taliban government harbored Osama bin Laden during the planning for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are reflexively in favor of “victory.” Thoughtful people on both sides of the debate will benefit from reading Gen. McChrystal’s assessment of what victory means. The former head of the Joint Special Operations Command is nobody’s idea of a kinder, gentler warrior. But his vision of the way forward has more to do with diplomacy and politics than it does with military tactics.

Petraeus Stresses Avoiding Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan 21 Feb 2010 / By World of News
McChrystal issues directive on civilian casualties July 7, 2009 / By

Free General McChrystal Oct 7, 2009 / By American Spectator, John Guardiano
(…) The United States suffers from too much public ignorance and apathy about U.S. military requirements. … That’s why it is imperative that U.S. military leaders speak publicly and often about wartime requirements and defense policy — not to advocate particular policies, which they should not do, but rather to inform and educate the public. … The United States, after all, prides itself on having an educated and professional military. Thus, U.S. military leaders are not mere functionaries. (…) The general is a wartime military commander, not a politician. His job is to “report the facts as he sees them — and to do so without favor or prejudice, and without fear or concern for any potential political ramifications back home.” The political questions are best left to the politicians and the pundits. But the military facts on the ground in Afghanistan, and what must be done to remedy the situation there, certainly fall within McChrystal’s purview of responsibility and expertise. (…) U.S. military leaders absolutely must work within the chain of command; however, the chain of command is a two-way street. It runs up to the commander-in-chief, President Barrack Obama; and it runs down to the young sergeants and corporals who are risking their lives in Helmet Province. General McChrystal is accountable to both. … Indeed, McChrystal’s recent public pronouncements are about keeping faith with his young charges. (…) The United States, remember, is a constitutional democracy. The American people do not serve the military; the military serves the American people. That’s why public dialogue and public discussion about military matters are so crucially important (…)

How Soon Liberals Forget: Is McChrystal the New Shinseki? Oct 6, 2009 / By The New Republic, William Galston
(…) The current situation is entirely different. McChrystal is offering his professional judgment well in advance of a presidential decision. Yes, he’s doing it in public, but that’s something that small-“d” democrats should welcome. Combined with the leaking of his report, his London speech has triggered a public debate that is much more robust and better informed than it would otherwise have been. Jones suggested that military advice should “come up through the chain of command,” while Gates chastised that it is “imperative” that military and civilian leaders “provide our best advice to the president candidly but privately.” How quickly we forget: That was the rationale used to muzzle General Eric Shinseki during the run up to the Iraq war. Wouldn’t we have been better off to have had a no-holds-barred debate involving senior military officials prior to the invasion about the number of troops it would take to stabilize Iraq after the invasion? Wouldn’t we have had the kind of public discussion that the American people deserved but did not get? Does McChrystal’s speech put pressure on the president, as some have charged? Sure, and what’s wrong with that? The general is saying that the mission the president articulated back in March after a thorough policy review requires more troops than are now on the ground in Afghanistan. If he’s right about that, the president owes the country one of two things: send the troops or redefine the mission. McChrystal’s intervention makes it more difficult to fudge the decision. In my book, that’s a good thing. And people who don’t want more troops sent should agree.

Ephraim Kam: Would Palestinian state stymie Iran’s plans? Mar 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Petraeus painted a similar picture last year in front of the same panel, without attracting attention. But this time his analysis was seen as part of the pressure that the Obama administration is putting on Israel (…) But the Obama administration had better not delude itself. The Arab street does not support America … An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement will not solve America’s problems with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Al-Qaida.

(JIWON: This is not a matter of whether I agree with this opinion or not. If this writer is so sure of his opinion, I wonder why President Peres was in support of Bush administration’s Iraq war… IN A LOUD VOICE, when EVERYBODY was against it. I remember this because this is when I learned one more FACT about Israel. Now, I am reading what I am reading. And I now know that expressing my personal opinion is simply waste of time.)

Analysis: Is there a shift in US military thinking? Mar 22, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) One possibility that some officials raised on Sunday was that Petraeus was setting up Israel as the scapegoat for the US military when it pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As the officer in charge of both those ongoing conflicts, Petraeus will be the one blamed or credited with their outcome. By saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict undermines America’s interests in the region, he is laying the groundwork for a defense should the area destabilize when the US pulls out. (…)

Analysis: Is there a shift in US military thinking? Mar 22, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Secondly, Petraeus’s comments could have an impact on the American public’s perception of Israel and might affect the $3 billion in military aid the US provides Israel annually. (…)

Study: $17 billion spent on homes, roads and factories in SETTLEMENTS Mar 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Adaya Fiterman: The immigrant loan fund is empty, but the state still advertises it Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
Nearly one-quarter of Israelis can’t afford health care Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
Israeli settlements an economic choice, says study Mar 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Israel builds thousands of homes in the West Bank each year, with settlers drawn mainly by economic benefits, according to an analysis … The US and EU consider the settlements illegitimate and an obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But Israelis are attracted by their offer of affordable housing in a pleasant landscape. (…)

James Baker’s advice for Obama on forging Middle East peace Mar 21, 2010 / By Haaretz


(Updated on MARCH 18, 2010) – part of writing, anyway. I want to sleep.

Peres stresses J’lem policy to Ashton Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Israel may freeze construction in east Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods Mar 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Israel vows fierce response after Kassam kills Thai worker Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: NO need to report PM Bibi’s thick-skin after checking this computer work… whether it is a technical mishap or bureaucratic mishap. By the way, when it comes to East Jerusalem, is there NO Jewish neighborhoods there? Now that President Peres is talking about Arab neighborhoods there, I can’t help suspecting. What exactly means East Jerusalem? I’ve never heard of international community criticize the Jews’ building Jewish homes in West Jerusalem. Have I?)

U.S. sanctions Gaza bank, TV station over Hamas connections Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Dahlan to Hamas: Join forces against Israel Mar 17, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Arab world: Hopes in Obama are dwindling Mar 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Amid Israel-US spat over east Jerusalem construction, director of Middle East Center in Beirut says Arab countries less likely to engage with US on Iran if Washington won’t press Israel to make concessions they deem necessary for peace deal. Egyptian columnist: Extremists ruling Israel know they are outside range of being punished by sanctions

Biden, in D.C.: It’s great to be where construction boom is a good thing Mar 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Republican Palin: Iran benefits from US-Israel crisis Mar 17, 2010 / By Ynetnews
US Gen. David Petraeus: ‘Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US’ Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Time will tell which American opinion will be remembered as a real American Patriotism.)

(JIWON: No one would believe me if I say I’ve known TWO names of American generals, (three… including General Jones), since some months ago. I do know, while I always fail to memorize the TWO names along with Ashkenazi’s American counterpart Mullen. Now, I am surprised to find that the TWO guys worked together and have much respect for one another.)
Bush… Enduring Freedom… Afghanistan… Obama… Biden… Petraeus… Mullen… McChrystal… Clinton… Holbrooke… Emanuel… Jones… Gates… Korb… ‘Lessons in Disaster’ by Kennedy…

(JIWON: Anyway, I just found out that this opinion, US Gen. David Petraeus: ‘Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US’, also had a story with the Republican Bush administration during the Iraq war… ho-ho-ho. Then, I need to know more about this opinion, Republican Palin: Iran benefits from US-Israel crisis, since ‘Rimless Reading Eyeglasses’ are my only information, seriously speaking. And I am pretty sure that Republican politician Palin felt NO need to read ‘Lessons in Disaster’ by Kennedy before criticizing Obama administration on this issue.)

Carlo Strenger: Netanyahu’s fateful midlife crisis Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Hence, his only way out is to drop both, and to make a serious, honest, honorable offer to Kadima for a centrist coalition together with Labor. The political arithmetic is clear. (…)

American Jewish Columnist Goldberg: Obama wants Livni in coalition Mar 18, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Coalition chairman Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) responded by complaining about Livni’s behavior during the current crisis with the US. … “Had the opposition acted in a statesmanlike manner, Israel would not be under such international pressure. Israel is a democracy, and only its citizens will decide what our coalition will look like,” Elkin said. (…)

(JIWON: Very interesting opinion. Now, this is what has actually happened… during past … years.)
(JIWON: This is called Labor sh*ts. Any Labor voters are welcome to ask 74-yr-old ‘FUAD’ if they feel disgusting about my report.)
(JIWON: This is called Likud sh*ts. Any Likud voters are welcome to ask 70-yr-old ‘RUBY’ if they feel disgusting about my report.)
(JIWON: This is called Israeli voters. Does anyone think if there will ever be any change in Israeli curiosity, knowledge, passion or whatsoever… and finally any change in the Israeli future?)

(updated on MARCH 17, 2010) – need to write again. Part of writing elsewhere.

(JIWON: It seems as if everybody is doing a terrific job.)

Peres: We must work to form good ties, especially with US Mar 16, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
08:24 FM Lieberman: U.S. ties not at risk (Israel Radio) Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

PM Netanyahu: All PMs since ’67 built in J’lem Mar 16, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Netanyahu: Settlement moratorium will end on time in September Mar 16, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
No need for ‘hysteria’ over crisis with US, says Shoval Mar 16, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Moshe Arens: Israel doesn’t need to grovel Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
Israeli envoy to US Oren denies saying ties between the two countries at low point Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu to Clinton: Israel has proven its commitment to peace Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
Rightists prepare banner denouncing Obama as ‘PLO agent’ Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
Yesha sends Clinton protest letter Mar 17, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Then again,
May God Bless ‘The Only Frank Jewish Mouth in Greater Israel’!!!
Who else can do a better job to reveal the real face of Israel than this real Jew does? He always helps his only ‘Greater Israel’ to solve decade of decade long riddle.

Israeli FM says he boycotted Brazilian president Mar 16, 2010 / By Associated Press
FM Lieberman laments world’s criticism… (despite its gestures during the past year) Mar 16, 2010 / By Ynetnews
UN chief chides Lieberman for breaching confidentiality of talks Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz

UN chief: Settlements are illegal under international law. Jerusalem subject of final negotiation Mar 16, 2010 / By Ynetnews
18:57 UN Chief: East Jerusalem construction on agenda for next Quartet meet (Reuters) Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

Netanyahu on Mitchell-Abbas meet: Stop wasting time Jan 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Biberman’s government spokesman blamed the Palestinians for the impasse. “Never before have the Palestinians placed so many preconditions on resuming talks,” he said. “They are new preconditions that are only to make restarting the talks difficult, and as such are playing into the hands of the extremists, like Hamas.” (…)

Obama: U.S. expected too much from Israel, PA Jan 24, 2010 / By Haaretz
Akiva Eldarz: Whose failure is the Mideast peace process? Jan 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Obama is holding Israel and the Palestinians equally responsible for the stalemate in the negotiations. (…) Obama was surprised by the force of the Saudis’ support in freezing the construction in the settlements and East Jerusalem completely. (…)

Barak, Mubarak mull coaxing Abbas to negotiating table Jan 27, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Egyptian president does insist that the United States provide the Palestinian leader with clear guarantees signifying a clear American position. The source said that the guarantees must include a commitment that the territory of an independent Palestine would be defined by the 1967 borders, and that any changes to that will be subject to negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel. Egypt also demands that the American statement refer to Jerusalem, the eastern part of which would be recognized as the Palestinian capital. The guarantees statement has become a major point of contention between Egypt and the United States and the cause of a public argument between Egypt and Qatar. Qatar says that an Egyptian delegation that visited Washington ten days ago did not demand any guarantees from the United States, in contradiction to the Arab Monitoring Committee decision in September. After initial denials, Egypt issued a statement, saying it did indeed demand guarantees from the United States but appears to have failed to obtain American agreement.

Olmert’s ex-negotiator: Full Mideast peace deal impossible Jan 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) According to Dekel the Palestinians refused to show any flexibility in their positions during the talks, preferring to remain stalemated rather than lower their aspirations. “The Palestinian approach was in principle the demand of 100% of their rights from 1967. The practical aspect interested them less. They are not willing to discuss any further compromise,” he said. “We tried to build scenarios, some of them were imaginary, about specific compromises, but we found the Palestinians taking an approach of ‘all or nothing.'”

Akiva Eldar / A day in the life of the Palestinian Ben-Gurion Feb 13, 2010 / By Haaretz
(… NO need to post PA officials’ hatred of American Fayyad…) Nonetheless, a quarterly survey conducted in December 2009 by Dr. Khalil Shikaki’s Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research found that only 13% of the residents of the Palestinian territories wanted Fayyad as their vice president – more said they preferred the imprisoned Marwan Barghouti or the prime minister of the Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. However, about 40% of the respondents graded the Fayyad government’s performance as “good” or “very good,” as opposed to 25% who called it “poor” or “very poor.” (…) Even Fayyad, considered the ultimate moderate, sees East Jerusalem as an integral part of Palestine, and its Jewish neighborhoods as settlements.

Arab League: Complete settlement freeze is precondition for progress in Israel-PA ‘Proximity Talks’ Mar 4, 2010 / By Haaretz
Israel, US hail Arab talks support Mar 4, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Peres to Abbas: Resume talks or face new intifada Jan 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
1-3. bla-bla-bla
4. There is no Arab support because there is no Arab [unity]. I was informally approached by Saudi Arabia to accept their paper, which calls for us making peace with Syria on their conditions.

(JIWON: Please look. When it comes to Middle East issue, it always starts with Nobel Prize Winner Peres and ends with the same Peres. And nothing has worked. What exactly means ‘International Community’, by the way?)

After Biden-fisco: ‘Mitchell promises PA no building in e. J’lem during talks’ Mar 13, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
150 Palestinian Protesters Injured, 20 Detained, George Mitchell Cancels Visit to Israel Mar 13, 2010 / By Al-Jazeerah

UN chief: Settlements are illegal under international law. Jerusalem subject of final negotiation Mar 16, 2010 / By Ynetnews
18:57 UN Chief: East Jerusalem construction on agenda for next Quartet meet (Reuters) Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

Egyptian FM: Israel’s J’lem actions ‘absurd’ Mar 16, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Gheit said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu seemed to have a desire for peace when he visited Egypt in December. “But the recent measures revealed that there is nothing new, only an a desire to waste time. This requires a stance from the international community,” the Egyptian foreign minister said, adding that “Israel must know there is a price to pay.”

Abbas under ‘intense’ pressure from EU to return to talks Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Abbas agreed to hold ‘Proximity Talks’ with Israel Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Palestinians: New Mideast talks must focus on borders first Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Analysis: Helping Abbas climb down the high tree Feb 2, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) when the PA president announced, following a meeting in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that the Palestinians would return to the negotiating table if Israel “halted settlement construction” and accepted the 2003 road map for peace in the Middle East. Abbas did not repeat his earlier condition for a complete and unlimited cessation of construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Nor did he repeat his previous demand that the international community recognize the June 4, 1967, boundaries as the future borders of a Palestinian state. Since Israel has already suspended settlement construction in the West Bank and has no objections to the road map, Abbas will have no problem justifying a decision to resume the talks.

