JIWON: As I wrote in my previous mail, Dear President Peres, Phoenix Bibi (May 20, 2008)., I couldn’t help creating this section, even in this tired-out situation, to honor such a talent as Phoenix Bibi. I really hope Mr. Netanyahu to grab most of public mind with his exact words. However… the moment St. Bibi fails to win his election, this section will be re-entitled ‘Sparrot-Bibi,’ which might even go to his glory the moment another Phoenix rises from another ashes. I know Barenboim’s Israel is full of talents. ^.*

NOTICE: Until BIBI’s FEIGLIN or FACEBOOK-Scandal on Dec 13, 2008, I put all my efforts to make Phoenix-Bibi a real Jewish leader. This Big-Mouth perfectly mocked all my hard working! Hence, Bibi must choose ONLY ONE; Nationalist-Government or Another-Meretz!! We’ll see… If his choice is NOT a Nationalist-Government, BIBI will have to PROMISE to ALL his voters that 13th PM Netanyahu SHALL give his Palestinian Kids MORE!!! Simply because there is no other choice left for Israeli 12th-or-13th-or-100th prime minister!!!! What is PM Bibi going to answer when his Opposition Leader behaves just like Phoenix-Bibi during Seventeenth-Knesset? Will this IDIOT say that I will stick around the computer AGAIN, 24 hours a day, only to write another history of Phoenix-Bibi??

🙂 Banana-Republic (Collection of Articles… everything below is found, of course.)
🙂 JIWON: My Messages in the FACEBOOK
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!! (From Nov 21, 2008 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008).

🙂 JIWON: Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe) (From Aug 13, 2008 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) (Short messages to each country to introduce this mailing, in case they only offer Web-mail.)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (From Jan 3, 2009 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (Short Web-Mail)

🙂 Hamas: We accept state on ‘67 borders
🙂 Abbas rejects Olmert’s concessions (‘We rejected Israeli proposals that stipulated making concessions including on Jerusalem and the refugees. We either get all six points – Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, water and security – or nothing at all.’) Last updated on Jan 27, 2009 (“We want a state in the 1967 borders, a fair solution to the refugee issue, removal of settlements. There will be no going beyond these points or bargaining.”)
🙂 Marwan Barghouti to ‘Peace Now’: Palestinians ready for peace Last updated on April 9, 2008
🙂 PM Salaam Fayad seeks steps against settlements (The Palestinians won’t make any more concessions.) Last updated on Nov 27, 2008
🙂 Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat fumed, “The time to speak about economics and fragmentation is over. It seems to me that if Mr. Netanyahu thinks this is the course, he is closing the door to any chance for peace.” (Bibi pledges to continue talks with PA, insisting on ‘Economic Peace’ plan (Nov 17, 2008).)
🙂 U.S. Bush’s Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed the “economic peace” plan at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels last week, saying that the goal is to reach a two-state solution. (Netanyahu to Haaretz: Likud is behind me; Feiglin will soon disappear (Dec 13, 2008).)
🙂 Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary will be secretary of state under Obama, has also criticized Netanyahu’s position. Last week, at the Saban Forum debates in Washington, Clinton said there would be no chance for economic progress in the PA, except as part of talks leading to a comprehensive final settlement. (Netanyahu to Haaretz: Likud is behind me; Feiglin will soon disappear (Dec 13, 2008).)

🙂 Shas Council of Torah Sages: Party Can’t Join Coalition for 2 Reasons. (NIS 1 b. for Child Allowance & Unity of Jerusalem)

1 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8)

Updated on JANUARY 30, 2009

Netanyahu: I won’t evacuate settlements, keep Olmert’s promises (Jan 30, 2009): “I will not keep Olmert’s commitments to withdraw (from the territories) and I won’t evacuate (West Bank) settlements. Those understandings are invalid and unimportant,” Netanyahu said. (…) He said he would invite Kadima and all the Zionist parties to join his coalition providing they agree to his guidelines – no division of Jerusalem, no return to 1967 borders.
(JIWON: THAT… I appreciate. A true Jewish leader should speak this in front of ALL INTERNATIONAL FOLKS. When Bibi says this, he clearly knows he will announce WAR against the entire ARABs when the Palestinians and their International friends, including American Obama, don’t accept this.)