‘EU may push Israel into peace talks, could use trade ties as leverage’ Mar 13, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Bibi to prove Biden-Fiasco: ‘We’ll prevent future embarrassments’ Mar 14, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Everybody knows what happened after that day… a complete victory of Israel over the impotent United States of America. Or… simply put, Republican American victory…)

Akiva Eldar: For Palestinians, more talks don’t mean new hope Feb 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Obama agreed that the negotiations should resume from the point where the ended in December 2008 (Olmert-Abbas talks). … Erekat continued, “Last August, Mitchell began speaking differently. … On September 15, Mitchell said that “it (settlement-freeze) was the best we could get” and declined to elaborate. (…) As for the resumption of the negotiations … without preconditions … but (contrary to Obama’s position in May 2009) will not resume from the point where it stopped in late 2008. (…) with accompanying letters … After the Americans made it clear that the letters have no legal significance, Abu Mazen announced he maintains his refusal to renew the negotiations (…) Nevertheless, Erekat in his document refuses to rule out the two-state solution … a binational state (…)

Moshe Arens: Obama chasing rainbows with two-state solution Jan 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
It is not just that, during this past year, Obama has learned what old Middle East hands have known all along – that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an intractable problem – but also that intractable problems do not easily get solved, if they are at all soluble, even when the president of the United States weighs in with full force. (…) Abbas, who is vainly being asked by Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a peace agreement with Israel, is in no position to implement any such agreement he might sign, and is probably not even in a position to reach an agreement that would be acceptable to Israel. So how can you reach a two-state solution? And who will tell Obama that in seeking a two-state solution, he is chasing the rainbow? Where is the person who – like the little boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale who saw the emperor was not wearing any clothes – will tell the U.S. president that the two-state solution, at least for now, is an impossible dream, and that if he continues to pursue this dream he is in for more disappointment? It is not going to be any of his advisers, who urged him to demand a total freeze on building in Judea and Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem – thus making it possible for Abbas to stall on any negotiations with Israel. It is not going to be Obama’s friends at J Street. And Netanyahu has evidently decided to play along, rather than confront Obama with alternate ideas.

(JIWON: So… did anyone really believe PM Netanyahu genuinely did not know? What a pathetic fool… I must say.)

Yoel Marcus: Is Netanyahu fit to lead? Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) If Bibi genuinely did not know, as he foolishly claims, that 1,600 more homes were being planned for East Jerusalem, he does not deserve to be prime minister. If he did know, and permitted Interior Minister Eli Yishai to announce the plan exactly during the visit of Joe Biden, who is both U.S. vice president and a friend to Israel, then there are two possibilities, each worse than the other: either stupidity or fear of the extremists in his cabinet. Either way, he is playing with fire. (…)

Mitchell fails to convince Abbas to drop J’lem freeze demand Jan 23, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Mitchell fails to bring PA back to talks Jan 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The official said Netanyahu had no intention of giving Mitchell any more gestures to take to the Palestinians, saying that the Palestinians have climbed up a “eucalyptus tree,” and every time a gesture is given as a ladder, they climb even higher. (…)

PM: Settlement blocs are indisputable Jan 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
After meeting with Mitchell on Sunday morning, Netanyahu told the cabinet … PM, Mitchell discuss ‘new and interesting ideas’ (…) In the afternoon, however, he reaffirmed his commitment to the settlement blocs (…) PM plants in…; PM urges Israelis to plant trees in West Bank for Tu B`Shvat holiday; Message: We’re here to stay (…) It was Netanyahu’s first visit to West Bank settlements since he took office at the end of last March. (…) His words come in the midst of a 10-month moratorium on new construction in the settlements, a move that has sown seeds of doubt in the minds of many regarding his commitment to the settlement movement. The heads of the three settlement concentrations, all of whom are members of the Likud party, have in the past attacked Netanyahu for instituting the freeze in late November. On Sunday, however, Ma’aleh Adumim Mayor Kashriel said he saw Netanyahu’s visit as a significant gesture, particularly given that he made it on the same day that he met with Mitchell. (…)

(JIWON: Then again, how come I always fail to find the same information from the same Jewish brain? The same old Jew? Old enough to remember all the details? Or too old to…?)

Peres to Abbas: Resume talks or face new intifada Jan 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
1-4. bla-bla-bla
2. Netanyahu could not freeze construction in Jerusalem because “Jerusalem is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli parliament.”

Moshe Arens: 17 years since Oslo Accords (with Rabin/Arafat/Clinton). A road map leading nowhere Jan 11, 2010 / By Haaretz
Editorial: It’s time for Netanyahu to say yes to Obama Mar 17, 2010
(…) Israeli agreement to discuss all the core issues, including Jerusalem, derives from the Peres-Oslo Accords (in 1993) and the road map, to which the government is committed. (…)
(…) 1991-93 (…) The Accords also called for the withdrawal of the IDF from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. It was anticipated that this arrangement would last for a five-year interim period during which a permanent agreement would be negotiated (beginning no later than May 1996). Permanent issues such as positions on Jerusalem (…)

Yoel Marcus: Is Netanyahu fit to lead? Mar 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
Ruby (Likud No.4): Yes. Bibi is capable of withstanding the American pressure. He can’t turn his back on, especially things for which he was elected Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Unfortunately, I predicted … I warned Netanyahu about it. … but even in three tongues, you are liable to get into trouble. In the end everyone will rise up against you, which is what’s happening now. (…) Regretfully, Bibi spoke in three tongues… to the right … to the Americans … to the Palestinians (…) Of course. Until 2000, we talked only about Abu Dis as the designated Palestinian capital. … Even Yossi Beilin in his agreement with Abu Mazen in 1995 clearly stated that Abu Dis would be the capital of the [Palestinian] state. (…)

Yoel Marcus: A country preoccupied with trifles Feb 12, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) For example: Should Knesset members be allowed free upgrades from tourist to business class on flights abroad? That proposal was put forth by Knesset Speaker Reuven ‘RUBY’ Rivlin, of all people – the man who has been paving his way to the state PRESIDENCY from the moment he cried like a baby at being elected to the Knesset to the moment he joyously reached the speaker’s chair. (…)

(JIWON: The present President Peres and future President Ruby. It was after I found this article, ‘Ruby’ to Aharon Barak: The road to stable democracy (Feb 25, 2010), that I tried to follow this 70-yr-old Likudnik. Then, I found out that this was the same guy in this comical flight-upgrade-scandal. Though I found his opinion, The road to stable democracy, very interesting, I was supposed to introduce him as another POPULIST politician. Now, I find something more. And I only feel more headache.)

Eldad Yaniv: He will bring us all down Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) The prime minister is warning that if he’s ousted, Barack Obama will go down with him. (…) It is we who didn’t realize the sun had set over the occupation. Even our best friends, who for years saved us from UN Security Council vetoes, believe that Israel must quit the territories and withdraw to the western side of the separation fence – a secure and widely recognized border – with or without an agreement. This is the conclusion one reaches with a fair reading of Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, the Bill Clinton parameters and the letters exchanged between George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon.

Akiva Eldar: The Shalit syndrome. Dubai hit shows Israel won’t be safer with exiled terrorists Feb 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
The price tag of the bigger deal with the Palestinians has also been known for a long time. It was set out in the Clinton parameters of 2000, the Arab peace initiative of 2002, the road map of 2003 and the Annapolis statement of 2007. All of these propose a comprehensive peace in exchange for a withdrawal to the 1967 borders, with minor, reciprocal border adjustments and an agreed solution to the refugee problem. In fact, the tariff has remained the same since the PLO’s 1988 declaration of an independent Palestinian state. Netanyahu also avers that he has accepted the principle of two states for two peoples. But after accepting it, he immediately rushed to set impossible conditions (…)

(JIWON: Should I find more and feel more headache?)

Aluf Benn: Like rhinos in heat Mar 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Obama’s gamble is even more risky. The Americans assume that the minute he stops to take a breath, Netanyahu will recall Israel’s great dependence on the United States and give in to the ultimatum, as in past crises. Even the fabled David Ben-Gurion, who declared the existence of Israel’s third kingdom at the end of the Sinai Campaign in 1956, caved in two days later and agreed to withdraw from the peninsula. The combined threat of Dwight Eisenhower and the Soviet leaders was enough to reverse Ben-Gurion’s promise that “we will not stand idly by when we are under attack – especially when the attack is unjustified.” Netanyahu is not Ben-Gurion. He has a weaker personality (…)

Ex-Rabin adviser: Obama repeating 1975 mistakes. It recalls US-Israel Sinai crisis Mar 17, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Talkbacks for this article 20
3. not a mistake: the article calls the 1975 confrontation a “mistake” but then describes how the negotiation eventually ended with success. if the USA’s positions are not made clear, then Israel will mistakenly believe that it can ignore them. Only by having the USA confront Israel’s poor behavior can the two countries make new decisions that further the mutual interest of both Israel and the USA. / yk: USA 16/3/2010 09:52
8. crises worse than 75: Mitla is not the heart of Israel and today America-BHO is actually sabotaging ant ‘peace process’ by making talks indirect and moving ‘settlement’ issue to front burner in BHO Cairo speech–nothing new in Jews building Jerusalem–both Kissinger and Mrs Clinton have are arrogant but the average American still prefers Israelis to Arabs..alas u.s. Jews are still far too democrat for their own good / moron: galut 16/3/2010 12:53

(JIWON: Should I find more and feel more headache? Or just feeling of disgust?)

Issacharoff & Harel: Fears of new Intifada are wrong Mar 17, 2010
(…) David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy wrote that PM Bibi must do something to cool America’s anger. He proposes removing $has’ IM Yishai, who was behind the whole affair. But Makovsky has lived in Israel, in part as a Haaretz journalist, long enough to know that while he has an interesting idea, it’s not realistic. Getting in a tangle with President Barack Obama is one thing, but Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is an entirely different story. It seems that Netanyahu will find it easier to give back Jerusalem than get rid of Yishai.

Please check
🙂 From Whose-Israel > Seventeenth-Knesset
UTJ to Shas: Build in Betar Illit or leave gov’t Mar 31, 2008 / By Israeli Media
(…) “Rice (USA) is in favor of dividing JERUSALEM.” (…)
Rabbis to Shas: ‘collaborating with the enemy’ Apr 2, 2008 / By Israeli Media
(…) In response, SHAS said that his party FOLLOWS the HALACHIC DECISIONS of ITS OWN SPIRITUAL LEADERS (…)
Poll on JERUSALEM: 59% of Israelis know^^, 71% don’t give up Old Cidy & Temple Mount Apr 11, 2008 / By Israeli Media
(…) Shas chairman Eli Yishai will address the symposium and explain why Shas is staying in the coalition despite the reported negotiations on JERUSALEM’s fate (…)


(Updated on MARCH 10, 2010)
(… Biden fiasco…)
(Updated on MARCH 15, 2010) – Need to write again… too tired…

(… Biden said bla-bla-bla… Clinton said bla-bla-bla…)

09:54 Netanyahu to ministers: Approval of East Jerusalem housing was destructive Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
11:42 Likud faction whip: Netanyahu mustn’t stray from his policy on East Jerusalem Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
11:43 Shas spiritual leader: Jews who donate organs to science shouldn’t be mourned Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
13:07 Hundreds of Palestinians rally against separation fence near Jerusalem Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
15:58 Chief Obama aide: East Jerusalem construction plan is an insult and an affront (AP) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
16:39 Netanyahu postpones scheduled Likud settlement freeze discussion (Army Radio) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
16:41 White House spokesman Gibbs condemns Israel`s timing of East Jerusalem plan (Ch. 10) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
17:53 Knesset Speaker Rivlin: The division of Jerusalem is a `red line` (Israel Radio) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
18:36 Arab, European legislators criticize Israeli settlement policy (DPA) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
18:53 PA calls on Israeli Arabs to come to E. J`lem and protect Al-Aqsa mosque Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
19:14 Barak: Announcement of E. J`lem plan during Biden`s visit was a mistake (Army Radio) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
20:40 Report: U.S. Army elite say their stance in Mideast weakened by Israeli behavior (Ch. 10) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
22:30 Al-Aqsa TV reports altercations between police and Palestinians in E. J`lem (Ch. 10) Mar 14, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
01:58 ADL chief Foxman: Flawed U.S. policy is undermining Mideast peace Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
02:39 Justice Ministry: State can sell confiscated East Jerusalem land Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
03:19 Ambassador Oren: U.S.-Israel relations face worst crisis in 35 years Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
06:35 AIPAC urges Obama to `work to immediately defuse` tension with Israel Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
09:29 Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef tells Jews not to ascend the Temple Mount Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
11:08 Peres: The Temple Mount is secure for all religions (Israel Radio) Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
12:45 Brazil President to Peres: We approve free trade agreement with Israel (Ch. 10) Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
15:46 Supreme Court president Beinish: Separation fence is saving lives (Israel Radio) Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
16:10 Netanyahu: We will keep building in Jerusalem Mar 15, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

Finally, what should appear in the Israeli media starts to appear. To make the story PERFECT, PM Netanyahu’s Settlement-or-Jerusalem-project was accompanied by Supreme Court Beinisch’s ‘Separation-fence’ remarks.

Aharon Barak: W. Bank is occupied territory 25 Jun, 2009 / By Israeli Media
Aharon Barak: Israel must be part of global community, abide by int’l law Feb 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Barak, who was repeatedly questioned about the legality of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, said that they had existed for so many years that by now their status should be determined in a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Pointedly, however, he declined to respond to a question about whether or not he considered Israel’s annexation of east Jerusalem to be legal. (…)

Analysis: From smooch to smack in 24 hours Mar 11, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Back in July … new Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren … PMO is believed to have leaked to the media … And the gamble paid off; Netanyahu was strengthened politically by the move. (…) Announcement of new construction plans beyond the 1967 lines during high-level diplomatic visits is something that has happened repeatedly in the past, going back to visits by then-secretary of state (Republican) James Baker, who complained in the early ’90s that every time he came to the region he was greeted by new settlement plans, all the way to trips here by Condoleezza Rice in 2008.

TV ROUND-UP: Biden slams Israel’s East Jerusalem build plan; PM to ministers: Don’t embarrass me again Mar 11, 2010
Israel planning 50,000 housing units in East Jerusalem Mar 11, 2010 / By Haaretz
‘Another 7,000 homes planned’ Mar 11, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) City Councilman Yair Gabbay said, “It’s a simple fact that today, there are more Jews living over the Green Line in Jerusalem than there are Arabs, and they need homes to live in. If we don’t build in certain areas because it bothers the Americans, then we might as well pack up and leave Jerusalem for New York.” (…) Hagit Ofran from Peace Now said, “It isn’t a matter of timing, it’s a matter of policy. The government is trying to turn Jerusalem into a binational city in order to prevent a two-state solution. It’s only a miracle that during Biden’s visit, only one plan was approved. The prime minister doesn’t seem to understand that he needs to know what’s going on with regards to all of these plans.”

Netanyahu: I thought apology to Biden was sufficient Mar 13, 2010 / By Ynetnews
PM on crisis with US: No need to panic, we are dealing with issues rationally Mar 14, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
ADL slams Obama administration: Harsh language directed at Israel over Jerusalem construction unprecedented Mar 13, 2010 / By Ynetnews
AIPAC urges Obama to `work to immediately defuse` tension with Israel March 15, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Moshe Dann: Criticism or Insult from Biden, Clinton is a blessing in disguise Mar 15, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Supporters of Israel should rejoice that Biden and Clinton have emerged from Obama’s closet hatred of Israel. Their wild attack, as deadly as it seemed initially, however, did little or no damage. It clears the way for a robust Israeli response, one that will set the course of Israeli policy and the guidelines of future discussions. PM Netanyahu now has the opportunity to defend Israel’s position, not only on Jerusalem, but other issues of Israeli sovereignty that have been disputed. This includes the right to decide on what Jewish heritage sites include and the right to preserve those historical and archeological sites, the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria, and the right of self-defense.