DECEMBER 23, 2008 – JANUARY 27, 2009

Please check
🙂 From Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008
Could you please check JIWON: Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) while reading my report on Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008? What will happen if Hamas violates cease fire truce again? How many Palestinian civilians will suffer again?
Could you please, please check Phoenix-Bibi and Dorit Beinisch’s Banana Republic at every each moment? Don’t you think Phoenix-Bibi should be responsible for what he had done as an Opposition Leader no matter who becomes Israeli 13th or 14th or 100th prime minister?
Please check his Settlement comments. Please check his Jerusalem comments, too. If I were you, I would simply ignore Kadima’s Livni, who will anyway lose in Israeli election. You INTERNATIONAL guys have been doing a terrific job to destroy Livni’s fate. Why not more? If I were you, I would just focus on all the details of Phoenix-Bibi again and again until NO Jewish Opposition Leader dares to imitate Phoenix-Bibi. There should be countless Israeli prime ministers, who should survive no longer than months until Palestinians receive what they deserve. This is the only way. It was not a difficult job to create my Knesset-blog, but during this job, I almost saw bloody stool in morning toilet. I can never accept this in my future again.

DECEMBER 19 – 22, 2008

Bibi to Sderot: Israelis can’t count on miracles (Dec 22, 2008).: (…) Residents appeared unimpressed as photographers and reporters swarmed around. Yehuda Ben Shimon wanted to know what all the commotion was about as he emerged from his home. “All we’re asking is that the lack of quiet should be over there,” he said as he pointed to Gaza, “not over here. This is what I have to come home to? It’s been eight years. To say we’re tired is an understatement.” (…)
(JIWON: Was it the real reason of Dorit Beinisch’s mysterious behaviors to woo Sderot’s young mothers? To prepare Bibi’s election campaign?)

Meridor ‘Working Very Hard’ to Create Golan Giveaway Coalition (Dec 19, 2008).: Dan Meridor is “working very hard” and “making every effort” to convince Binyamin Netanyahu to “make history” by changing Israel’s posture towards Syria and the idea of ceding the Golan Heights in return for a peace treaty. (…) Moshe Teomim, strategic advisor, boasted that it was he, who sold Bibi on the idea of advocating an “economic peace” with the Palestinian Authority. “I gave [the idea] to him ten months ago,” Teomim said. He added that in retrospect, however, he thinks the idea was not a very good one. (…) Meridor said that he agreed with nearly everything that PM Olmert said. His only points of disagreement with Olmert were regarding the Second Lebanon War, which Meridor thinks Olmert bungled, and the “attack on the justice system” by Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. Olmert’s speech was largely devoted to the prospects of peace with Syria. (…) Meridor is considered very close to Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinisch. This matter came under journalistic debate when Meridor’s name was floated as a possible Justice Minister in 2006. According to Attorney Yossi Dar, Meridor and Beinisch routinely go out with their families “to concerts, holiday trips etc.” Meridor’s name has also been mentioned as a possible Minister of Justice in Binyamin Netanyahu’s future government. Another candidate is Gideon Saar. Saar was an aide to both Beinisch and Arbel and is also considered very close to them.
(JIWON: Finally, Phoenix-Bibi, Knesset-Jokes and Banana-Republic merged into Welcome to Jerusalem in the name of LIKUD. HO! I can now understand the reason of Sa’ar-bill (Jun 19, 2008)., which was mocked by the Nobel Prize laureate. I can also understand HOW and WHY Dorit Beinisch supported Bibi’s election campaign all behind the scenes. What amazes me is that Dorit Beinisch and Phoenix-Bibi all walked along arm in arm while Bibi’s Jewish voters all identified Banana Republic Queen with Kadima’s Olmert and insulted them. What a country…)
🙂 From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
1. Article No. 73: Sa’ar-bill: Nobel laureate Aumann applies game theory to judge selection (Jun 17, 2008).: (…) During the meeting Aumann had much less to say about game theory than he did about what was wrong with the Supreme Court and the committee that chooses it. (…) He added that he was “shocked” to hear that Ben-Sasson had asked Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch for her opinion of the bill. “This contradicts the separation of the branches of government,” he said in his introductory remarks. He also blamed the Supreme Court for its efforts to curb its power. “The court brought the politicization upon itself because it deals with matters pertaining to social values, politics and security,” he charged. There should also be no judges or lawyers on the committee that choose the justices of the Supreme Court in the first place, he added later, since the court deals with these three areas. (…)
2. Article No. 74: Sa’ar-bill: Beinisch gives quiet support to upping judicial appt. majority (Jun 19, 2008).: (…) Beinisch thereby indicated that she does not oppose the bill. (…) Robert (Yisrael) Aumann, a Nobel Prize laureate in economics, raised a different issue, arguing that lawyers and judges should not sit on the JAC at all. Currently, the JAC’s nine members include three Supreme Court justices and two Bar Association representatives, along with two ministers and two Knesset members. “It’s a scandal that lawyers are represented on the committee, when they must appear before the judges [they appoint],” he said. “This is institutional corruption.” Regarding the issue over which he had been invited to the Constitution Committee – explaining how the bill would affect the current balance of power among the JAC’s four factions – Aumann said the Supreme Court justices would retain their current dominance in the appointments process, since the bill gave any bloc of three members a veto. He therefore opposed the bill, saying it would prevent a more fundamental reform of the system.

DECEMBER 11 – 19, 2008

Please check
🙂 From In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH
(My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008).
🙂 From JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!! (From Nov 21, 2008 to Present)

1. Tzipi Livni slams Likud list as ‘been there, done that’ (Dec 11, 2008).: Kadima chief says Likud slate reminded her of why she left party, predicts strong party list.
2. JIWON: Ha-Ha-Ha… ho-ho-ho… This is exactly what I was trying to figure out before joining Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I still don’t know why Kadima’s Livni looks cool, despite all my disappointment at Arik’s IMPOTENT guys. (BRRR…) What’s the difference between Tzipi Livni and me? Do I still suffer from the ‘Bad Boy/Girl’ syndrome? I promise… ‘IT’ will be done by tonight.
3. Please check JIWON: Messages in the FACEBOOK

4. The new, revised Likud slate for the 18th Knesset (Dec 13, 2008).: Bibi: ‘I’m in charge, I set policies’, and Bibi tells EU he will pursue peace, and Netanyahu to Haaretz: Likud is behind me; Feiglin will soon disappear (Dec 13, 2008).: Netanyahu met Egyptian ambassador to Israel Yasser Reda last week and told him that if he won the elections he would not stop the peace process, only add components such as his “economic peace” plan. He conveyed similar messages to the Czech foreign minister, whose country will take on the rotating EU presidency in January. The meeting with the EU ambassadors had been scheduled for several weeks ago, but Netanyahu asked to postpone it until after the primary. (…) U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed the “economic peace” plan at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels last week, saying that the goal is to reach a two-state solution. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary will be secretary of state under Obama, has also criticized Netanyahu’s position. Last week, at the Saban Forum debates in Washington, Clinton said there would be no chance for economic progress in the PA, except as part of talks leading to a comprehensive final settlement.

5. JIWON: Wow! How come a politician, a leader of No.1 party and internationally famed Jew indeed, can behave like this? I know politicians can do whatever behind the scenes, even in the voting booth. But in this public way? What a thick skin… I am literally in awe. Is it because everything is possible in the world of LAW in Dorit Beinisch’s Israel? FACEBOOK member ‘officially’ wrote that this is exactly how ‘Young-&-Fresh BIBI’ managed his government a decade ago. (…) Anyway, I really appreciate my FACEBOOK work, and I can’t think of better way. I just need more time to think of ‘more effective’ way to CHURN this HOTTEST Jewish party, LIKUD, since I only received ‘limited’ power to ‘conquer’ this beautiful place. I promise. BIBI will have to choose ONLY ONE; to form a Nationalist-Government or to make his LIKUS another Meretz. If his choice is another Meretz, BIBI will have to PROMISE to ALL his voters that 13th PM Netanyahu SHALL give his Palestinian Kids MORE…

6. Netanyahu, Barak reject Livni invitation for political debate (Dec 16, 2008).
7. JIWON: Finally, Kadima’s Livni is doing the right thing. See… those male things are afraid of this public debate. Especially BIBI, who is ‘unreasonably’ adored by ‘countless’ Neither-Young-Nor-Old Female Voters in immigrant society… I never know why they think Bibi is hot. Do you know why? There are real guys in LIKUD. They look real hot. Livni can’t beat those guys, who ‘politically’ gathered around IMPOTENT BIBI. Is it my opinion? I just wrote what I observed. I was surprised at Likud or even Meretz’s list. See… Gal-On is down to No.3 despite her hard-working biggest mouth. Public should know all the truth, I believe.
8. (Dec 17, 2008). JIWON: I just can’t understand what’s going on both in Israel and in Palestine. See… those IMPOTENT guys won’t accept Public Debate. What means public debate? A contestant, who receives more public attention, wins the game. Any absentees can’t win. Why doesn’t Livni start it now?