PM Netanyahu: Even Labor ministers oppose halting east Jerusalem building Mar 15, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) PM Bibi received backing from his coalition as Israel’s envoy to US: ‘U.S.-Israel relations at their worst in 35 years’ and Akiva Eldar: U.S. row shows Jerusalem is cornerstone of peace. (…) DM Barak denied the charge made by Obama adviser David Axelrod that a decision to build 1,600 housing units in Ramat Shlomo was intentionally announced during US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit in order to humiliate him. (…) 74-yr-old ‘Fuad’ suggested that the escalating pressure from the Obama administration on Netanyahu would only increase the prime minister’s popularity ratings. “The more Bibi is scolded, the more Right the people will go,” Fuad said. Netanyahu already received a political boost from the American pressure. He used it as … Likud MK Danon: Madam Secretary’s meddling is chutzpah (insolence)
& Danon accepts Netanyahu’s request to, postpone Likud central c’tee meeting (on settlement freeze discussion)
& Kadima: We’ll join coalition due to MK Schneller accusing Livni of using the crisis with US for political gain
& Niva Lanir: Thanks to Biden-fiasco and Yellow-card from Clinton, Likud rebels are already urging Netanyahu to renew his allegiance, resume settlement contruction in September
& Labor issues ultimatum, will join National-Union after Kadima’s collapse and prepare the next election to serve ‘Lieberman-&-$has’ in disguise of Meretz (…)

‘Settler population rose 4.9% in 2009’ Mar 10, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Ramat Shlomo residents don’t understand what all the fuss is about Mar 11, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
For $has’s Yishai, merely a slap on the wrist Mar 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) $has’ Yishai had agreed to take the blame … but there was no chance of him getting more than a slap on the wrist. “The prime minister remembers who gave Netanyahu his job,” a source close to Yishai said, referring to Shas’s refusal to join a government that Kadima leader Tzipi Livni tried to form in October 2008. Yishai told Netanyahu, according to the Shas chairman’s associates, that the public would not understand why Israel was apologizing for building in Jerusalem when the capital is not part of the West Bank moratorium. A source close to Netanyahu said that the prime minister “appreciated Yishai’s behavior” during the crisis.

(JIWON: I believe that ALL the (Diaspora) Jewish members of Beinisch-Circle should throw off their masks and be active in the first line. Is there more perfect timing for the Jewish lobbyists than NOW? During the past 8 years of Republican days, they couldn’t think of any excuses. Phoenix-Bibi’s beautiful patriotism was their only hope. Now that PM Bibi and ALL his followers ‘openly’ do THIS…

By the way, I’ve been suspecting if Kadima’s Settler MK Schneller has been volunteering to work for Likud’s government. PM Bibi still(?) talks with such regal dignity as NOT to order the former consultant to then-PM Barak at Camp David to spy on Kadima MKs, and therefore, this is perhaps the only way for Kadima No.27 to behave like Kadima No.2. Now, after studying Schneller’s colorful history, whose defection to the new Kadima party amazed many, I start feeling pity on Opposition leader Livni, who has been enduring all the copycats of DM Barak’s flip-flop. Since I’d prefer to reserve my judgment until I know all the facts, time will tell.)

PM Bibi: Thanks to Biden-fiasco, Jerusalem construction will go on in all parts of the capital, just as Barak’s government did March 15, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
DM Barak: The crisis will be forgotten. It’s one of the reasons MY Labor should serve Lieberman or $has’ government March 15, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Akiva Eldar: U.S. row shows Jerusalem is cornerstone of peace. Time for ‘Quartet-or-Superpower’ to pull out ‘Clinton-or-Bush-or-Obama’s Two-State-Solution’ March 15, 2010 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu is absolutely right. Since 1967 no Israeli government stopped building in Jerusalem, east or west. (…) Abbas is also absolutely right. Since 1967 no country has recognized the annexation of East Jerusalem to the State of Israel. Moreover, west and east Jerusalem do not host a single embassy. Even George W. Bush, considered a fervent Zionist, made sure every six months to sign a deferment to the 1995 legislation on moving the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital. (…) Obama is also right. … Unfortunately, the Americans had hoped that Israel would not surprise them by … Biden-fiasco (…) Ahmadinejad is justifiably thrilled. Jerusalem is the preferred arena for Iran (…) The American election year is an open season for the pro-Israel lobby, whose influence on both parties, including Obama’s, is great. “United Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people” was always the Judgment Day weapon of the Israeli and Jewish right during its assaults on Capitol Hill. The story of Ramat Shlomo reminds all those who truly love Jerusalem that this tough city is the cornerstone of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and between the city and the three monotheistic religions who believe that it is holy. (…) Jerusalem will burn. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, then the day after. The crisis over the construction freeze is a last-minute cry of distress. There is no more room for proximity talks and more trips by presidential envoys, whatever their rank. This is the time for the leader of the greatest superpower to pull out the Obama plan for two states with Jerusalem as their capital.

Warmonger’s Column One: Sarah Palin’s friendship Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor
Talkbacks for this article ???
5. Soulmates: In Sarah Palin finally Caroline Glick has found her soulmate and intellectually equal.- / Erico Stern Uruguay 2/12/201017:09
112. Would never vote for Palin: As a Midwestern, middle-class, American Jew, I could never vote for Sarah Palin. I refuse to demonize her as some do on the left, but I don’t think her policies are good for the US. While it may be true that some evangelicals love Israel (only to convert), the vast majority of those who would vote for her are rampantly anti-Semitic. I’ve seen and heard this my whole life. / Yishai, USA 2/13/201019:00
124. give me a break!: Ms. Glick, I find it very interesting that you never mention that President Bush who was arguably Israel’s best friend never did a thing over 8 years to rid Iran of their nuclear program. Give me a break! / Jon Zucker New York 2/14/201003:59

(JIWON: Jerusalem Post has been weird. It has been functioning as a Bibiton, Of course. In recent days, however… it looked as if this Israeli media, which main target is Diaspora Jews, was launching a specific campaign. Not enough information on this specific article such as ‘Hamas losing control over Strip’. No report on Feiglin’s Victory in Likud. Netanyahu’s Party Plans Foiled (Mar 4, 2010). And finally, Netanyahu: The Indirect “Proximity-Talks” won’t start where they left off… (Olmert-Abbas) (Mar 6, 2010).

As usual, it started with President Peres.)


Warmonger’s Column One: Sarah Palin’s friendship Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor
Talkbacks for this article ???
92. What a collection!: Amazing! Most of the comments make me think that the authors have never listened to Mrs. Palin – an ignorant mendacious bigot, playing on fear and hatred of the dim. This princess of the right will throw Israel under the bus the moment she finds that expedient. Few dissenters in this talkback are drowned in a veritable deluge of the unwise, to put it mildly. Apparently, there’s something in Mrs. Glick’s article which attracts this audience… Bravo! / S.L.FishUSA2/13/201007:50
(JIWON: I saved this comment in case Ms. Palin will change her opinion after starting her president job at the White House. Time will tell who has the right opinion.)

🙂 할것 > The Healthiest Opposition >
01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

(Updated on FEBRUARY 16, 2010)

Please check
🙂 COLLECTION-06: Is PM Bibi or Phoenix-Bibi Discussing the ‘67 Borders? With Whom? Israel’s Journey to Nowhere! (해야함…)
(Updated on JANUARY 19-22, 2010)
JIWON: (…) The case may be different, but this is also how I imagine the degree of Palestinian corruption. (…)

(JIWON: And a series of happenings, along with Netanyahu Wife-Nanny scandal.)

Peres to Abbas: Resume talks or face new intifada Jan 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
1. I am a friend of Abu Mazen. He says the Americans put him in a high tree and took the ladder away. Some of the mistakes were made by him. His expectations of Obama were created by him. He thought that Obama would take the Palestinian side. … I can understand his feelings of disappointment.
2. Netanyahu could not freeze construction in Jerusalem because “Jerusalem is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli parliament.”
3. Abu Mazen wants Netanyahu to declare the 1967 borders. He cannot. The 1967 borders are 40 years past. … On the other hand, I do not think we have to take territory from them. More or less, we can give them the same amount of land while changing the borders due to of security considerations. Israel had accepted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plan in this vein, and “I told Abu Mazen to accept it too.”
4. There is no Arab support because there is no Arab [unity]. I was informally approached by Saudi Arabia to accept their paper, which calls for us making peace with Syria on their conditions.

Akiva Eldar: What would Netanyahu do without Peres? ‎Jan 24, 2010 / By Ha’aretz‎
Last spring President Peres went all the way to the White House to convince the heads of the U.S. administration that “peace is at the top of the agenda” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Perhaps this is what U.S. President Obama meant when he told Time magazine that, had he foreseen earlier the political problems between the two sides he would have been careful not to place expectations so high. (…) According to Peres, only Abbas is to blame. Not Netanyahu in any way. (…) During his visit to Cairo two months ago Peres promised that, immediately after negotiations begin, Netanyahu will not only make do with an absolute freeze on “legal” construction in settlements, but will also evacuate the illegal outposts. (…) It’s totally natural that he’d be willing to serve a Likud government. But last week Peres managed to surprise. (…Peres to Abbas: Resume talks or face new intifada…)

(JIWON: And then, Labor’s Barak, Likud’s Netanyahu and Yisrael Beiteinu’s Lieberman followed President Peres. Therefore, a series of happenings again.)

DM Barak accuses Left (Beilin) of working against Israel’s peace moves Jan 25, 2010 / By Ha’aretz

(JIWON: Who or What is Labor’s Leader or Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak blaming? Beilin-like Leftists or this computer work, which reported this article, Yossi Beilin urges U.S. envoy Mitchell to resign after ‘year of failure’ (Dec 13, 2009) or Beilin: Netanyahu Close to Accepting Talks Based on Jerusalem Withdrawal (Dec 28, 2009)? Exactly whom? I need to know.)

Barak confirms: Ariel college to be recognized as universit. A coalition deal with Lieberman Jan 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
Ariel College students earn credit for courses taken at seminaries, yeshivas Jan 31, 2010 / By Haaretz Yossi Sarid: DM Barak legitimizes the evils of Israeli occupation Jan 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
The settlers and their allies should be thanking their God for their good fortune. Ehud Barak (…) Everything, it seems, has already been said about him and his flip-flops and deceit. His skin has grown so tough that arrows of criticism slip off his oily complacency. What difference would another arrow, more or less, make? Barak is following in the footsteps of Golda, Galili, Dayan and Peres. Begin and Sharon found the work had been done. Labor has always been the great legitimizer of the occupation’s evils. This is the historical mission it has taken on, and no other party could have done it better. Now Labor is legitimizing another evil. (…) This college, soon to become a university, has not scored any impressive achievement. It is far inferior to other Israeli colleges. (…) Barak will be remembered – among other things – for his unique contribution to degrading higher education in Israel. (…) No doubt, Barak’s move will raise more calls to boycott Israeli universities and academics. (…)

(JIWON: Please keep following the Israeli media. Don’t they sound comical?)

Poll: Labor in dire straits. From 13 to 8 seats Feb 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Poll: PM’s first year far better than ’96. Labor from 6 to 9 seats. Barak hopes Labor to return to power Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Poll: Yisrael-Beiteinu is maintaining its stability as $has does Feb 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
FM Lieberman highlighting coalition’s strength: Anyone who complains about Israel or Yisrael Beiteinu is a loser Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu on Mitchell-Abbas meet: Stop wasting time Jan 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu: Settlement blocs are indisputable Jan 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu plants in Ma’aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion; PM urges Israelis to plant trees in West Bank for Tu B`Shvat holiday; Message: We’re here to stay Jan 25, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Netanyahu plants tree in Ariel settlement for Tu B’shvat Jan 29, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu vows after planting tree in West Bank: “Ariel is the ‘capital of Samaria’. We are continuing to build.” Jan 29, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu: Israel to retain key settlement in any peace deal Jan 29, 2010 / By Haaretz

Netanyahu to world: Fight threats on Israel. Evil against Jews will spread Jan 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
President Peres to mark International Holocaust Day with address to German parliament Jan 25, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Haaretz probe: Israel dismantling roadblocks, but Palestinians still can’t move Jan 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
‘State siphoned off Palestinian workers’ insurance money’ Jan 29, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Report: For over 20 years, Israel withheld over NIS 1b. from laborers for national insurance.

DM Barak predicts peace talks in month or 2 Jan 27, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Speechless…)

Please check
🙂 From Palestine >
🙂 From How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11, 2009 – Soon to be finished)
🙂 Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Without Mrs. Mariam Said’s disgusting involvement, (… oops sorry! I forgot to remember working for Barenboim’s Israel…)
Without Mrs. Mariam Said’s brainless involvement, (… oops sorry! I forgot to remember working for Barenboim’s Israel…)
Without Mrs. Mariam Said’s magnificent involvement, everything could have been entirely different… for the poor Palestinians.
I am still curious how many Spanish, Palestinian, or even Israeli politicians are behind her family members and friends. Her name should be remembered in the Palestinian history as long as possible… They should thank her… for helping Beinisch’s Settlement Plan in the most effective way. I promise. Phoenix-Bibi is the first one to fall in love with her cultured and eloquent humanitarian contribution, which is down to earth. (…)

(JIWON: Since then, I had to think and think. What if Mrs. Mariam Said’s choice was my favorite music, instead of…? What if I could be able to be accepted as a special friend of Prof. Said’s family? What if their musical friends have a brain to understand my analysis of music?)

(No need to report how Mrs. Said behaved after this writing. Since Barenboim (still) seems or pretends to know nothing, one had better ask Mrs. Said how she and her WEDO members, including foreign sh*t, are protecting each other. No need to report Spanish Politician, Zapatero’s WEDO project until London Olympic 2012. Months later, Murdoch’s international media will finally be able to kick US President Obama out of the White House.)

(JIWON: What’s more, President Peres will finish his term on 2014. At least until this date, there should be NO Palestinian State, or he can’t travel all over the world as a “VIP of VIP” or “Israeli Image-Maker” or “Advocator of Peace called Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner”. Why should I waste my valuable time on this issue… at least until 2014? It will be still too early to resume this work after President Peres’ death, because there will be no limit to the amount of disaster his Labor sh*ts will create.)

Yossi Beilin urges U.S. envoy Mitchell to resign after ‘year of failure’ Dec 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
Beilin: Netanyahu Close to Accepting Talks Based on Jerusalem Withdrawal ‎Dec 28, 2009 / By Yeshiva World News ‎
DM Barak accuses Left (Beilin) of working against Israel’s peace moves Jan 25, 2010 / By Ha’aretz
(…) Barak’s comments seemed to be directed at former Meretz chairman Yossi Beilin, author of the Geneva Initiative and an outspoken critic of Israel’s government. (…) The Prime Minister’s Office said at the time that Beilin’s comments were “unfounded,” adding that discussions were ongoing but no agreement has been reached. (…)
Talk 7
1. (Barak) Says the guy who approves of illegal settlements: 16:40 | John
2. (Beilin) Finally brave enough to say that the emperor has no clothes: 18:10 | Binyamin Dissen
3. failure is built into this failed process: 18:26 | vhardman
5. What? More talks? For two years?: 20:02 | Natallie Durson
6. (Barak) The man knows no shame: 20:13 | Mark Lincoln
7. (Barak) I want my vote back: 20:33 | Sara

Poll: PM’s first year far better than ’96. Labor from 6 to 9 seats. Barak hopes Labor to return to power Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Poll: Labor in dire straits. From 13 to 8 seats Feb 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) The survey also shows that only 60% of Kadima’s voters believe they would vote for the party again if elections were held today, and only 70% of Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu voters could say for certain that they would continue to support their respective parties. But Labor is served the biggest blow in this week’s poll, as only 37% of the people who voted for it last year say they would do so again. Some 16% are considered “swing votes”, with half of them having voted for Kadima, Labor or Meretz. (…)

Barak: Leftists causing doubts about peace. Responsible leftist officials’ must support peace process, not bolster skepticism Jan 25, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Talkbacks for this article 19
1. Left?: In any other country, somebody like Barak would be considered a big right wing capitalist, not a representative of the left. How can he consider himself as a leftist when he seeks money and power? Is that congruent? / Ricardo Macher, KarneiShomron Israel (01.25.10)
2. Arrant nonsense: This man has reduced the Labour Party to nothing. He has joined the coterie of individuals who are slowly and surely destroying our country bit by bit from within. He makes promises he never keeps. He removed a couple of caravans when he should have been enforcing a 10 month freeze. He has granted a college University status. He is in the process of legitimizing the settlement enterprise and in so doing is sowing the seeds for our implosion. / Ussishkin, Tel Aviv, Israel (01.25.10)
3. That shows some people on the left are waking up to reality: / Esther, Netherlands (01.25.10)
4. Give Us Something to Believe In: What process? Every government since ’67 has done nothing except maintain the status quo. Pointing the finger at left wingers is just another tactic. Stop blowing smoke up our… / J, Kfar Saba (01.25.10)
5. Leftists causing doubts about peace?: Who woulda thought it! My oh my Mr. Barak. DM Mr. Barak why don’t you admit the truth by outlining the fact you in a way are part of the problem which encourages the leftists who are the bane for Israel. It is you being a labourite who is the culprit. Why not join Likud in earnest, without equivocation and dissimulation. My point for what is worth. I am very disappointed by your empty efforts that bears no fruitful outcome with the constant meetings with Mitchell. Time to forget the peace process. It was/is dead in the water D.M Barak. No point in prolonging the agony we have tried this peace process for ages. But when the opposition, i.e PA still continue the demands that are unacceptable for us, time has come to put a stop to the discussions. One cannot provide a solution when the other side sticks to the impossible. / James, ISRAEL (01.25.10)
7. #2 quit being so melodramtic!: Nobody’s imploding or any such thing. It’s only the Left that is dying and you’re trying to turn it into something other than beautiful and wonderful. / Janice Cohen, Jerusalem Israel (01.25.10)
12. James, you are part of the problem…: (… too long…) it’s not the “leftists” that are killing any possibility for peace, it’s Bibi and Likud. Just read the Likud Charter and you will find that there will be no Palestinian state ever (… too long…) / BBSNews, Charlotte, NC (01.25.10)
??. Ignoring BBSNews-Charlotte and cheering you Lobo a 100%: / FOLKS (… From A to Z…)

(JIWON: Finally, I found out.)