9. Netanyahu ‘not afraid’ of face-off (Dec 17, 2008).
10. JIWON: Hum… I am not sure if this article appeared before/after my mailing to Bibi’s Knesset. Please check the time. Anyway, Palestinians already answered, in their furious voice, that they won’t accept any of Bibi’s PRESENT policies. Bibi should go further if he really wants to become Israeli prime minister. This is so far… Do all European politicians know this? Still… updating Phoenix-Bibi was fun rather than disgusting, and I am willing to support Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu with my full heart. JUST… BIBI SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY LIEs either to Foreign leaders or to Jewish voters!

11. Netanyahu off to Paris to meet Sarkozy
12. JIWON: Who will become Bibi’s next victim among European politicians? Therefore, my Barenboim-message will prepare his meeting with French President Sarkozy, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Economy Minister Christine Lagarde and some Jewish leaders. What about French Muslim leaders?
13. Please check Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) (Dear French President Sarkozy, bla-bla-bla…)

14. Jerusalem Post: Bibi to Sarkozy: Iran ‘greatest historical challenge’ facing the world (Dec 19, 2008).: (…) Iran (…JIWON: Typical Bibi, who has nothing to reply… Are there any Israelis who don’t think like Bibi?…) French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier, confirming some details of a report in the Le Figaro, said EU foreign ministers had discussed earlier this month a “working document” to ease tensions between the Palestinians and Israel. The document, which had not been previously made public, mentions the prospect of making an international force “available” for Palestinian areas if both sides agree, and setting up “an international mechanism” that could give financial help to Palestinian refugees, he said. The document raises the possibility that Jerusalem could be “the capital of two states” side by side – Israel and a future Palestinian state, Chevallier said. He said the proposal is still in the works.
15. JIWON to EU: Thanks, guys. See… Have you seen a thicker skin, a bigger mouth than Bibi? When Bibi threw this answer to his French friends(?), he clearly knew that Israeli 13th prime minister can’t keep this promise, whether he is Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. I am now curious how many HOT LIKUD guys trust this word. Or is the ‘rumor’ right that HOT guys usually are famous for their two-digit-numbered IQ? Is this why Kadima’s female leader Livni left Bibi’s Likud after the HOTTEST one-night stand? Bibi says, “We want a united Jerusalem under Israel… bla-bla-bla…” Anyone can say this; whether Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. So, what Bibi the opposition leader did while 12th PM Olmert was saying exactly the same words? My firm belief is that all those HOT Likud guys should pack all their belongings and move into the real Nationalist-Party. Bibi’s Likud is not the one. This is nothing but another-Meretz. WHY… why does Bibi NEVER mention his proud SETTLEMENT Project during the international trip? WHY? Israeli 13th prime minister can NEVER reject international pressure on this issue. What is PM Bibi going to do? Shall he resign from his PM job after spending ONE miserable day as Israeli leader?

16. Netanyahu tells Sarkozy he will continue talks with Syria (Dec 19, 2008).
17. JIWON: What an IMPOTENT coward! I will check THIS in Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I don’t care whether LIKUD guys are hot or not, but I’m damn curious if those guys are mentally ZESO. Who knows? Their IQ is even below monkey’s… French President Sarkozy was a great source of my inspiration. How could I think of Bibi’s Voodoo dolls for Barenboim’s Palestinian kids, if without his help, without his hot fame? To honor this famed French celebrity, I am thinking to move this part to my next mail so that this message will appear in both
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008).
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!! (From Nov 21, 2008 to Present)


Netanyahu assures Czech FM he’s committed to PA talks (Dec 1, 2008).: Netanyahu met in Jerusalem with Schwarzenberg, whose country is to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union in January. Bibi stressed that his idea for “Economic Peace” was not a replacement for the political talks, but rather meant to create a foundation and positive atmosphere that would augment those talks. (…) the two men also discussed Iran, with the Czech minister saying that “judging by our own history you don’t have to tell us about your worries and concerns, we understand them very well.”
(JIWON: Bibi’s Lie Again. It is only 2 weeks after Palestinian Erekat threw a furious answer to Bibi’s Big-Mouth. What a thick skin… How many European politicians will be fooled by Bibi’s trick? See…No one has to mention Iran. Everybody knows it.)

Netanyahu, new Leftist party bring onboard Obama strategists (Nov 23, 2008).: Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu, who in the past hired American Republican strategists to help his campaigns, crossed the line last week by hiring two consultants who worked with US President-elect Barak Obama. (…) The new Left-wing party being formed together with Meretz has also brought in strategists who worked on behalf of Obama. (…)
(JIWON: LOL 🙂 See… Bibi’s LIKUD is nothing but Another-Meretz! Dear Palestinian Kids, you can receive MORE from Bibi’s LIKUD than from Olmert’s Kadima. Just prove your united power!!)

Netanyahu pledges to continue talks with PA, insisting on ‘Economic Peace’ plan (Nov 17, 2008).: Bibi pledged to continue talks with the Palestinians if elected prime minister, saying he would base such talks on economic development. (…) Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, meanwhile, said Netanyahu’s approach would destroy peacemaking because the US-sponsored talks that began last year are designed to achieve a treaty on all outstanding issues between Israel and the Palestinians. “The time to speak about economics and fragmentation is over,” Erekat fumed. “It seems to me that if Mr. Netanyahu thinks this is the course, he is closing the door to any chance for peace.”

Likud Chief Netanyahu: If elected, I’ll continue peace talks (Nov 10, 2008).: (…) Peace talks by Bush (USA) have failed to make headway, and Bibi has signaled he would cut off the negotiations if elected. But after meeting with international peace envoy Tony Blair, Bibi said he would move political negotiations forward if he wins the election. (…) The meeting was described by Blair’s spokeswoman as routine. Blair often meets with Israeli leaders when he visits Israel, she said. (…) The Quartet also agreed not to intervene in the talks or to set a deadline for the creation of a final status agreement. Under Annapolis, all core issues including Jerusalem, refugees and borders are on the table. But according to Levy, it is Netanyahu and not the international community who wants to take the peace talks in another direction. “Netanyahu would not, for example, negotiate over Jerusalem or refugees. Instead, Netanyahu wants to focus on economic peace even as he continues to negotiate with the Palestinians. He doesn’t want a photo-op. He wants to build peace from the bottom up,” said Levy.
(Talkbacks for this article 64 / (Before Update) 46. You guys are hilarious! – Such bandwagon jumpers. For weeks I read nothing but praise for Bibi on these talkbacks. People were saying ‘WE NEED BIBI!!” He’s the only one who can save us, blah blah blah. Now you people have turned on him. I have never liked Netanyahu, for 14 years now. But at least I never wavered in my distaste of him. He was rolling in the polls and now dead even. He’s been a shoe in for months and now he might not even get elected. It’s just hysterical to me. He’s the same Bibi he always has been, I have no idea why half of you people are shocked. / Brooke – USA)

Netanyahu to Rice: If elected PM I’ll take ‘new path to peace’ (Nov 7, 2008).: Speaking to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said he would combine negotiations with economic development for the Palestinians.
(JIWON: According to the World Bank, the Palestinian economy is down 30% from 2000, but it has “incredible potential,” comparing it to a coiled spring waiting to take off. BUT ONLY IF ‘PHOENIX-BIBI’ EASED RESTRICTIONS!!! Speechless… 8) )

Obama will star in Israel’s election campaigns: (…) Livni is emphasizing the closeness between her positions vis-a-vis the peace process and the elected president’s, while Netanyahu is underscoring his familiarity with America and the personal chemistry he has going with Obama. (…) Benny Begin’s return to Likud merely bolsters the approach rejecting any agreement to divide the land. The American administration will not accept that, they say. Netanyahu and his people remain unfazed. First of all, Netanyahu’s two meetings with Obama were successful and there was chemistry between them. (…) Netanyahu isn’t proposing canceling the idea of a final-status agreement, but he believes it is wrong to condition every advance on an agreement on the last refugee and last alley in Jerusalem. In his conversation with Obama in Jerusalem in July, Netanyahu outlined his “economic peace” – encouraging economic development in the West Bank. He got the impression the visitor was very interested in the issue.
(JIWON: According to the World Bank, the Palestinian economy is down 30% from 2000, but it has “incredible potential,” comparing it to a coiled spring waiting to take off. BUT ONLY IF ‘PHOENIX-BIBI’ EASED RESTRICTIONS!!! LOL 🙂 )