DM Barak, IDF Chief of Staff Askenazi display ‘business as usual’ Feb 11, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Talkbacks for this article ?
1. The Two of Us: Maybe they can swap jobs or better, jobshare! / Resistor (02.11.10)
2. Replace Barak with Askenazi – end of problem! / martin, Tel Aviv (02.11.10)

(JIWON: As for Ehud Barak, I still don’t know what to do. I am not against any Knesset MKs. I am only against those who belong to Beinisch-Circle and their hypocrisy because of their way to manipulate my life. If I insult National Union MKs in public, it’s only because they never sit at the negotiation table. Have I ever insulted Settler Noam Federman, who is not interested in his Knesset life? This poor Jew is still pouring his private fortune to reach his Utopia-or-Hallucination.

Therefore, my opinion so far is purely based on his achievement as Labor’s leader, who brought his party into Bibi’s right-wing government, simply because Defense Ministry was all he wanted at any expense. I still suspect if he has been a core member of Beinisch-Circle, who tried to get rid of me, though…)

Security and Defense: ‘This is peaceful, but fragile’ Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The idea of extending Ashkenazi’s term has been in the air ever since the government successively extended the terms of both Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin. If the security challenges are so grave that these two need to stay in their posts, why not Ashkenazi as well? The difference is that in the case of Diskin and Dagan, the man who makes the decision is the prime minister and not the defense minister, who wants to become the prime minister. The Channel 1 report about the possible extension of Ashkenazi’s tenure infuriated Barak’s office, since it appeared that the IDF was dictating to the Defense Ministry what to do and not the opposite, as Barak believes it is supposed to be. Barak, who wants to return one day to lead the country, cannot be seen as being led; he needs to be leading. The tension between Barak and Ashkenazi also has its roots in earlier disagreements about appointments in the General Staff (…)

Yoel Marcus: The case of Israeli Defense Minister Feb 12, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Even in the days when civil war erupted over who would be chief of staff, the defense minister’s office never issued such a severe reprimand to an IDF brigadier general. In effect, this was an irritated defense minister criticizing the chief of staff: Such censure is not issued without approval at the highest level. This country has experienced tense relations between chiefs of staff and defense ministers before (… Ashkenazi is a better human being… a better chief of staff than…) A retired general who has seen everything and been through everything described the exchange between the two as a disgrace and an embarrassment. But let us assume that Ashkenazi indeed wants another year – so what? By the time Ashkenazi was legally able to serve as defense minister, Barak would already be 71. (…)

(JIWON: I finally found out. My years-long Knesset life tells me that there was someone around DM Barak, whenever his ability was praised by everyone, even professional journalists such as Yoel Marcus. However, my opinion is even different from Yoel Marcus. In my view, Israel is full of “wunderschoenen” defense ministers, if it can never produce qualified prime minister or president. The same goes for the IDF Chief of Staff. I don’t think Ashkenazi is the only one qualified, who, unlike DM Barak or PM Bibi, didn’t want to step over everyone but just wanted to fulfill his responsibility as a member of Israeli society.)

Security and Defense: ‘This is peaceful, but fragile’ Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Ashkenazi’s return to the IDF in 2007, many officers noted this week, could not have come at a better time. The country and particularly the IDF were still reeling from the failures in the Second Lebanon War, and Ashkenazi helped restore the IDF’s strength and deterrence. His main message has not changed in his three years on the job. “We are told very clearly by Ashkenazi that as a military we are either at war or preparing for war,” explained one top officer. “That is what we do.” Training has been the name of the game for most of Ashkenazi’s tenure, but so has force development. (…) From Ashkenazi’s point of view, the IDF will never be able to outnumber its enemies in soldiers or tanks. But his thinking goes, while Israel doesn’t have more soldiers than Syria, it will have better trained ones; while it doesn’t have more tanks than Egypt, it will have more advanced ones; and while it might have the same F-15s as Saudi Arabia and F-16s as Egypt, its will be equipped with smart bombs, specially-designed armaments and advanced electronic warfare systems. This is otherwise known as the qualitative edge, which goes hand-in-hand with more training to prepare soldiers for close combat inside urban centers in the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon. (…)

(JIWON: Now, I start getting what I wanted to get. I always wanted to say, especially to the corrupt Palestinian Society; “This is what Palestinian public needs… Palestinian Society will never be able to outnumber its enemies in bla-bla-bla, so it needs more of qualified strategies to train its public mind…”

To my surprise, The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music or Palestinian National Music School was already doing what was my most favorite. I just wanted to join them.

Please ask the Widow of Prof. Edward Said about how much she wanted to get rid of this kind of thinking from her Palestinians… in the name of Music. I am still curious. Who are Beinisch’ sh*ts among the Labor members, who made a deal with Mrs. Mariam Said? Is DM Barak the one?)

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi Feb 8, 2007 / By Ynetnews
(…) In May 2000, during his term as head of the Northern Command, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak pulled the army from southern Lebanon, a move Ashkenazi strongly opposed. Soon after the withdrawal three soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists in a cross-border raid near Har Dov. (…)

Security and Defense: ‘This is peaceful, but fragile’ Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The tension between Barak and Ashkenazi also has its roots in earlier disagreements about appointments in the General Staff (…) Other appointments will need to be made in the coming year. (…)

(JIWON: They did have a story… Very interesting. Since Labor’s Barak has been in his office not to defend Israel or Labor’s ideology but only to step over everybody and become Israeli Prime Minister, we’ll see how much Labor’s Barak will destroy his Israel more during his political battle with his (superior) rival, Ashkenazi, and during his cooperation with PM Bibi or FM Lieberman.)

Aluf Benn: The Case of Barak. This is why Israeli politicians believe in dumb public Feb 10, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Barak likes attacking the “left” for its naivete and blindness, but he has adopted the left’s generations-old knockout argument: If we do not partition the land between us and the Palestinians, Israel will become an apartheid state. (…)

Lieberman warns Assad: War will end your regime Feb 4, 2010
15:23 Rightist MK: FM isn`t warmonger; Left gov`t got war because it wasn`t strong (Ch. 10) Feb 4, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
Netanyahu associates: Bibi backs Lieberman Feb 5, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Netanyahu’s associates also rejected charges by political figures that the PM has lost control over his senior ministers. “The prime minister, foreign minister, and defense minister discussed the Syrian issue yesterday,” a source at the PM’s Office said. “There is no loss of control here. A statement here, a statement there, but the policy is coordinated.” (…)

Netanyahu associates: Bibi backs Lieberman Feb 5, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Talkbacks for this article ?
5. The lunatics are running the asylum!: Many agree with the words of Lieberman even though they were not veiled in the usual diplomatic jargon so prevalent today in the “appeasing” US and EU. One thing is not quite clear though and that is who is the Prime Minister? Barak is obviously feathering his own nest in his usual Napoleonic way to be the next Prime Minister of Israel. He seems to forget that he need to have a party behind him to do this and he has all but totally destroyed Labor! As for Lieberman, perhaps this is his swan song before going to jail. He too forgets that he has betrayed his voter base with broken promises. Most Israelis felt that the worst Government that his country has ever had was the Netanyahu Government of 1996. Appears now that this record is being broken by the present debacle in Jerusalem. Of course on the “Right” have only themselves to blame as they voted for Netanyhau and allowed his “putsch”! / David, Karmiel, Israel (02.05.10)
6. Leftists hate it when Israel’s MK’s defend Israel honor: Leftists would rather get on all fours and take the abuse like a spineless dog. / Jae, Lynn USA (02.05.10)

Deputy FM Ayalon: Israeli settlements are not an obstacle to peace Feb 13, 2010 / By Haaretz
Deputy FM Ayalon touts population swap in peace deal Feb 13, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) however, the swap would not include cities such as Nazareth. (…) Ayalon said that Israel’s Arabs who are moved to Palestine will also help the Palestinian state economically. (…) but declined to discuss specifically whether a deal would include all of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

(JIWON: Great to hear that this Jewish leader, who joined Yisrael Beiteinu after serving Israeli Ambassador to US and acquiring all the know-how to trick the US administration and humiliate foreign envoy, finally confesses how grave Palestinian economy has been, since everybody knows how poor Israel-Arabs’ practical life has been. What a comical brain.)

Deputy FM Ayalon: ‘Settlements are not a problem. Population swap as part of peace’ Feb 13, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Talkbacks for this article ?
26. Very STUPID Analogy: Relating the “Right of return” to stopping settlement construction is one of the stupidest statements to come out of this very stupid man’s mouth. He has to go!! Trade settlement blocks for Arab villages… yes but only if the residents of those villages choose by vote to live under a new Palestinian state by lets say a 60% majority. Right of return… sure for all those actually displaced over the years, but … NOT… their descendants. / Otis, USA 2/13/201019:27

(JIWON: I went to the Arutz Sheva in the hope of finding the most comical comments on this article. Instead, I found the most terrific one. Have I read those stuffs from either Haaretz or Jerusalem Post?)

High Court Activism Angers MKs Feb 11, 2010 / By Aruz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
Talkbacks for this article ?
1. Jurispridence 101: In a nation state the various organs of government have different job descriptions. In matters of law it is up to the government to make laws. It is up to the judiciary to interpret laws. It is up to the police, sheriffs and prisons to enforce the law. When a law is not written up correctly interpretation becomes difficult. The key in this case is to define the parameters of the possible detention of a suspect. Words are concept handles. Bad lawmaking leads to grey areas of interpretation and enforcement. Good minds should be able to resolve this problem. There are the requisite wise men and women in Israel at the moment isn’t there? / Adam Neira, Melb, Australia (02/11/10)
4. mikdi: if this is a case of the court rejecting a new law of the knesset because it contradicts one or more other laws of the knesset, then the court is right and should inform the knesset as to what the conflicts are so that they can amend the proposed, or other, laws as necessary. if this not such a case but rather a case of the knesset [court?Ed] simply acting as if they have a right to overrule the knesset for any other reason, then the court should be summarily dismissed and its members prohibited form ever practicing law again in israel. / sean, jerusalem (02/11/10)
5. They are right for once!: As suprised as I am to say it, the court is completely right for once. David Rotem’s argument here ridiculous, it doesn’t matter how many times it’s used and who it’s used for — the fact is that it erodes our civil rights and turns Israel into more of a police state. Don’t think the same laws wouldn’t be used against Jews as well, look at the way these reshaim [bad guys.Ed] deal with the Federmans or in Amona etc etc. What we need more than anything else is a constitution which defines the limits of power for each governmental branch — i.e. the court can nullify laws on certain grounds, but the knesset can push through laws with a greater majority the next time, or maybe that the knesset has the power to remove judges. / Eliyahu, Jerusalem (02/11/10)
6. Supreme court: The supreme court in Israel is overstepping it’s boundaries & legislating from the bench. Laws must be passed to limit their power. The judges are out of touch with reality. / Wise Saba, Netivot (02/11/10)
8. MK Ben-Ari on both accounts: It is a bad law. And the Supreme Court is totally out of control. / Gee, Zikron Yaakov (02/12/10)
10. Supreme court: Who Governs Israel – The Knesset or the Supreme Court? What a danger to the Country. / Joan, New Zealand (02/12/10)
13. Separation of powers: I also do not agree with a lot of the decisions of the supreme court, but deciding the legality of laws passed by the Knesset is against the role of the Judicial branch of Government!!! / Paul Schnall, Mitzpeh Netofa (02/12/10)

(JIWON: At the first glance, this case looks as if the Israeli Supreme Court Boss is a President of International Court of Justice, especially when Beinisch is enjoying her foreign travel as Israeli Queen. Unless International readers daily visit the Israeli media, they will never realize this is nothing but a thick layer of make-up.

In my life-long public life, Mofaz-Law is one of the stupidest, disgusting, and fundamentally-corrupt law passed by the Pigs’ Parliament. But did I hear something from Supreme Court President Beinisch? As far as I know, the timing or procedure itself was problematic, but I’ve only watched this very female, whether Ahron Barak’s bimbo or PM Bibi’s Barbie-doll, keep silent while it was quickly(?) passed by You-Know-Whom. I promise. Mofaz-Law will eventually lead Israel into the Self-Destruction. Now that Kadima No.2 Mofaz will anyway join Beinisch’s Likud as Nothing, this name will be remembered whenever Israel suffers from corrupt politics. Good for him.

And the same Barak, who is afraid of IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazy, is not afraid of Kadima’s Mofaz, who likes to be dubbed “Mr. Security”, even if he joins Bibi’s Likud under a certain title… (although it has No-Meaning, aka Justice Minister…) What does it mean?)

Likud to Mofaz’s IQ: Abandon impossible dream for Kadima No.1. Become Likud’s No.28 Feb 14, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) (… enjoy Justice Ministry until the next Likud primary… it will be called Nothing-Ministry, as usual…) (…)
Talkbacks for this article ?
3. don’t do it unless the price is high & keep mofaz waiting: If any deals are going to be done with Mofaz he must bring a substantial number of MKS with him. othewise Bibi will be helping Kadima. The longer this rift between Mofaz & Livni lasts the most the Kadima tears itself apart. As soon as Mofaz leaves Livni can bring about stability under her unquestioned leadership so keep him waiting to create maximum damage. Bibi needs to keep dangling Mofaz by the hook as long as possible and make sure Mofaz understands a senior cabinet posting means alot of defections. / zionist forever (02.14.10)

(JIWON: Interesting to find that public opinion is changing…)

Rosner’s Domain: Netanyahu’s rocky second year Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) He did not bring peace, he did not win a war, he did not stop Iran. And the storm clouds are gathering.

Rosner’s Domain: Netanyahu’s rocky second year Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) He postponed peace, he postponed a war, he postponed Iran. And the storm clouds are gathering.

Rosner’s Domain: Netanyahu’s rocky second year Feb 12, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Talkbacks for this article 22
1. Well, Rosner, I read the full article & for once I agree with you.: Netanyahu has a stable coalition & Likud has wide support. And, a year has gone by & dealing with serious issues has been postponed. I can’t say if any other political leader would have done any better, it’s not likely & far more likely, would have done far worse. That said, you are correct – the sh*t is about to hit the fan. In a relatively short time, Netanyahu will be obliged to make a decision re: Iran. If Netanyahu does not initiate a military strike against Iran, then you can be sure Iran will do the initiating. / Terry – Eilat, Israel, Friday Feb 12, 2010
5. I think he has achieved one goal. staying in office.: He did it by pretty much keeping his mouth shut. / Neshri Jerusalem, Friday Feb 12, 2010
11. “BB” is best for the challenges ahead,: which could find Israel facing them alone. If Israel does make decisions that slow the US economic recovery, such as Israel dealing with that Iranian nabal, Israel may find the US more ambivalent than a supporter. / DrU (Texas), Saturday Feb 13, 2010
13. #6 Sally. It concerns you how out of touch Obama is: It would be more productive if you asked yourself how out of touch Israel is with the real world who are disgusted with Israel’s persistence to circumvent the real issue of Jews squatting on Arab land. As to demonisation of Israel, Israel is doing it to itself, all by itself. Stop the settlements so Netanyahu can avoid a “rocky second year” / Donna O’Brien, Saturday Feb 13, 2010

(Updated on FEBRUARY 17, 2010)

12:26 Barak praises IDF Chief of Staff for his `professional work reforming the army` (Ch. 10) Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
11:12 Israeli Arab MK: State killing Arab sector by not investing in us (Haaretz) Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

(JIWON: Fun to find Israeli Arab MK not to miss this golden opportunity. I don’t understand why the same Barak never knows how to praise his voters’ wish, but is only scare of Lieberman and his voters.)

Mazal Mualem: Yisrael Beiteinu’s threat to Barak Jan 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
Barak confirms: Ariel college to be recognized as universit. A coalition deal with Lieberman Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

(JIWON: I kept wondering. Who is Israeli Prime Minister?)

Emmanuel Rosen: Who’s scared of Lieberman? Feb 17, 2010 / By Ynetnews
The real danger is that people may think Lieberman speaks on behalf of Bibi (…) Lieberman is not the issue; he is the excuse. Lieberman is basically an educated and thinking man. (…) The problem is that Netanyahu (…) There are two options here: Either Netanyahu in fact endorses Lieberman’s words and the foreign minister is the person who executes the PM’s policy, or else, Bibi is simply scared; scared of Sara and scared of Avigdor. The prime minister may be a great hero when it comes to the Iranian threat, but he is a little coward when it comes to domestic threats. In any case, the codename here is fear. (…) And if this is the case, the time has come for him to stand up to Lieberman and issue a last warning before dismissing him. Yet if, heaven forbid, the prime minister thinks that Lieberman is right and fit for the job, I prefer our foreign minister then. He will at least lead us to oblivion with a little smile and plenty of humor.

(JIWON: I agree with this author. FM Lieberman is different from Phoenix-Bibi. No one would believe my opinion. But in my view, this Russian Jew thinks before he talks, while Phoenix-Bibi talks first and talks only. Why do you think Lieberman is preparing to quit government?)

Carlo Strenger: Lieberman, ethnicity and Israeli politics: an open letter to Yossi Sarid Jan 14, 2010 / By Haaretz
In an op-ed about Avigdor Lieberman you have tacked one of the most sensitive questions in Israeli society and Israeli politics: ethnic tensions and their impact on our lives and politics. (…) Jews and Arabs (…) Ashkenazim and Mizrahim (…) and the question of the impact of the third largest group in Israel: immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In your piece, you chose to tackle the latter question, but you don’t speak the words – and that is dishonest. You don’t say something along the lines of “Lieberman is Russian, and hence he has totalitarian leanings.” Instead you write, “He came from a large country and saw a country that was too small.” These sectarian tensions are the unspoken secret of Israeli politics. (…) My sympathies for Lieberman are zero. Like many others, I think that this skillful tactician is a danger for Israeli democracy. But we can’t blame him for a political system that sucks. Lieberman didn’t invent the system, he just makes skilful use of it. (…)

Yisrael Beiteinu under fire for pre-elecion spending Feb 15, 2010 / By Haaretz
Editorial: Anything goes with the public’s money Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
State Comptroller Micah Lindenstrauss has cast a revealing light on yet another dark corner of Israeli politics. (…) serious accusations of wasteful spending of public funds and suspicions of unethical behavior (…) The picture is bleak: Yisrael Beiteinu, the most profligate of the parties, staged two preelection conferences that cost an astronomical total of NIS 399,000. (…)

Kadima official: Livni must unite party Feb 12, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Lieberman is preparing to quit government (…) in a similar move to the one he had taken as minister in the Olmert government. (…)

(JIWON: Great to hear that this genius Russian Jew has already started his election campaign.)

Peres: Ayalon’s manner doesn’t reflect Israel’s diplomacy Jan 15, 2010 / By International Media
Aluf Benn: Israel alone can’t be blamed for row with Turkey Jan 13, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Prime Minister Netanyahu decided that it would be sufficient to reprimand the Turkish ambassador to Israel. Lieberman and his deputy, Danny Ayalon, decided to maximize the blow: The ambassador was invited to the deputy minister’s office in the Knesset, and with him came the cameras of Channels 2 and 10. Ayalon explained to the cameras what the director wanted to show: The ambassador, smiling uncomfortably, was seated in a low sofa, and facing him, in higher chairs, were three somber Israelis and “only a single flag.” This is how Lieberman’s instructions are carried out on how to protect national honor. (…)

FM Lieberman: Territorial compromise is an illusion Feb 15, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Deputy FM Ayalon stresses unique nature of US-Israel relationship Feb 17, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
“We have excellent relations with the US and its uniqueness is that regardless of minor disputes, the overall relationship is never affected,” Ayalon told the Jerusalem Conference on US-Israel relations. “Every facet of our relationship bodes well and is the cornerstone for stability in our region,” Ayalon continued. “We welcome the important work of Senator Mitchell who came recently to the region and placed an offer on the table. Israel accepted and we are still waiting to hear from the Palestinians.”

(JIWON: I think the Israeli media or Deputy FM forgot to add “Republican” to “US”.)

Foreign Ministry Boycotts (Democratic) Congress Members Feb 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
A delegation of U.S. Congress members on Wednesday harshly criticized Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon for boycotting a meeting with them due to the fact that they arrived in Israel with members of the left-leaning pro-Israel lobby J Street. (…) As a member of the House Subcommittee on Europe, Rep. William Delahunt (D-Massachusetts) said he became familiar with Ayalon’s behavior during a recent diplomatic crisis with Turkey in which the Deputy Foreign Minister humiliated Ankara’s envoy. (…)

(JIWON: Whatever…)

FM Lieberman: Territorial compromise is an illusion Feb 15, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Deputy FM Ayalon: Time for PA to live up to its commitments Feb 17, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) “The Palestinians have signed agreements that have called on them to dismantle terrorist groups and collect illegal weapons while they focus on the issue of the settlements, this is wrong and the settlements should not be singled out,” Ayalon told the Jerusalem Conference on US-Israel relations. (…)

12:11 Red Cross: No improvement in Palestinians` lives in the West Bank (Haaretz) Feb 17, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
U.S. denies dropping demand for Israel settlement freeze. Return to 1967 borders is a U.S. condition for Mideast peace Feb 15, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Clinton said that Washington appreciated Israel’s partial settlement freeze and anticipated more “steps” in that direction. (…) “The 2002 Arab Peace Initiative is vital to our efforts to promote a comprehensive peace,” she added (…) Washington and its allies have long urged Israel to comply with a commitment under the 2003, U.S.-brokered “road map” peace plan to halt the expansion of all settlements. Peace Now said that it had evidence building has continued – sometimes under cover of darkness – since Netanyahu’s declared freeze in 34 settlements, a quarter of the total. (…)

(JIWON: Now, what about this? I used to think that Deputy FM Ayalon is an illiterate Russian Jew from the ghetto… until last night. (How many among the Russian Jews can follow the Hebrew or English media? I’m still curious.) A Jew, who was born in Tel Aviv and educated in America, joined this Russian or Totalitarian Jewish party after serving Israeli Ambassador to US. What does it mean? Well, it was also quite recently that I realized that the settlers are relatively richer.)

Netanyahu: ‘Peace with Syria – without preconditions’ Feb 4, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Only precondition for peace is that Netanyahu be a statesman Nov 15, 2009 / By Haaretz
Another innovation has been added to the list of sophisticated negotiation-stalling tactics. It is known by the business term “without preconditions.” PM Bibi’s latest message is that he is ready to conduct negotiations with Syria without preconditions, and the same applies to Palestine. Sounds good. Finally there is a breakthrough. But wait a minute. Without preconditions on whose part, Israel’s or Syria’s? Netanyahu’s or Abbas’? (…)

Moshe Arens: Words, words, words Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) One can only conclude that the avalanche of words by the leaders of Israel and Syria this past week was really intended for the Israeli public. The defense minister is using scare tactics (…) Moallem echoes Barak’s words by threatening the destruction of Israel’s cities if a war were to occur. And Lieberman is saying – and it’s most probably true – that if Syria were to go to war against Israel, under the impact of Israeli blows, Assad’s Alawite ruling regime would probably not survive such a war. That is what deterrence is all about, so Israelis need not worry, Lieberman tells us, despite the defense minister’s pronouncements. (…) This Syrian deterrent has been effective enough to keep Israel from calling Syria to account for its support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. So far.

Editorial: Thank God, the war is starting Jan 25, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) The prime minister should NOT realize the diplomatic price Israel is paying for his attempts to placate the right, should NOT stop provocations like the “planting of the university center in Ariel” of which he so proudly spoke yesterday, and should NOT place rehabilitating relations with Jordan at a higher priority level. His bureau’s comment – that Netanyahu would be happy to meet with the Jordanian King “whenever the need arises” – does NOT show dangerous indifference in light of the erosion of Israel’s status in the region, and gratuitous arrogance toward a country whose friendship is NOT essential.
(JIWON: I had to change its title and content. Everybody knows why… Please check the Israeli Poll.)

(… too tired to find another Jordan-article to support Israeli POLL… about why PM Bibi doesn’t have to treat Jordan in such a polite manner…)

Moshe Arens: Words, words, words Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) One can only conclude that the avalanche of words by the leaders of Israel and Syria this past week was really intended for the Israeli public. (…)

(JIWON: Are there anyone who disagree with my choice of articles? Isn’t the perfect time for this genius Russian or Totalitarian Jew, Avigdor Lieberman, to walk away from the government and prepare the next election? Kadima will finally collapse and the rest of them will only waste times… at least for two years. And it’s better to expand the settlements from the opposition bench, isn’t it? Who knows? Likud voters might switch to “Yisrael Beiteinu” and finally make “Israel Their Home”.)

Aluf Benn or Yoel Marcus or Whoever: Renewing Israeli-Palestinian talks is obvious way to end impasse From Time To Time Since Mar 31, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) After PM Bibi announced a 10-month freeze on construction in the settlements, and accelerated Jewish building and settlement in East Jerusalem – which has infuriated the Palestinians and the Americans – his associates say he had no choice. Netanyahu remembers how the right forced him out of the government during his first term as prime minister after signing the Wye River Accord with Yasser Arafat. He needs to strengthen his coalition. (…)

(JIWON: He had no choice? How come? How was he able to form his coalition? Phoenix-Bibi didn’t do it alone. It was at the request of Lieberman and the ENTIRE religious parties. I don’t understand why people keep comparing PM Bibi’s old days with his present situation, in which the left has disappeared. First of all, whom have the Israeli citizens voted for? Netanyahu or Leader of Likud?)

(Updated on FEBRUARY 18-24, 2010)

23:00 Poll: Beinisch’s Gideon Sa`ar most likely to replace Netanyahu as Likud chief (Haaretz) Jan 21, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

Poll: Yisrael-Beiteinu is maintaining its stability as $has does Feb 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) the most popular political personality is EM Sa’ar – despite the lack of public satisfaction with the education system as a whole. (…) The surprising results of the survey show that the Israeli electorate seems to be looking ahead, to the next generation of leaders. It is quietly seeking an alternative, someone to replace the veteran guard one day. As a result, the big winner is EM Sa’ar. The Tel Avivian minister, who combines Likud values, political moderation and lightheartedness, who charms the next generation, was voted the most successful minister in the Netanyahu government. (…) FM Lieberman, despite his controversial political statements, received the support of 9% of the respondents (…)

Barak under fire for granting university status to West Bank college Jan 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Former education minister Prof. Yuli Tamir was also up in arms, saying the CHE (Council for Higher Education) should have been given the final word, and its opposition was well-known. Moreover, she charged, the upgrade will allow Ariel to take funding away from existing universities. (…) Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar, who chairs the CHE, said he “hoped and expected” that Ariel would receive full university status in the next few years. Other CHE members, however, were less enthusiastic – adding that the council had been promised no such thing would happen without it being consulted.

Ariel College students earn credit for courses taken at seminaries, yeshivas Jan 31, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) These courses are not presented in any academic format or supervised by the college. The Council for Higher Education has never discussed these courses, much less approved them, either. (…) Ashur says the cooperation with Ariel University Center helps to expand the settlement, which is one of his goals. (…)

Survey refutes Sa’ar’s recipe for calmer schools Jan 26, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) This conclusion contradicts Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s policy of trying to improve school discipline by introducing such practices. These practices have “declarative value only, and are liable to come at the expense of the truly educational act – a good, caring relationship between teacher and student,” wrote the author (…) In recent months, the Education Ministry has spent about NIS 10 million, and put in thousands of training hours, to instruct teachers and principals about the new rules. But Yariv calls this investment of time and money “misdirected.” (…) “An aggressive, bureaucratic approach to disciplinary issues will achieve the opposite of what is intended,” Yariv concluded. (…)

(JIWON: I didn’t know that Likud No.2 was politically moderate. I knew this guy was a typical populist, but I didn’t know that this was a “lighthearted” brain, which prefers “aggressive, bureaucratic approach”. I don’t think I collected wrong information, since this is a typical version of Beinisch’s toy. Easy to imagine Likud’s future.)

Nehemia Shtrasler: Hold the execution Feb 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
Attorney Uri Corb is lucky there’s no death penalty in Israel. If there were, the deputy Jerusalem district prosecutor would be swinging at the end of a rope in the town square. This is because Corb has committed a grave, unforgivable crime: insulting judges, even Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch. And in Israel, we can hurl vitriol at the prime minister and invective at Knesset members; we can even dishonor the president. But judges? Perish the thought. They cannot be criticized, and if anyone has the audacity to do so, he must be dismissed, eliminated, beheaded – so that everyone will behold and be scared. Criticism of judges and the judicial system is permitted only when it is “sincere and courteous.” If it is not, a person could be accused of committing the criminal offense known as “disrespecting the court.” Why is there is no such law to protect the prime minister or the president? Is their dignity less important? Is their blood less red?
(…) After all, when Corb was caught red-handed, he hastened to apologize in the fullest possible manner, saying it pained him that his words had wronged the judicial system. He apologized for offending the judges and explained that the published remarks do not reflect his actual feelings. Later, he sent an additional e-mail of apology to every prosecutor in the country. How can he possibly be more humiliated? Judges need to realize that they are not above criticism. (…)
(JIWON: In case the subject in this article is a mere inferior jurist, I’ve already mentioned something in my previous writing. Please check
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008)

(JIWON: Meanwhile, I keep reading Israeli report about how much the Israeli public consider “EDUCATION” a top priority.)