Bennie Begin: Negotiations with Palestinians won’t be fruitful (Nov 6, 2008).: (…) The son of former prime minister Menachem Begin returned to Likud. (…) The surprising move gave Likud’s BIBI the endorsement of a man who left the party in anger in January 1997 to protest Netanyahu relinquishing most of Hebron and personality conflicts between the two. (…) A veteran hawk on diplomatic and security issues, Begin received promises from Netanyahu that he would neither divide Jerusalem nor return the country to pre-1967 borders.

Bibi the 1st Israeli Politician to Congratulate Obama^^ (Nov 5, 2008).: (…) Netanyahu made a point of being the first Israeli politician to congratulate Obama, sending him a telegram telling him that he was “looking forward to working closely with him to take a fresh look at the problems of the region and to find new ideas to help build a better and hopeful future for all of us.” Advisers to Netanyahu boasted about the successful meetings between the two men that led to Obama introducing legislation for sanctions on Iran a week after they met two years ago, and showing enthusiasm for Netanyahu’s plan for building the Palestinian economy when they met in Jerusalem in July.
(JIWON: I’m wondering. Since when has this section become Knesset-Jokes??? O.o~* Perhaps…
🙂 You should go to Bibi’s Glick and check Bibi’s real opinion about American President Obama.

AUGUST 17 – OCTOBER 26, 2008

Sectoral parties hurt their own constituencies, economists insist (Oct 26, 2008).: (…) “You expect us to tackle haredi education? Nobody knows how you get haredi men or Arab women to work. The Pensioners Party would support such an initiative, however, if it were brought to the Knesset floor. The Likud or the other large parties can create a responsible budget and we’ll support it. But, of course, that’s not likely to happen before the Messiah comes. Already [Likud chairman Binyamin] Netanyahu is offering Shas subsidies in exchange for their support in his bid for power,” the Pensioners Party representative said.

Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).
(JIWON: It was right after my report of Everyone is a target: Sternhell attack shows that far right may target anyone who holds different views (RED FLAG for the RIGHT), which was 4 days after Settler’s bombing the Jew and 2 days after Settlers’ another attack on Palestinian village. After this report, Mr. Netanyahu resumes his job. I feel that I am reading not the Jewish articles but a comic book. Still, a human life is not a toy-story for me. This is why I prefer targeted killing to suicide bombing. (Please read my life. Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25-30, 2008).)
What if Jewish Diehard-Doves were really killed by Bibi’s Settlers? IS IT SETTLER’s FAULT? While those pure spirits consider IT as a punishment, (Holy site closed to ‘punish’ settlers,) Mr. Netanyahu seems to treat himself as another-Sharon, who was ‘quickly’ elected as 11th PM after the Second Intifada. Considering the fact that there was NO Phoenix-Bibi in my Knesset-blog in those days… Hum…
What if I travel all over the world, including UN, and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of THESE?
BIBI/GLICK & READERS: WE ARE ISRAELI AMBASSADOR to UN and Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel

Battle to become Israel’s next PM reaches its crescendo (Sep 17, 2008).: “Kadima didn’t see the economic tsunami or prepare for it. Asking me to join a Kadima-led government is like asking me to join Lehman Brothers,” Bibi told.
(JIWON: 2. Love ya Bibi! 🙂 Hilarious comment! was from Talkbacks right the moment I wanted to 🙂 Aren’t the Lehmans the Jews? That’s what I heard. BTW, I think NETANYAHU LEGACY was right in the middle of FrontPage of this Knesset-blog. LOL 🙂)

Kadima leaders in uproar over talks on future of Jerusalem (Sep 11, 2008).: Bibi said Walles’s (USA) comments proved the current government’s ineptitude. Bibi added that the Likud would not join a Kadima-led government, but that if the Likud won the next election he would form a national-unity government that would follow the Likud’s path.

Our World: Three guys, a trailer and Israel’s survival (Aug 25, 2008).
(JIWON: COOL! I didn’t know that this lady, Bibi’s Glick, was daily checking my computer work… (please see Dear-Arab-Readers.) HENCE, I created a special section for this Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post and her READERS. Please check Hoopoe.)

‘Bibi+Hamas’ blame Cabinet’s decision to release of 200 prisoners (Shas supports Bibi) (Aug 17, 2008).: Hamas described the cabinet decision as an attempt to deepen divisions among the Palestinians by supporting one party against the other.
(JIWON: Haven’t I said that Bibi always sounds like being funded by Hamas? Answered by Court rejects prisoner release petition (Aug 25, 2008). It’s not that I agree with either side. It just sounds weird. More in Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel in Category, 11. Banana Republic.)

TIMELESS – JULY 31, 2008

Olmert bows to pressure and announces resignation (Jul 31, 2008).
Answered by Bibi: Kadima is selling Jerusalem to our enemies (Aug 3, 2008).
: The spiritual mentor of the Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, issued surprising praise of Likud leader Netanyahu (…) “my dear friend who has done a lot for the Torah for the sake of heaven, who will still do more.”
Answered by Mofaz (Kadima): I will keep Jerusalem united as Israel’s eternal capital (Aug 6, 2008).


Bibi’s SILENCE to Obama (American P. Candidate) on Iran, Syria, J’lem and settlements (Jul 25, 2008).: Obama was clearly conveying a carefully formulated message – and it was striking in several areas. (…) Speaking to the Post six months and a political lifetime ago in January, PM Olmert declared that the unique advantage of trying to reach an accord with the Palestinians during the Bush administration stemmed from the fact that while even Israel’s best friends, when they envision the permanent dimensions of our country, think of Israel “in terms of the ’67 borders,” Bush “has already said ’67-plus.’ He’s the only president who has ever said that… And that’s an amazing achievement for Israel.” In the Knesset on Monday, British PM Brown, a self-declared lifelong friend of Israel, underlined the point by setting out the “fundamentals” of a final-status accord involving “a two-state solution based on 1967 borders.” (…)

Netanyahu to Sarkozy (French President): JERUSALEM WON’T BE DIVIDED (Jun 24, 2008).
Answered by Sarkozy (French President) to PA: JERUSALEM SHOULD BE DIVIDED (Jun 24, 2008).

(JIWON: Please compare TALKBACKS. What a comical country Israel is. *.* Perhaps, this is the exact reason of Bibi’s big mouth…)

Editor’s Notes: The prime minister against the state (Jul 17, 2008).
(JIWON: PERFECT!!!! Why do you think I created a section, Phoenix-Bibi? If this same editor-in-chief of Jerusalem Post doesn’t write the exactly same kind of article as this one whenever PM Netanyahu betrays every-each-word from Bibi’s ‘enormous’ mouth… WE’LL SEE! It is part of my Knesset-mail, Time for Jerusalem.)

Bibi’ Steinitz: This is a bad ending to the war against terror (Jul 16, 2008).
(JIWON: You see… this foolish BOY is helping Hamas. Why do you think I constantly say that Bibi sounds like being funded by Hamas? I drop my jaw whenever they open their big mouth… Interview like JM Friedmann. He was cool, looked thoughtful. It is part of my Knesset-mail Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal).)

Netanyahu: If I’m PM, I’ll urge Zionist parties to cooperate against Gaza (Jun 12, 2008).
JIWON: See… this is exactly how my English skill told me when I found Olmert’s ‘original’ thought about Gaza plan. Then, it was all messed up solely thanks to the daily hard working of Bibi and his Jewish soul-mates with their getting-louder speakers. Poor Bibi… Hum… Israel without Bibi? It will be damn boring. I am now thinking to save Bibi’s poor life if this comical figure falls into the same situation. How many articles will be written to cruelly depict all the details of his private life? It will be real fun stuffs. ^.* It was part of my Knesset-mail, Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce).)

Bibi: We won’t leave Golan, J’lem will never again be divided (May 29, 2008).

Shas: It was Bibi who cut child benefits (May 28, 2008).: Shas… has been hit hard by the deep cuts in child benefits instituted by former finance minister Bibi under the Arik government… “How could we ever reach an agreement with Bibi?”
(JIWON: Hum… I really appreciate my curiosity. See my Knesset-mail on May 28, Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce). ^.*)

Bibi denies ever saying he wouldn’t abide by Syria deal (May 23, 2008).: The statement went on to say that Netanyahu believes that if Prime Minister Ehud Olmert signs a deal with Damascus, it will be rejected by the Knesset and the public by a huge majority.
(JIWON: Ho. I didn’t know that Bibi was the first one to check my mail to Knesset on May 23. It was sent on 13:34 and it only took one hour to be answered… What an internet! Now I think not only ‘Month Day, Year’ but also ‘Minute : Second,’ on which my each mail was sent to the readers, should be posted in my blog.)