Nehemia Shtrasler: A car for every worker, a train for every voter Feb 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu’s grandiose rail schemes may win him votes – but what about Israel’s crumbling roads? (…) The problem of the outskirts of the country is not the lack of trains, but the quality of life. … People decide to move to a community based on the quality of education there, not how long the train tracks are. (…)

(… need to find one more article on Education…)

Editorial: Israeli-Future-Leader No.1 and the monkey trial Feb 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Education Minister Gideon Saar says that fostering scientific excellence among Israeli students is at the top of his priorities … for which he won high praise. (…) Instead of appointing, as his predecessor did, a prominent scholar in the field of education, he chose a Likud activist who ran on the party’s slate in the last Knesset election. … serve the minister as a way to pay off cronies and party hacks. (…) The ministry’s chief scientist dismisses Darwin’s theory … wants to push the education system hundreds of years into the past and undermine science’s achievements in order to impart religious ideologies to Israeli students. (…)

(JIWON: This is called the Education Minister, who is dubbed the Israeli Future Leader No.1, regardless of his questionable ability. But then, is it this politician’s fault to be chosen as the Israeli Future Leader No.1? It was the most favorite choice of the Israeli voters. Easier to imagine the Israeli future.)

Likud ministers show support for settlements Feb 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
Likud minister to Greater Israel advocates: Give up your dream Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Min. Michael Eitan: Majority is willing to make concessions for peace, everyone wants an agreement.

Yossi Verter: One year on, most Israelis question Bibi’s suitability as prime minister, but Likud is actually gaining ground Feb 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Two reasons for this leap to mind. One is the “Sara effect.” (…) But the main reason for the drop in his popularity is his decision to freeze construction in the settlements – something no right-wing prime minister before him ever dared to do. The dry facts tell the whole story: Netanyahu is losing support among right-wing voters (though not in the Likud). At the same time, he is gaining popularity among the center and the left. The voters on the right side of the political spectrum are disappointed with him. They still backed him after he declared his support for the two-state solution, but once he took a concrete step they started to turn a cold shoulder.
(…) Fully 89% of Kadima voters prefer Livni over Mofaz. … Mofaz will make it a pale copy of Likud. … from Kadima to Labor … The reason: internal wrangling in Kadima and Yair Lapid.
(…) But the whole center-left camp has 48 seats, unchanged from the poll three months ago, whereas the right-wing bloc has 72 seats – also unchanged. In the current Knesset, the center-left bloc has 55 seats, as compared to 65 for the right. In short, a year after the elections, the right-wing bloc still remains dominant. (…)

(JIWON: Let’s assume that Report: Beinisch’s Gideon Sa`ar replaces Netanyahu as Likud chief. With NO doubt, it will take LESS THAN ONE YEAR to find this article again: Yossi Verter: Months on, most Israelis question Sa`ar’s suitability as prime minister, but Likud is actually gaining ground.

Why worry? There is a REAL moderate Likud leader, called Beinisch’s Dan Meridor.)

Meridor: Arab states are improving ties Feb 9, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

Poll: 90% of ME views Jews unfavorably Feb 9, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
‘ME Muslims tend to support Hamas, Hizbullah’ Feb 9, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
04:38 Jewish group: 55% rise in U.K. anti-Semitic incidents over past 3 years (Israel Radio) Feb 5, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

(JIWON: Who would second my opinion if I insist that this politician is not a talented Big-Mouth? Meridor’s “Moderate-Likud” is actually gaining ground.)

Meridor: Israel close to renewing talks with Palestinians Feb 9, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Min. Meridor tells all Feb 14, 2010 / By Canada Free Press, Ted Belman (a retired lawyer in Jerusalem)
I attended a large gathering tonight to hear what Min Dan Meridor had to say. He may not have told all but he told enough for me. He answered my first question without the need for me to ask it.
[Q]Why is Bibi begging for negotiations if he doesn’t intend to make concessions?
[Meridor] – Negotiations are intended to be on two tracks, top down and the other, bottom up. Israel has no expectations that the first will succeed but they expect to build on the work done already in building the Palestinian economy and lifting restrictions and security cooperation.
[Q] – What’s to happen with the freeze agreement that Israel negotiated with the US at the end of the 10 months? Can we build with a vengeance or are we constrained by agreement?
[Meridor]First of all there was no agreement. (This took me by surprise. Either there are mutual covenants or consideration of there are not. If not, we are not bound.) As to what happens after, we will have to decide whether to amend the freeze or cancel it. Thus it would appear that where we build becomes a matter of negotiations. If the PA want’s the freeze to continue or demands a better one, what will Israel do. If Israel insists on cancelling the freeze then the PA will have to demand a lesser freeze. Meanwhile, Israel wants to continue building from the bottom up. I think Obama agrees with that and will be happy to see it continue. Remember Obama agreed that there would be no preconditions to the talks.

(JIWON: Please ask Mr. Never-Talented-in-Big-Mouth, whose moderate leadership would NEVER have a chance of success, as he already confessed, even if he was finally able to steal the ENTIRE Kadima MKs and kick Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu out of his coalition. Which party’s voters are actually living in the settlement area? Kadima voters or Likud voters or Yisrael Beiteinu voters? Please ask this moderate Likud leader who will actually move out of the settlement area if his moderate coalition is finally able to reach the “Final Status Arrangement” with EVERYBODY’s Palestinian partners. His Kadima voters or His Likud voters or Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu voters?)

Gideon Levy: Israeli left needs to wake up before it’s too late Feb 2, 2010 / By Haaretz
The Knesset voted last week to close 400 criminal cases against opponents of the 2005 Gaza disengagement.

(JIWON: Unlike Likud voters, Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu voters vote for their leader. And NO one will have to worry about their criminal record even if ALL of them plan to disobey the government’s order. Have you ever seen more inferior, less talented Big-Mouth than this moderate Brain?

Therefore, how many weeks will it take for me to find this article again? And plus something more?)

Yossi Verter: Weeks on, most Israelis question Meridor’s suitability as prime minister, but Likud is actually gaining ground Sometime-During-Meridor’s-Era / By Haaretz

Likud ministers show support for settlements Feb 5, 2010 or Sometime-During-Meridor’s-Era / By Haaretz
U.S. denies dropping demand for Israel settlement freeze. Return to 1967 borders is a U.S. condition for Mideast peace Feb 15, 2010 or Sometime-During-Meridor’s-Era / By Haaretz

12:11 Red Cross: No improvement in Palestinians` lives in the West Bank (Haaretz) Feb 17, 2010 or Sometime-During-Meridor’s-Era / By Haaretz Flash News

(JIWON: Isn’t the idea of “Economic Peace” not from Phoenix-Bibi but actually from this very moderate Brain and never-talented-in-Big-Mouth?

Therefore, a perfect time for the Likud party to change its leader. An ideal Likudnik-Hawk and also the member of the same Beinisch-circle.)

(… NO need to post countless articles on his FRANK opinion about Likud party’s settlement project…)

FM Lieberman: No peace deal in next 10 to 20 years Dec 29, 2009 or Sometime-During-Begin’s-Era / By Jerusalem Post
Opposition Leader Livni: We Must Make Hard Decisions Feb 17, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
(…) In contrast with Minister Benny Begin, who told the Conference that no solution is feasible in the foreseeable future and that we must strive simply to make the most out of the present stalemate, Livni said (…)
Talkbacks for this article 41
35. how many of you live in Israel?: 32 talkbacks till now, i have counted how many came from people living away from Israel, the number is pathetic! Do it yourself and see what’s happening here, aliens, or jews living in Diaspora, call it what ever the hell you like, are more vocal than people living in Israel. go live there, why are you living away from your ‘Homeland’ , the promised land given to you by G-d? Or is it you like to watch some action in your comfort zones? Such hypocrites! / Wildmandxb, M.E. (02/18/10)

(JIWON: Well, I didn’t plan to call Likudnik Benny Begin “Such a Hypocrite”. I just wonder why this “Honest and Strict” politician still didn’t resign despite PM Bibi’s announcement of Two-State-Solution, PM Bibi’s brave vision about Peace with Syria, and so on and so on…

Perhaps, he is now too old to “lead hardliners out of the Likud with the hope of reviving the Herut political party founded by his father”. Perhaps, he now has NEITHER courage NOR Shamir-like supporter to “make Herut – The National Movement depart from the Likud and join other right-wing parties to form an alliance opposing the Two-State-Solution”, regardless of his favorite National Union’s poor outcome during the next election.

Well, this is none of my business. Rather, I want to see this comical happening. I am just curious. Who is whose what, and WHY? Is Dorit Beinisch Benny Begin’s Barbie-doll? If so, WHY? Is Benny Begin Dorit Beinisch’s Puppy? If so, WHY? I just can’t understand why a real Hawk like Benny Begin suddenly emerged from nowhere in support of hypocritical Branja Beinisch. Is this article telling something? Or Something more?)

The Arrogance of Israel’s Elite: Tyranny of the Judiciary and the Media December 1999 / By Yonason Rosenblum
(…) Five Centers of Power: Israeli society can be described in terms of five centers of power: the Knesset, the economy, the judicial system, the media, and the army. Until 1977, each of these five was dominated by the left-wing parties. (…) With the election of Menachem Begin as Prime Minister in 1977, however, that scenario changed radically. (…) Indeed, as the other sectors of Israeli society have opened up, the media and legal establishment have become ever more homogenous and have succeeded in concentrating ever greater power in their hands. It is not coincidental that the gradual ascendancy of the Israeli Supreme Court coincides with Menachem Begin’s election as Prime Minister. Ruth Gavison, Professor of Law at the Hebrew University and current president of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, described in a November 12 interview in Ha’Aretz’s Weekend Magazine how the Israeli judicial system “serves as the last refuge for elements of the old elites who feel the only institution that is still under their control and represents their values is the Court.” As a consequence, those old elites “have a natural tendency to aggrandize the power of the Court, and in fact to use it in order to curb or restrain the process of democratization [of Israeli society].” The interview sent shock waves through the Israeli legal world.
(…) In April 1996, for instance, Prime Minister Shimon Peres reported that the Palestinian National Council had revoked the PLO Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel. Likud’s Benny Begin insisted that nothing of the kind had occurred and that the PM Peres was an active party to a ruse. The press either ignored or ridiculed Begin. Two years later, however, Joel Singer, the Israeli legal advisor on the Oslo Accords, revealed that Peres and Arafat had knowingly misled the Israeli public. The media showed a similar lack of interest in Arafat’s Arabic speeches, after the signing of the Oslo Accords, calling for jihad against Israel. Only because Shimon Peres accused Benny Begin of using doctored clips of those speeches did their existence become widely known. (…)

(Updated on MARCH 2-3, 2010)

Beinish lauds AG Mazuz for standing up to ministers Feb 24, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Mazuz said that the question whether to launch a criminal investigation against the Rabbi Elon was not on the agenda during his tenure. (…)

Mazuz told police in 2006: No charges against Rabbi Elon Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz

$has MK: Homosexual activity cause of earthquake Feb 20, 2008 / By Israeli Media
7.0 quake hits Haiti; ‘Serious loss of life’ expected Jan 12, 2010 / By International Media
Israeli expert: ‘Israel could face earthquake similar to Haiti one’ Jan 26, 2010 / By Ynetnews

Rabbi Elon accused of sexual harassment Feb 16, 2010 / By Ynetnews
More complaints surface since Rabbi Elon affair broke Feb 16, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Hundreds flock to show support for embattled rabbi Feb 16, 2010 / By Haaretz
Sharansky: Rabbi Elon backed by former chief rabbi Feb 21, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Religious gays helpline flooded Feb 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Can Israel’s religious community finally accept its homosexual members? Feb 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
‘Is the fuss over Rabbi Mordechai Elon down to his homosexuality?’ Feb 24, 2010 / By Haaretz
Laws against sexual harassment by spiritual leaders pass preliminary reading Feb 24, 2010 / By Ynetnews

Sexual abuse: the Orthodox Jewish community’s devastating secret Feb 23, 2010 / By British Media
Sex allegations against rabbi roil Israel’s Orthodox community Feb 28, 2010 / By International Media

New AG Weinstein calls for state inquiry into abuse allegations against Rabbi Elon Feb 18, 2010 / By Haaretz
Avraham Burg: State of Judea is here Feb 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Rabbi Elon affair reveals that religious-Zionism has its own legal system (…)

Alulf Benn: Why didn’t the former AG Mazuz investigate? Feb 21, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Israel has a law enforcement system to answer such questions; its head is the attorney general, and its arms are the police and other investigative agencies. But not in the case of Elon. For him, a special track was used: investigation by a secret, volunteer forum with no legal authority, called Takana, which in October 2006 reported the suspicions against Elon to the previous attorney general, Menachem Mazuz. And what did Mazuz do? (…) The behavior of Mazuz and Danino raises many questions, because both are known for their lack of sympathy toward suspected sex offenders. A few weeks before they received the information about Elon, they mobilized with full force to extract a complaint from a female soldier, H., against then-minister Haim Ramon, who was ultimately indicted for forcibly kissing her. As the verdict noted, Danino and his colleagues “saw great public interest in conducting an investigation and obtaining a complaint from the complainant.” And Mazuz pushed the probe with all his might. So it’s strange that these very same people, Mazuz and Danino, saw no public interest in probing the allegations against Elon, a teacher, educator and key figure in the religious Zionist community. (…) I’m not trying to downplay the severity of Ramon’s behavior, or to revive the claim that he was really indicted to stop his planned reforms of the Justice Ministry. I prefer to believe that his investigators, prosecutors and judges acted in good faith. But for that very reason, I find it hard to understand and accept a situation in which the attorney general has two different lanes for suspected sex offenders – a red lane for the minister and a green lane for the rabbi. (…)

(JIWON: What I feel funny about Israeli Supreme Court President is that whenever I mention her younger-but-superior rival, Ruth Gavison, she is quick to recruit her servants-to-be. Please imagine Beinisch’s hysterical face, whenever I call this female jurist, Ruth Gavison, a real Jewish brain. Please enjoy the latest version of $has MK: Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, by the way.)

Please check
🙂 In Israel, is NO-one really allowed to call Dorit Beinisch ‘ASS’ or ‘POPULIST’? While Beinisch ‘MORALLY’ slams ALL the Talkbackers and while ALL the Jews ‘LEGALLY’ respect Beinisch’s Husband (Mar 2, 2010)

(JIWON: Finally, I had to make another collection… in this tired-out situation. May I write something more? If I had more time, I could have made more collections about this female jurist Dorit Beinisch’s remarkable achievement; “The Twilights of the Jews”.

It was not long ago that PM Bibi’s most faithful servant minister fed up with too much trashes, which Phoenix-Bibi had left to him. What did he have to do? He pinpointed specific rulings of the Supreme Court President. What has he got in return? His boss sided with Beinisch, who therefore received his public apology, no matter how much her nickname affects her future legal ruling. Didn’t he call Aharon Barak’s bimbo “The Populist”? As a result, this was the only path left for PM Bibi’s slave: Nehemia Shtrasler: The fat man will get fatter and the thin man will collapse (Feb 26, 2010)

Of course, PM Netanyahu is the best one to see through this FACT, and therefore, he wants to put this ragged hat on “Mysterious IQ of Kadima’s No.2”. He knows that any Kadima sh*ts will be thrilled to pieces after accepting this title, even if it is Beinisch’s Finance Minister. Of course, he knows that a couple of years will be enough for his dumb voters to believe that it was not Phoenix-Bibi’s Likud or Barak’s Labor’s Coalition-Deal but Livni’s Kadima’s Mofaz-Law that bankrupted the Israeli budget.

Thanks to this computer work, Kadima’s No.2 keeps changing his future job in case he joins Bibi’s Likud as a Peace-Lover, who can make Bibi’s coalition ‘MODERATE’ enough to finally declare East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital: From Beinisch’s Justice Minister to Beinisch’s Finance Minister. Which portfolio will he be given after this report? And I am done with Mofaz’s mysterious IQ.

I knew that this was a sensitive human being, whose MICRO-analytical attitude frequently let him get lost. This is why I wanted him to read the Public-Mind as quickly as possible and to give up what he can’t make inside HIS Kadima if he can’t make the same wish come true inside HIS Likud. Doesn’t the Right-Timing for Kadima No.2 also mean ‘Leading the Public-Mind’? This is why I kept sending threatening messages to Livni (… through the back door…) to develop more capacity for tolerance, even if this is Mofaz-Law and its power-thirsty followers, and finally grow into a HEROIC-FEMALE LEADER.