Bibi: We won’t abide by Olmert deal with Syria (May 23, 2008).: Netanyahu called upon all the parties to agree on a date for elections that would allow whomever would win to receive a “new, clear and clean mandate from the people.”
(JIWON: Mr. X has no moral or public mandate? Hum… May I post my previous mail on May 22?)

PMO: Netanyahu was willing to give up Golan before negotiations began (Apr 27, 2008).: The comments came in response to Netanyahu’s earlier accusation that PM Olmert was offering to give up the Golan before negotiations began. Netanyahu also said that Olmert is “behaving like an amateur.”

Bibi’s military attaché: ‘PM Bibi was also willing to cede the Golan Heights’ (Apr 24, 2008).: …the negotiations between Israel and Syria during Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister were arbitrated by American businessman Ron Lauder…

Bibi: Olmert has no mandate to negotiate the borders of the State of Israel (May 19, 2008).: “The Olmert-Kadima government has no mandate to negotiate the borders of the State of Israel. This government was chosen from other circumstances, and during a different time. Today most of the public knows that all of the territory which is transferred, or which is promised to be transferred will turn into a base of radical, Islamic terror, under the auspices of Iran. The government needs to return the mandate to the people, so that they can choose a different government,” Netanyahu declared.

Bibi: Won’t honor Olmert’s peace deal if elected. (Apr 17, 2008).: …that Bibi would regard the election as a referendum on any such accord. If Olmert doesn’t win, “then you cannot cynically and manipulatively force upon the people a move they do not want,” Bibi said. Polls show that if elections were held today, Bibi would handily beat both Kadima-Olmert and Labor-Barak. (…) Asked… Gaza StripOlmert answered: “Of course not. Would you like us to have stayed in Gaza? Does anyone want us to go back to Gaza? We should not be there. I want to see [Netanyahu] say now that we should go back to Gaza.” (…) Olmert said that… future peace treaty… In contrast, however, Syrian President Assad said… war with Israel as a real possibilityLebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported Assad as saying that whilst war was not a preferable option, “if Israel declares war on Lebanon and Syria or if America declares war on Iran,” his country will be prepared.

Bibi at Bar-Ilan Univ: 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel (Apr 16, 2008).: Bibi reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”… during a conference at Bar-Ilan University on the division of Jerusalem as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Likud MKs worry about Bibi’s scandal (Mar 23, 2008).: Speaking to reporters following a breakfast with US-Cheney, Netanyahu highlighted statements Livni made to Channel 2 about Jerusalem being on the negotiating table and called upon Shas to leave the coalition…

Bibi sues Channel 10 for libel (Mar 14, 2008).: Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, stayed in a luxurious London hotel for six and a half days, leaving a tab of NIS 131,000, which, the channel said, “is the equivalent of an average Israeli family’s expenditure over a whole year.” (…) However, Weinroth claimed, “unlike the narrative presented [by Channel 10], Netanyahu paid from his own pocket for his personal expenses.”

Poverty: Ethnic, HolocaustSurvivors, Haredim, and Netanyahu (Vol.5, 2007): (…) The fiscal politics of liberalization and privatization of the market as well as the far reaching budget cuts in the field of social welfare benefits were implemented by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Minister of Finance at that time. The consequences of Netanjahu’s ‘austerity policies’ lead in addition to the budget cuts of the social welfare benefits to a financial improvement of the few wealthy people and to an ongoing financial worsening of the poor people in Israel… The positive numbers of growing wealth were accompanied by an enormous growth of poverty in Israel… Thus the day also turned into one on which we identify with the Netanyahu legacy. There is no question that the publication of the report comes at an inconvenient time for Netanyahu, just when his popularity is skyrocketing. Just one day before the Israeli poverty report (NII) was made public – the 7th of August 2005 – Netanjahu resigned as Minister of Finance because of ‘political disagreements’ with Sharon with respect to the disengagement plan, the withdraw of settlements from the Gaza strip… the biggest challenge for the Israeli government is to overcome the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor.

No money to buy this article, Bibi’s boxes of trouble (11/1/1999)


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