Now, I am done with all those Kadima sh*ts. When are they going to join Beinisch’s ‘MODERATE-or-HYPOCRITE’ Likud? I never understand why those sh*ts keep checking this computer work, instead of following in the footsteps of President Peres or DM Barak and checking the Israeli POLL and putting this theory into practice: Peres: ‘Israelis must rediscover Jewish values’

Basically, Phoenix-Bibi’s Finance Minister was not the first Israeli, who criticized “Populist” Supreme Court President. It was while Beinisch behaved like a typical female and her nickname had nothing to do with Finance Ministry or Israel’s budget. Nor this criticism was from the right-wing or religious circle. But I was too tired to follow them, anyway. When Phoenix-Bibi’s most faithful servant spat on “The Populist Beinisch”, I didn’t want to be involved in this comical battle, and EVERYBODY knows why. Now, I care nothing. Why doesn’t EVERYBODY contribute his hard working to make this nickname, “The Populist Beinisch” a special brand of Israeli Supreme Court President?)

Yossi Sarid: Pulp fiction Feb 14, 2010 / By Haaretz
Parental intervention can be a blessing, but sometimes it’s a curse. The shocked mother from Kfar Sava is not alone. If you would like to know why education is dry as dust, and why Israeli teachers are blowing in the wind, look for the adults behind the youth. (…)

Aharon Barak: W. Bank is occupied territory 25 Jun, 2009 / By Israeli Media
Aharon Barak: Israel must be part of global community, abide by int’l law Feb 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Barak, who was repeatedly questioned about the legality of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, said that they had existed for so many years that by now their status should be determined in a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Pointedly, however, he declined to respond to a question about whether or not he considered Israel’s annexation of east Jerusalem to be legal. (…)

22:21 Ex-Justice Barak: Israel can`t stop Palestinian movement on Route 443 (Army Radio) Jan 4, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
High Court to end the ban on Palestinians using Route 443 highway (before Mitchell visit) Dec 30, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) In 2002, the IDF began restricting Palestinian traffic, though it did not issue a formal ban until 2006 when an Arab motorist from Jerusalem, mistaken for a Jew, was murdered on the road. (…)

(JIWON: Something more, of course. If you simultaneously followed Dorit Beinisch and her young puppy, PM Bibi’s Education Minister, you could find something another, the fundamental reason of this article, Yossi Sarid: Pulp fiction, which was written by the former Meretz leader, who is determined to protect Branja Beinisch regardless of whatsoever. Please ask Yossi Sarid: Pulp fiction or Dorit Beinisch why it took “MORE THAN NINE YEARS” for High Court to end the ban (before Mitchell visit), and this so-called High Court Activism Angers MKs should always be hold down or revitalized whenever I announce my active involvement in the Israeli politics. No matter what, Beinisch-circle was able to recruit the Meretz voters… according to the POLL.)

Akiva Eldar: Supreme Court abetting, not curbing, illegal settlements Mar 2, 2010 / By Haaretz
Next week will be five years since the publication of the report on the outposts by former top prosecutor attorney Talia Sasson at the request of prime minister Ariel Sharon. That report was released in the wake of the government’s decision to adopt the road map for peace, according to which it undertook to “immediately dismantle” all the illegal outposts established after March of 2001. (…) Under the cover of the partial and temporary freeze, the outposts are putting down deeper roots. Some of them, such as Givat Habreikha, are operating right under the Supreme Court’s nose. (…) Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel contented himself with passing the case along to a bench of three justices. This was enough for the settlers. (…)

(JIWON: Please ask Dorit Beinisch what means “right under the Supreme Court’s nose”. Please ask Supreme Court President whom she rejected during THAT-SCANDAL about who should represent the Supreme Court in this case. Didn’t it start with the Likud’s Sa’ar Bill? Or was it Prof. Friedmann, too, who caused all the situation?)

(… Beinisch’s Gideon Sa’ar as Likud’s Chief or even Israeli Future Leader No.1 after Phoenix-Bibi’s fall…)
(… Beinisch’s Dan Meridor as Likud’s NEW-chief after ‘lighthearted’ Sa’ar’s failure to prove his ability as a prime minister…)
(… Beinisch’s Benny Begin as Likud’s NEW-chief after ‘moderate’ Meridor’s collapse…)
(… Beinisch’s You-Know-Who as Likud’s NEW-chief after ‘real-Likudnik’ Begin’s refusal to ascend the throne…)

(JIWON: Did I mention specific names to introduce Likud’s NEW-chief as Israeli Prime Minister? I wrote specific types of Likudniks, all of whom belong to Beinisch-Circle. Among them, who shows ability to prove his practical leadership?

Now, isn’t it a perfect time for Phoenix-Bibi to be elected as the Likud’s REAL-chief and Israeli Prime Minister… again? Who else could do this job? Who says that PM Netanyahu achieved nothing during his second term?)

Yoel Marcus: What has Netanyahu achieved after a full year in office? Feb 1, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) but rather that he effectively restored liberty to the government and dwarfed the Labor Party – in practice, that he wiped out the Israeli left. (…)

Aluf Benn: Smooth sailing, but storms ahead Feb 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Netanyahu established the “forum of seven” for diplomatic and security consultations, so that the senior ministers would be seen as involved and influential. He appointed unsuitable people to high offices – Yuval Steinitz to the Finance Ministry and Avigdor Lieberman to the Foreign Ministry – so that he could ignore them and handle the economy and foreign policy by himself. At the systemic level, the prime minister learned from the mistakes of his previous term, and avoided friction with either the army or the legal system. When the settlers rebelled against the freezing of settlement construction, he compensated them with money and affection. (…)

FM Lieberman highlighting coalition’s strength: Anyone who complains about Israel or Yisrael Beiteinu is a loser Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Poll: Yisrael-Beiteinu is maintaining its stability as $has does Feb 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Lieberman’s MK drops bill to annex part of Route 443… at the request of PM Bibi Feb 8, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu orders Barkat to shelve Silwan demolitions to avoid sparking further tensions Mar 3, 2010
U.S. ‘appreciates’ Netanyahu delay of East Jerusalem demolitions Mar 3, 2010

Warmonger’s Column One: The Fatah fairy tale Feb 19, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor
Israel’s is the only government that can force the rest of the world to recognize that Abbas is not an ally. (…) But if Barak left, where would he go? Barak has nowhere to go. He will not be reelected to lead his party. And if Labor leaves the coalition, Netanyahu would still be far from losing his majority in Knesset. (…)

(JIWON: Isn’t this a great achievement of PM Netanyahu or Likud’s REAL-chief?)

Interview with MK Eldad (National Union): ‘Likud Would Split if Netanyahu Tried to Establish a Palestinian State’ Feb 23, 2010 / By
[Q] – Bla-bla-bla
[NU MK] – Netanyahu is a weak leader. He still knows that a Palestinian state is a threat to the very existence of Israel, but he is too weak to stand up to the pressures from the White House. (…) Netanyahu is at his best when he’s in the opposition. He’s a very strong opposition leader. He speaks wonderfully. Then he can explain why we should never freeze the building, why we should always be allowed to live everywhere in the land of Israel, why we should never be ready to withdraw from the Golan or from Judea and Samaria.
[Q] – The very positions that he contradicts now?
[NU MK] – He’s a very beautiful opposition leader; he’s a very weak Prime Minister. He cannot stand to his own ideology or to his own position. That’s why Netanyahu as a leader of the opposition is much better for Israel than Netanyahu as a Prime Minister. When he is the Prime Minister there is hardly any national opposition to such dangerous steps like acceptance of the Road Map or the dictates of it.
[Q] – What is your message to American Jewry?
[NU MK] – (…) there already is a Palestinian state, and this is Jordan. (…)
[Q] – Do you believe this will happen?
[NU MK] – I believe that if this will not happen I don’t know how long Israel will exist. I believe that if Israel will be forced to accept a Palestinian state our days are numbered.

(JIWON: OR… was it in fact the greatest achievement of Opposition leader Livni? I didn’t know that. No matter what, isn’t it a perfect time for the Likud’s REAL-chief to summon his original supporters, who gave Phoenix-Bibi a job of Israeli Prime Minister?)

Bennet wants to use settlers to boost Israel’s PR Feb 2, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Naftali Bennett, the new director-general of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, learned about how to improve Israel’s image from PM BiBi when he served as his chief of staff from 2006-2008 while the Likud leader headed the opposition. (…) Bennett will replace Pinhas Wallerstein, who resigned from the post a few weeks ago. (…) “He knows the language of Tel Aviv. Improving the image of Judea and Samaria in their eyes has to be one of the council’s main targets. It’s the people who live throughout Israel who will make decisions regarding the future fate of Judea and Samaria,” said the Gush Etzion Regional Council head.

(JIWON: Just in case. Please enjoy comical happenings inside Beinisch’s Likud party.)

Address by PM Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan: Likud to Accept Two-State Solution, PA State Jun 14, 2009 / By Israel
Likud ministers ready to resist PA state May 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Concern spurred by Post report on AIPAC lobbying for Palestinian state with PMO’s blessing. (…) TWO-THIRDS of the Likud faction would defy a potential effort by Netanyahu to withdraw from parts of Judea and Samaria. (…) This time around, no fewer than seven Likud ministers vocally oppose a Palestinian state: Gideon Sa’ar, Bennie Begin, Moshe Ya’alon, Yuli Edelstein, Gilad Erdan, Yisrael Katz and Moshe Kahlon. (…) “There is no reason to hurry,” Begin said. “We are waiting until the meeting with the president of the United States in which I am sure the prime minister will present the views of the government and the Likud.” (…) “It is clear that many in Likud were elected due to certain ideas, and the Likud was chosen to lead the country,” a Likud minister said

Likudniks to debate Netanyahu’s proposal to delay committee elections by 2 years Mar 3, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) At least A THIRD of the Likud faction has come out against Netanyahu’s proposal. (…) “Those of us who oppose the proposal are acting to protect the pure ideology of the Likud. … When the central committee is supposed to be elected every four years, and it’s been eight years and he wants to change the constitution …” (…) The meeting on March 18 will take place immediately before the prime minister leaves for Washington. An anti-Netanyahu show by the hawks in the central committee could serve Netanyahu’s interests, because it could show the leadership in Washington that he is under political pressure.

(JIWON: Have you ever seen more comical happening than this? Isn’t this a great achievement? Who else could do if the Likud’s REAL-chief Phoenix-Bibi fails to do? Who calls Beinisch’s Gideon Sa’ar ‘MODERATE’?)

86-yr-old Peres reveals his secret to a long and healthy life Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Mubarak Sends Congratulations to Murderer ‘Fuad’ on 74th Birthday Feb 11, 2010 / By Arab media
PM Netanyahu: I’m 60 today, shall celebrate 90th birthday at the PMO ‘AGAIN’ in 2039 Oct 21, 2009 / By Media

(JIWON: Who would believe if I say that “FUAD” was my most favorite Israeli politician when I wanted to open this blog, Barenboim-Loves-Knesset, in which Knesset-Jokes was my main theme? With this humorous-looking figure, I felt as if I was daily reading the Jewish Cartoon. “FUAD” was my most favorite until he became an aging, impotent Labor sh*t and completely pissed me off with his Arab-conference.

Whatever… it was quite recently that I finally realized why Israeli public hardly expect 72-yr-old “FUAD” to sit on the throne while they don’t mind watching 86-yr-old Peres destroy EVERYTHING as Phoenix-Bibi’s President: Poor Shalom. Poor Mofaz. Poor “FUAD”… Doesn’t PM Netanyahu look like a pure Ashkenazi or utmost Tel-Avian no matter what he does behind the scene?)

(Updated on MARCH 5-8, 2010)

Yoel Marcus: There is no one in charge, no clear policy on the Palestinian issue Feb 9, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) It’s no longer “two states for two peoples.” Now ministers are scaring the public by saying the Palestinians want one state west of the Jordan, and hope to win by demography. The government is gradually exposing its right-wing character. (…) If Netanyahu wants peace (…) Kadima leader Tzipi Livni may be miffed, but this is no time for settling accounts – it’s a time for closing ranks. With Livni as vice premier and foreign minister and Mofaz as public security minister, it would not be a paralysis government but one that could march us to peace and security. Come on Bibi, forward march.

Carlo Strenger: Israel’s liberals are suffering political paralysis Feb 17, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Hence the paradox of Israel’s current state of mind: two-thirds of the electorate consistently supports the two-state solution, but the vote goes ever more to the right. (…) and the left-leaning Meretz has become a defunct fig-leaf without any relevance. (…) And while I tend to think that Netanyahu has made a strategic choice for the two-state solution, there is no way he can implement it with his current coalition. The only short-term scenario that could initiate some change would be for Netanyahu to sever his ties with Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party and to form a government together with Kadima based on an unequivocal acceptance of the two-state solution and immediate dismantling of isolated settlements. (…)

(JIWON: Who says what? Yoel Marcus… as usual. I know he is or looks(?) very old. How old is Prof. Carlo Strenger or Mr. Philosopher/Psychoanalyst? Old enough to be familiar with the Mossad’s rules how to teach females…? Are they treating Kadima’s leader or Kadima itself as a mere, inferior-to-male, but patriotic female?)

Mossad: the elite women who work for ‘the family’ – Telegraph Feb 20, 2010 / By British Media
(…) Meir Amit, the director-general of Mossad in the 1960s, laid down the rules for kidon women in a document that remains in force today. It contains the following passage: “A woman has skills a man simply does not have. She knows how to listen. Pillow talk is not a problem for her. The history of modern intelligence is filled with accounts of women who have used their sex for the good of their country… It is not just sleeping with someone if required. It is to lead a man to believe you will do so in return for what he has to tell you.” (…)

Woman power in Dubai: Young, pretty and dangerous – are women real heroes of Dubai assassination operation? Feb 25, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Rumors that women are used by the Mossad mostly as bait are greatly exaggerated, though this has happened. The most famous case is that of “Cindy,” (…)

(JIWON: No wonder Labor’s Barak or President Peres called Kadima’s leader a ‘Girl’. How many females are found in Kadima? Don’t they know that only the Kadima party lacks young, fresh female MKs, who preferred to join Male-Chauvinists’ right-wing coalition? This is never my joke. I am fed up with this computer work and want to finish it as soon as possible so that I never have to waste my life on this disgusting issue again.)

Yoel Marcus: A demikulo leadership Jan 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Bibi’s trick of summoning Livni and expecting her to decide to join his government within two hours also looks like something between a joke and an insult. (…)

Sarah Netanyahu: Lawsuit by Maid is ‘Pack of Lies’ Jan 17, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
(…) Lillian claims in her suit that Sarah Netanyahu paid her a salary that was lower than the minimum wage and did not pay her the basic social benefits. Netanyahu also allegedly forced her employee to work on the Sabbath despite the fact that she is a Sabbath-observant Jew. (…) Sarah Netanyahu had informed her employee, “It is a privilege to work for the Netanyahu family” and that she had no right to demand any other salary or benefits. In addition, the plaintiff claimed that Netanyahu told her, “This is my beautiful home, and I am the mother of the State of Israel.” (…)

(JIWON: Isn’t that interesting to compare Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu, who are the FATHER and the MOTHER of the State of Israel? Now, this has been a series of happenings while PM Netanyahu, the FATHER of Israel, was ruling the country with Kadima’s Livni sleeping in the opposition bench. While I never appreciated Livni’s ability, it was rather PM Bibi’s natural ally, National Union MK, who praised Livni’s greatest achievement as the Opposition leader.)

Yoel Marcus: No return to the land of our forefathers Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
PM Bibi cannot pretend he didn’t know whom he was appointing FM Lieberman and what could be expected from him. Netanyahu is pretending to be a better, more moderate leader who seems ready to lead Israel to peace. So it was convenient – or more accurately, important – that he have Yisrael Beiteinu in the coalition. He also needed Shas, which plays alternately the peace seeker and the radical, depending which pays more. Netanyahu needed these two parties to counter the demands of concessions for peace. (…) at the Bar-Ilan speech about two states for two peoples … Netanyahu said. In other words, a return to the Greater Land of Israel dream, which Sharon wanted to scrap. (…)

Yoel Marcus: A country preoccupied with trifles Feb 12, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) This country has experienced tense relations between chiefs of staff and defense ministers before; for example, between Kadima No.2 and ‘Fuad’, between Netanyahu and Amnon Lipkin-Shahak – though Netanyahu was not defense minister in those days but prime minister. Yitzhak Mordechai was defense minister.

Nehemia Shtrasler: A car for every worker, a train for every voter Feb 23, 2010 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu’s grandiose rail schemes may win him votes – but what about Israel’s crumbling roads? (…) During the early 1970s, when Shimon Peres was transportation minister, he wanted to appeal to the general public. As such, he announced that soon “each worker will have a car.” Netanyahu listened and learned. Now he is suggesting a “train for every voter.” Because if POPULISM is the game, why not go all the way?

(JIWON: Ooops! Part of the information above was from the History Class, “Avarice Knows NO Bounds”… sorry. Keep reading, please, and forget about Palestine. If you stick to this word, PEACE, you will be lost… forever.)

Yoel Marcus: Where were Israel’s leaders when Iran was threatening us? Feb 12, 2010
(…) Historical researchers will not believe how an entire nation, including its elected representatives, preoccupied itself with trifles. (…)

Zafrir Rinat: Dozing on our balconies Mar 3, 2010 / By Haaretz
After the bill was pushed through quickly and almost clandestinely, it reached the phase for objections and comments, which is open to the public. That phase ends today. Although the law is huge (almost 600 clauses), with a heavy impact, only 21 days were allotted to the objections phase. This shows that the government really isn’t interested in allowing deep criticism, but wants the Knesset to quickly vote the bill into law. A study of the bill reveals that it’s a new BUREAUCRATIC tangle, adding more than 20 new committees with broad powers to approve construction plans. It increases the role of government, while limiting the ability of the public and organizations representing the public to object to, or influence the planning process. It also decreases transparency. (…)

Nehemia Shtrasler: The compass has gone astray Mar 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) said half a year ago that “the auditing of wages must remain in the hands of the Finance Ministry without any exceptions.” So it’s his obligation to correct the wage clause in the Bank of Israel Law so that power once again will be in the hands of the supervisor of wages, without a committee and without Netanyahu. That’s the only way the Bank of Israel will be able to regain the public’s faith.

(JIWON: Finally, I realized that this word, BILLION, means less than a penny for the Israeli King and his voters. I also realized why my frequent reports on the ‘Poverty-Stricken Kids in Israel’ have never bothered Mr. Netanyahu despite Mrs. Sara’s years-long nagging.)

PM Netanyahu defends wife over lawsuit Jan 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) Netanyahu went on to stress that: “My wife Sara does not interfere in state business. But there is one field in which she does have an influence on me, she tells me, ‘Be more attentive to others. Be attentive to the needs of the elderly and the needs of children and Holocaust survivors’. She tells me ‘Be a better father, a better son, be a better friend.’ In this sense she has a very strong influence on me.”
‘Sara makes me more sensitive’
“I think she helps me be a more sensitive person and a more humane prime minister, and for this I am indebted to her, and for the support she has given me over the years, and the heavy personal price she has had to pay for standing by me,” he said in sum, and implored his rivals: “Aim your fire at me. Leave my wife and kids alone.” (…)

In Israel, 1/3 population can’t afford essential food items Mar 31, 2008 / Jerusalem Post
‘In Israel, One in 5 needy considers suicide’ Dec 10, 2008 / Jerusalem Post
‘30% of kids are below poverty line’ Feb 14, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Study: Jewish poverty rate in the U.S. is higher than in Israel Nov 16, 2007 / By Haaretz
(…) In Israel 24% of the population is considered poor, but ABOUT HALF is NOT JEWISH. (…)

(… JIWON: When did I read Humane Prime Minister Netanyahu’s supporting Holocaust survivors? Am I missing something from my daily reading Israeli newspapers?…)

PM Netanyahu grants heritage status to West Bank religious sites, alloting NIS 400 million Feb 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
Peres defends Netanyahu’s plan of Jewish heritage sites expansion Feb 24, 2010 / By International Media
Peres: Heritage site disagreement is artificial conflict… especially by Hamas Feb 24, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Abbas (PA), Haniyeh (Hamas): Heritage sites will ignite a war Feb 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
UN: Heritage sites on occupied land Feb 22, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Yossi Sarid: From Tel Hai, with love Feb 20, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Every day we see news reports that residents of the Gaillee and Negev have never felt so abandoned and forgotten. Since the Katyushas in the north and Qassams in the south went quiet, the government has fallen silent as well. And whatever the government doesn’t do, Hezbollah and Hamas will. Another missile, another rocket – and Kiryat Shmona and Sderot will again be placed above our highest joy. (…)

Editorial: Megalomania on the rails. Some NIS 27.5 or 50 or 100 billion over the next 20 years Feb 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Cabinet OKs NIS 60b. transportation plan… with Finance Minister abstaining Feb 24, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
Editorial: A project to cost NIS 27.5b., but likely end up costing twice that much Feb 24, 2010 / By Haaretz
DM Barak and Lieberman’s Cabinet approves transportation reform Feb 24, 2010 / By Ynetnews
(…) The real dispute vis-à-vis the plan, which will take a decade to complete, is about whether it will come at the expense of other government services. (…) 11 ministers requested to speak in front of the cabinet and some expressed their reservations due to the affect such a plan might have on their ministries’ jurisdiction and budget. (…)

(JIWON: Please imagine what this word, ‘BILLION’, means for the American tax-payers, while it means less than a penny for the Israeli voters, 30% of whose kids are below poverty line. I think NIS 27.5 billion means more or less $7.31 billion. Weird that Labor’s Barak, who never gave up insisting more money for his defense ministry during Olmert’s term, has never been complaining whatsoever while working as PM Bibi or FM Lieberman’s most faithful servant.)

Ahead of Biden visit, DM Barak to PM Netanyahu: Don’t miss this chance for peace Mar 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
Ahead of Biden visit, DM Barak hopes indirect talks will lead to negotiations on CORE ISSUES Mar 8, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Ahead of Biden visit, DM Barak approves 112 new housing units in West Bank Mar 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Move defies construction freeze, angers the Palestinians a day after they agree to resume talks. (…)

DM Barak puts Tel Aviv apartment up for sale for NIS 40 million Aug 26, 2008 / By Haaretz
DM Barak purchases 2nd luxury apartment Feb 18, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Netanyahu’s Finance Minister: Israel can do without US economic aid Jan 10, 2010 / By Ynetnews
Biden: Nuclear Iran would threaten United States as well as Israel Mar 8, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) Meanwhile, DM Barak has said that Iran does not pose an existential threat to Israel. … Biden, however, emphasized the Iranian threat and reiterated the US’ commitment to Israel. “[The Obama administration] gives Israel annual military aid worth $3 billion. …” (…)

(JIWON: Having grown up in a typical middle class, I am struck with awe whenever I read a Big-Mouth such as Israeli PM Netanyahu or IPO’s Zubin Mehta. Is this a typical Jewish characteristic? I know (Diaspora) Jewish Wealth, along with Jewish Power, is beyond imagination. However, still…)

Please check
🙂 From Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008)
(Updated on NOVEMBER 21, 2008)
JIWON: (…) As I wrote before … it was a secret message to Beinisch’s Secret Society… that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under Mehta’s detailed instruction.
Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 21, 2008 / By Haaretz

Netanyahu to Haaretz: Palestinians seem to be backing down Feb 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
[Q] – (…) about transportation. You intend to pave roads and build railroad tracks on an unprecedented scale. Why spend money that we don’t have on asphalt and concrete?
[PM Bibi] – “It’s not that much money. (… bla-bla-bla…)”
[Q] – Wouldn’t it be better to invest the money in education? NIS 30 billion could revolutionize elementary, high school and university education.
[PM Bibi] – “We’ll be investing in education, too. (… bla-bla-bla…)”
[Q] – I won’t ask you about Dubai, of course. But I’ll ask you this: Would you say that today you still have the same faith in the Mossad and its chief?
[PM Bibi] – “May I SHUT UP?”

(Updated on MARCH 9, 2010)

(JIWON: Whether or not the ‘TIMING’ of Murdoch’s British media’s revelation aimed at helping Israeli PM Bibi’s Settlement Project and boosting his public image inside the “Greater Israel”,)

Yoel Marcus: Dubai hit can’t distract from need for Palestinian talks Feb 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) The media is full of fantastic stories about the tremendous success of the most widely reported secret operation ever. Britain’s Sunday papers, known for their revelations, said PM Bibi inspected the Mossad team himself (according to the foreign press, of course) and wished them success. Another newspaper “exposed” that training was carried out in a Tel Aviv hotel. (…)

British newspaper: Netanyahu approved Mossad hit Feb 19-21, 2010 / By International Media
Israel is back: Our enemies scared of ‘crazy’ Israel, which finally learned rules of region Feb 19, 2010 / By Ynetnews
FM Lieberman on Dubai assassination: Arabs always blame Israel Feb 22, 2010 / By Haaretz
Likud MKs call Dubai hit a ‘mitzvah’ Feb 23, 2010 / By Ynetnews
After Global media reports, Mossad sees soaring popularity Feb 26, 2010 / By Ynetnews

Israel is Americans’ fifth favorite place Feb 22, 2010 / By Haaretz

EU diplomat: Dubai passport affair may harm Israel – EU ties Feb 21, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
EU tones down Dubai criticism Feb 23, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Therefore, I keep wondering why Palestinian side of leader is replaced by more intelligent & cruel, and younger one, while Israeli side of leader is getting much dumber & more moderate, and older… (in short, a mere populist)… simply to suit Israeli public taste.)

Mossad: the elite women who work for ‘the family’ – Telegraph Feb 20, 2010 / By British Media
Talkbacks for this article 16
3. No one laments the death of this terrible man. But there are 2 problems: is that the tactic of assassination in uncivilized and, you know, illegal. Second, this sort of violence ultimately perpetuates more radicalization and more violence, not less. Do you think Hamas is going to choose a more moderate leader to replace him? Do you think poor Arab kids will now be persuaded that Israelis have a right to their land by this action? / Commipinkoliberal at 06:17 AM

Nehemia Shtrasler: Amateurs who live in the past Feb 18, 2010 (…before British revelation…) / By Haaretz
(…) The big question is whether the prime minister, who is responsible for the Mossad, took into account both the profits and losses involved when he gave the go-ahead for the operation. Because it’s already clear that the damages caused by the operation are greater than its advantages. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh will be replaced by another Hamas leader, perhaps more cruel than he. But 11 people (and perhaps more) from the Mossad’s hit team can no longer work abroad. Moreover, the methods used by the Mossad have also been exposed. (…)

‘Mabhouh hit too costly to be considered a success’ Feb 27, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

(JIWON: Thanks to this article by Jerusalem Post, aka Bibiton, I feel NO need to find more articles from the Israeli media.)

23:04 Meshal (Hamas): Mabhouh assassination only strengthens Hamas (Ch. 10) Jan 21, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News
22:26 Netanyahu: No parole for murderer of minister Rehavam Ze`evi (Israel Radio) Jan 21, 2010 / By Haaretz Flash News

🙂 From Palestine >
🙂 PA’s Collapse in West-Bank vs. Hamas’ Islamic-Republic in Gaza (Sep 29, 2009 – Mar 5, 2010)
Avi Issacharoff: Hamas may not be moderate, but it’s cracking down on extremism ‎Dec 3, 2009 / By Ha’aretz
UN official: Israel siege on Gaza encourages Hamas smuggling Mar 5, 2010 / By Haaretz
Hamas aide: Assassinated leader Mabhouh smuggled weapons Mar 4, 2010 / By Haaretz
Hamas moderates can’t halt the slide toward Tehran Mar 3, 2010 / By Haaretz
Radical groups in Gaza a growing threat to Hamas Mar 4, 2010 / By Haaretz
Hamas: Abbas selling Palestinians illusions of peace with Israel Mar 5, 2010 / By Haaretz

(JIWON: Who knows? It is in fact the Israeli government, who wants to see Hamas give in to Radical groups and therefore has been working to make ‘Hamas-controlled-area’ a real Anarchy. Isn’t it a better strategy to put this Palestinian land under MORAL and LEGAL occupation? Isn’t it easier to persuade the international community after MORALLY and LEGALLY bombing the entire Gaza? More desperate and more violent Palestinian youngsters living in Fatah-controlled-area will soon follow their Gazan brothers.

It was quite recently that I started solving this Israeli or Palestinian riddle through the viewpoint of Phoenix-Bibi. Suddenly, I could interpret Israeli government’s stupid-looking attitude against Hamas in another way.

Anyway, this is what’s been happening inside Israeli Banana Republic. Regardless of whatsoever happenings in the Hamas’ Islam Republic, it’s clear that Israeli side of leader is getting much dumber & more moderate, and older… (in short, a mere populist)… simply to suit Israeli public taste. Who knows? I might be wrong, of course, and any advice to fix my stupid analysis will be welcomed. However, I must say. Those who dare to criticize my open analysis had better contact Mr. Ideology or Head of Netanyahu Clan first.)

Likud ministers ready to resist PA state May 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Address by PM Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan: Likud to Accept Two-State Solution, PA State Jun 14, 2009 / By Israel
Netanyahu’s father says his son didn’t really mean what he said Jul 9, 2010 / By International Media
(…) Professor Ben-Zion Netanyahu said that his son had told him that he had placed so many conditions on his offer last month of a Palestinian state as to make it unacceptable to the Palestinians. “He told me that they would never meet even one of those conditions,” he said. (…)

PM Netanyahu’s Dad to Celebrate 100th Birthday Mar 8, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)
The Netanyahu clan, the Likud elite and leading political figures including President Peres gathered at a closed event in Jerusalem to honor Prof. Ben-Tzion Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s father, on his 100th birthday. In typical non-sentimental fashion, Prof. Netanyahu used the occasion at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center to deliver a stern, timely message of warning. (…) In one of the evening’s many amusing moments, Prime Minister Netanyahu used his speech to dispel what he said was a false media account of his childhood home as being ruled by ‘Prussian-style’ discipline. (…) Prof. Netanyahu has been vocally critical of his son Binyamin when he deemed that he had veered off the proper Zionist path. (…)

Yoel Marcus: PM Bibi’s first 100 days. With or without Sara… Let him do his job! Jul 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) It is impossible to address the prime minister’s performance without focusing on a matter called Sara, which occupies the media ad nauseum. The classic struggle in Jewish families is usually between the mother-in-law and the bride. In Netanyahu’s family, according to the grapevine, Sara has the last word. She meddles in appointments and even in policy. Rumor has it that in his previous term there was a written agreement between them that he must take her to every event. After the great defeat she vanished from the scene. With his electoral victory Sara returned and is allegedly involved in his appointments. There’s a joke making the rounds about the work distribution in the Netanyahu family – the 100-year-old father is responsible for ideology and the wife for staffing the bureau. And since his spokespeople have a credibility problem, his recently enlisted son has been posted in the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s unit. This whole Sara business, why and to whom should it matter? In our macho-land, few politicians’ wives have dominated their husband. (…)

(JIWON: Since PM Bibi made it clear that Mrs. Sara has absolutely NO influence on the Israeli Politics, EVERYBODY should contact Prof. Netanyahu first if he dare wants to make my brainless analysis free from faults. RIGHT?)


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